Cartier Rose Gold Floating Tourbillon Watch

Cartier TANK Am & eacute; ricaine TOURBILLON volant rose gold floating tourbillon watch
Equipped with 9452 MC movement, rose gold case, multi-faceted crown, decorated with a faceted sapphire, brown crocodile leather strap, adjustable double folding buckle in rose gold, the case is individually engraved, waterproof depth 30 Meter
Cartier once contributed to the Geneva Watch Fair, not only wonderful watches, but also the precision movement hidden under the work is also a major feature. It is these advantages of Cartier’s self-produced movement that allow the ingenious inspiration of designers to transform reality.
The 9452MC movement that appeared at the 2008 watch exhibition also renewed its vitality last year, and it appeared in Cartier’s Tank Am & eacute; ricaine. All stainless steel parts of the movement have been chamfered, drawn and polished on the visible side. The decoration of the details complements the charm of the movement and maximizes its life. At the same time, this floating tourbillon watch is equipped with a C-shaped tourbillon frame at 6 o’clock, and the free-floating tourbillon rotates once every 60 seconds to get rid of the bondage of the tourbillon bridge. Even more exciting is that when the watch is placed in the backlight position, the internal structure of the watch can be seen through the frame of the floating tourbillon.
Inheritance of ancient craftsmanship does not mean permanent adherence to rules, innovation is also the philosophy of Cartier Watch Workshop. The high-tech craftsmanship and extraordinary creativity of mankind that have always been at the top of the times have always been Cartier’s motivation to move forward. It is precisely driven by this driving force that Cartier Watchmaking Workshop formulated the ‘Think Tank’ plan in 2007, with the same team and the same location (Une & eacute; quipe, un lieu) ‘For the principle of watch development, the brand’s R & D strength is concentrated in the same place, in order to optimize the organization and management of time and space. This method promotes the exchange of ideas between the design team of Cartier Watchmaking Workshop and can quickly transform these creative ideas into products and bring them to market.
Not only is the design and research department, Cartier Watch Workshop’s production studio (l & rsquo; espace Production) also optimizes the workflow through innovative methods. The studio abandons the traditional production concept that separates production processes into different types and separates from each other, and draws on the methods used by other industries to centralize the processes needed to make a watch. This team cooperation mode not only reduces the time and process of watch production, but also makes the watch quality continuously improve. At the same time as the workflow is optimized, Cartier’s production technology is constantly innovating. For example, after the production of the basic parts of the watch is completed, the parts will be transported to a studio (l & rsquo; Espace Horloger) where the pressure is closely monitored, The core, watch head and strap are assembled. The air inside the studio is continuously filtered and circulated to prevent dust from attaching to the precision parts of the movement or watch.

Iwc Launches The First Ceratanium® Case With A Titanium Ceramic Case. Marine Watch Perpetual Calendar Digital Date Month Watch ’50th Anniversary Marine Watch’ Special Edition

Sept. 20, 2017, Schaffhausen– To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Ocean Time Series diver’s watch, Schaffhausen IWC launched the first Ceratanium® (ceramic titanium) Metal) special edition watch. This unique material combines the characteristics of both titanium and ceramic materials: it is as light and sturdy as titanium, as hard as ceramic and resistant to friction. Not only that, the watch made with this new material stands out with its skin-friendly and unique texture matte black shape, while integrating the digital perpetual calendar display and timing function.

   Early in the early days of scuba diving, IWC launched the Ocean Timepiece, the first in 1967. This marine timepiece is water-resistant to 200 meters and equipped with a rotating inner ring for setting the diving time. IWC has thus laid the foundation for the performance of diver’s watches, providing an underwater and land adventure. A reliable companion. At the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Ocean Timepiece, IWC created the first watch with a Ceratanium® case. ‘Thanks to the use of titanium and ceramic materials, we achieved pioneering watchmaking in the 1980s. Today, Ceratanium® has once again validated our expertise in material applications.’ IWC Schaffhausen Chief Executive Officer Christoph Grainger-Herr said.

   The special edition of IWC Marine Timepiece Perpetual Calendar Digital Date Month Watch ’50th Anniversary of Marine Timepiece’ (model: IW379403) is limited to 50 pieces. The most significant feature is the new Ceratanium® case. IWC’s material experts worked hard for more than five years to finally create this unique material based on titanium alloy. Ceratanium® is light in weight, not as easy to break as titanium, and at the same time has ceramic hard and frictional properties. Another major advantage is its skin-friendly and high corrosion resistance. Through a special manufacturing process, this metallic material has a black ceramic surface and a black dial, which is uniquely attractive. Not only that, some parts of the 89802-made homemade movement, such as the self-winding oscillating weight, have also been blackened. The watch is equipped with a digital perpetual calendar display function, which displays large Arabic numeral dates and months in the style of a digital watch, and can automatically recognize different lengths of months and peace and leap years. The chronograph with flyback function displays the time in combination on the chronograph dial at 12 o’clock.

   Like all marine timepiece models, this 10 bar water-resistant timepiece is equipped with an inner and outer rotating bezel for setting the diving time. The IWC SafeDive system ensures that the rotating inner ring can only be set when the rotating outer ring is turned counterclockwise. Therefore, even if the rotating outer ring is inadvertently adjusted, the diver can be safely returned within the zeroing time (that is, the time required for the diver to safely rise to the surface without decompression). It is also worth mentioning that the quick-change system of the bracelet can easily replace the black rubber strap of this watch.

IWC Marine Timepiece Perpetual Calendar Digital Date Month Watch
’50th Anniversary of Ocean Timepiece’ Special Edition

Model IW379403
Reference retail price: RMB 370,000

Technical characteristics
   Mechanical chronograph movement-Perpetual calendar-Large two-digit date and month display-Hour, minute and second timekeeping function-Hours, minutes and seconds displayed at 12 o’clock Stop device – mechanical inner and outer rotating bezel with IWC safety diving system – hands, dial and rotating inner ring with luminous coating – screw-down crown – transparent sapphire glass bottom – IWC bracelet quick-change system – Limited edition of 50 pieces.


IWC-manufactured movement 89802
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / 4 Hz
Gems: 51
Power reserve: 68 hours
Winding: automatic winding
Material: Ceratanium® case, black dial, black and red hands, black rubber strap
Table mirror: double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass
Water resistance: 10 bar
Diameter: 49 mm
Case thickness: 19.5 mm

Iwc Auctions Unique Pilot Watches To Raise Funds For The Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation

November 10, 2015, Geneva-Recently, at the Sotheby’s Precious Watches auction held in Geneva, a pilot watch with chronograph hands made by Swiss watchmaker IWC The special edition of the watch ‘Little Prince’ in red and gold was sold for 47,500 Swiss francs. Proceeds from this unique timepiece auction will be donated to IWC’s long-time partner, the Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation. The foundation will use the money to fund a hotel and catering training school in the northern Thai city of Mae Sot, which mainly provides training courses for Thai youth.
IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Watch ‘Little Prince’ Red Gold Special Edition_IW371810

   The IWC Pilot’s Chronograph Watch ‘Little Prince’ red gold special edition (model: IW371810), which was successfully hammered in this auction, is equipped with a 79220 mechanical chronograph movement and a split-time tracking hand. In addition, it also has a unique feature, the week display in the center of the night blue dial, seven days a week, every night at midnight will light a different golden star. The seven stars on the dial symbolize the seven planets that the little prince had visited during his cosmic journey. The bottom of the watch is also engraved with the seven planets and the residents that the little prince met on each planet.
   In 2008, the Anthony Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation was established by descendants of Anthony to promote the valuable spirit and human values ​​of this great French writer and pilot. The Foundation supports numerous projects around the world to improve young people’s daily lives and create a better future for them. ‘Supporting adolescents and children in difficult situations is an important cornerstone of our corporate social responsibility. Therefore, we have worked closely with the Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation since its establishment to cultivate efficient and fruitful partners Relationship, ‘said Georges Kern, CEO of IWC.
French writer, pilot, and little prince author Anthony Saint Exupéry

Provide practical training for Thai youth
   Proceeds from the auction will be used to fund hotel catering training schools in the city of Mae Sot in northwestern Thailand. The school was established in 2009 by a French aid agency to focus on supporting the Karen youth of the Thai minority. Because they can neither speak Thai nor English, and are extremely disadvantaged in the education system, they have little chance of success in the job market. The school’s two-year course provides 17- to 23-year-old Karen youth with the skills they need to find employment, enabling them to earn a living in the Thai hotel industry. ‘This school not only provides high-quality practical education, but also focuses on training students to become socially responsible citizens. Therefore, this project perfectly matches the core values ​​of our foundation.’ Anthony Saint Exupery’s nephew, Olivier d’Agay, general representative of the Anthony Saint-Exupery Youth Foundation, shared the reasons for participating in the project.
   The donation will take the school’s existing education and training to the next level. The core of the project is the construction of a teaching garden. The ‘Little Prince’s Teaching Garden’ will not only enrich the curriculum, but also provide fresh vegetables and herbs to the on-site restaurant. The money will also be used to build a resource center that will provide books and computers for students. The resource center will have a wide variety of books designed to cultivate students’ love of reading, while providing new multimedia equipment to enrich vocational training and language teaching by modern means. The donation will also be used for language teaching, renewal of facilities in the school, and overall repairs that the school desperately needs.
IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Watch ‘Little Prince’ Red Gold Special Edition_IW371810_Case

Three auctions raise money for Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation
   This is the third auction organized by IWC and the Sotheby’s auction in Geneva to raise money for the Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation. Two years ago, a large pilot’s perpetual calendar watch “Little Prince” was sold at a high price. The foundation raised a total of 173,000 Swiss francs with auction funds to build two school and teaching buildings with libraries in Cambodia and funded remote The regional library bus project that delivers books has played an important role in literacy in Siem Reap Province. Last year, IWC also auctioned a special edition of the pilot’s chronograph ‘Last Flight’ in platinum. The auction proceeds were used to build a library full of books, computers and e-books in a Brazilian children’s hospital. In April 2015, Adriana Lima, Brazilian supermodel and IWC brand ambassador, unveiled the new library.
   Swiss watchmaker IWC focuses on technology and research and development, and has continuously created watches of lasting value since 1868. The company is eager to pursue innovative craftsmanship and original technology, and has won wide acclaim internationally. As one of the world’s leading brands in the field of professional luxury watches, IWC combines high precision performance and unique design to create a model that reflects the highest state of fine watchmaking art. As a company with environmental awareness and social responsibility, IWC actively promotes sustainable production, supports the work of children and youth organizations around the world, and maintains close cooperation with climate and environmental protection agencies.

Tourbillon Four-hammer Three-question Timepiece

This watch originated from the respect of Genghis Khan, so Athens hand carved the Mongolian soldiers who were siege to the city on the extremely rare black agate dial, and named this watch Genghis Khan. This watch is also one of the few top watches in the world that is not mainly jewellery and diamonds, but still worth more than 10 million.
 The Genghis Khan Zhongle watch is equipped with a Cal.UN-78 hand-made caliber developed by Athens, 36 stones, 27.6mm in diameter, and 8.5mm thick. The movement bridge is carefully polished by hand, with pearl dots on the front, and applied on the back. With the Geneva ripples and beveled bevels, the transparent back and the cut-outs in the lower half of the dial provide the opportunity to appreciate the hand-polished craftsmanship of Athens.

 Athens Genghis Khan’s clock watch meets the dual enjoyment of sight and hearing, combined with the visual enjoyment of the action puppet, to create an unprecedented masterpiece. The finely crafted 18K gold action figures on the dial are all handcrafted by sculptors who have spent more than 40 hours, with rare black agate dials, becoming unique artworks. The changing sounds make the Athens Genghis Khan bell music table like a professional band, playing beautiful music at every moment. While enjoying the auditorium, the Mongolian soldiers and horses on the dial will also show heroic combat skills.

 [Timekeeping]: The two men on the left will wave their sabers.
 [Newspaper]: All the dolls in the pan were mobilized. For example, Genghis Khan led the army and showed great power.
 [Report points]: The knight will stab the spear into the ring hung above, and everyone includes the musician sitting on the far left with a percussion instrument.

 Genghis Khan’s clock watch is available in 18K white gold and rose gold. It is equipped with a crocodile leather strap. Because it is extremely labor-intensive to manufacture, each process takes about 6 to 8 months, so the pre-order method is adopted. Up to 8 years, limited production of 30 each.

Iwc Landing On Mr Porter And Net-a-porter Online Platform

IWC has signed global cooperation agreements with Mr Porter and Net-A-Porter. Brand watches will be launched on the online platform this week. On November 18, Net-A-Porter will launch a selection of pilot and Portofino watches; on November 19, Mr Porter will present a selection of pilots, engineers, marine timepieces, Portugal and Portofino series Watches, including the iconic Portuguese tourbillon retrograde watch.

IWC Portofino Stainless Steel Automatic Watch

   Mr Porter and Net-A-Porter are owned by Yoox Net-A-Porter Group. In 2015, Yoox Net-A-Porter Group purchased from Richemont Group for 950 million pounds. Federico Marchetti, CEO of Yoox Net-A-Porter Group, said: ‘We are very pleased to announce the cooperation with IWC, the leading Swiss watchmaker, which will further enhance the unparalleled luxury shopping experience of Net-A-Porter and Mr Porter, Taking our fine watch and jewelry category to the next level. ‘
   Mr Porter Managing Director Toby Bateman added: ‘We are very proud to launch IWC’s timepiece products on Mr Porter. IWC is a well-known brand and is synonymous with pure craftsmanship, creative innovation and signature style. Customers can Shop select timepieces from famous pilot watches to highly sophisticated Portuguese tourbillon retrograde watches on Mr Porter. As IWC’s global online retail partner, we firmly believe that this is just the beginning of a fruitful relationship . ‘
   IWC will work with the world’s largest luxury online retailer as an important step to attract younger generations of customers. CEO Georges Kern said: ‘For us, this is a great opportunity to make it easier for branded watches to reach the younger generation of watch enthusiasts because they are already used to shopping online.’

Pavonina & Seventies Glashütte 2013 Qixi Festival Romantic Recommendation

Qixi Festival is approaching. The stars in the night sky seem to be jumping up, looking forward to the romantic moment where the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl meet. Glashütte recommends men’s and women’s watches at this time. It perfectly blends the elegant temperament of the new women’s watch series Pavonina with the gentleman’s gentleman of the 1970s. Its dial symbolizes the dark night, the silver timepieces of men’s watches and women’s watches. The diamond time scales reflect each other, such as the stars that dot the night, and present a low-key and luxurious beautiful love together in this romantic festival.


 Pavonina-derived from the Latin word pavoninus, meaning ‘peacock’, blooming in dazzling colors and eye-catching brilliance. This elegant 31 x 31 mm timepiece uses a simple and extraordinary stainless steel case. The pillow-shaped case is like a mirror. The slightly changed shape is pleasing to the eye, with a delicate guilloche pattern in the center of the dial. At 6 o’clock, there is also a date window. According to the case, fine hands made of stainless steel are used to indicate the time.

 All watches in the Pavonina collection are equipped with Calibre 03-01 quartz movements for absolute precision and user-friendly comfort. Its innovative features provide three times the protection of standard anti-magnetism, protecting this sensitive mechanism from the interference of modern mobile electronic devices, thereby enhancing the quality of the watch. The plating is decorated with Glashütte’s signature threads. The polished case back provides plenty of space for personalized engraving and personal inscriptions.


 The 1970s calendar models have significant 1970s features. Cushion-shaped steel casing is a typical design of the seventies. German silver ruthenium-plated dial with sun print. The scale and pointer are white. The arched sapphire crystal case fits the wrist better. The finely polished stainless steel case and strap give the wearer a unique and retro look and feel.

 The exquisite four-link bracelet fits the wrist of the wearer. The double G logo is both a strap buckle and an 8mm trimmer. Glashütte’s innovative fine-tuning device provides the wearer with an excellent wearing experience.

 The movement model of the 1970s calendar watch is a 39-47 self-winding movement. Designed and manufactured by Glashütte Original.

Glashütte Navigator Worldview Watch

In the 1920s, flying was in the enlightenment stage. European countries and other regions have paid attention to and seriously developed this mode of transportation. If they can fly, the world will no longer appear alienated, and it is full of endless development opportunities. So the inventors and pioneers kept testing the limits of existing technology at the time, hoping to apply the results to exploring territories or commercial uses. Germany is very active in developing aviation, and even established civil aviation routes from Berlin to Moscow, Beijing and Shanghai.
    Of course, the definition of flight schedules and transfers at that time could not be compared with modern ones. Due to technology and equipment limitations, the pilots at that time might have to be maintenance technicians, navigators, photographers, and even draw maps to decide flight. route. Simply put, the pilot is an out-and-out explorer.
    Watches are the most important piece of equipment for pilots. The most important requirement when designing a flight watch is its size. It must be worn outside a heavy flight jacket, and it must be highly legible. It is best to read it day and night in order to make the flight direction and The distance is as correct as possible.
Navigator Worldview
    Glashütte presents you with the Navigator Worldview, a commemoration of the adventurous explorers, their time, and their noble adventures. It has the appearance elements of the 20th Century Vintage series, with adjustable world time zone city name ring, which can easily define the time in different time zones. The oversized time scale provides ideal legibility, and there is Grasso at 6 o’clock Tee’s proudly large calendar window allows the wearer to fully grasp the decisive moment.

The scale, hour and second hands on the dial are coated with a white luminous coating, which can read the time in low-light environments
    The sapphire crystal caseback reveals the beauty of the 39-47 movement, the 21K gold skeletonized automatic plate, the gooseneck-type precision trimming device, and the Glashütte corrugated 3/4 splint. This is an extraordinary and outstanding work; it is also Glashütte A model of high-quality watchmaking. In addition, Navigator Worldview is also an ideal equipment for adventurers with its sports performance and solid design; at the same time, it also allows people from all over the world to have the world at a glance at their wrists. Although flying may already be part of our daily lives, it still retains the excitement we should never lose when we discover the New World.

I Don’t Want You To Feel, I Want Me To Feel’! Overbearing President’s Way Of Wearing Watches

‘I don’t want you to feel, I want me to feel’! Recently, Huang Xiaoming’s performance in the variety show ‘Chinese Restaurant’ was infinitely magnified by netizens. This phrase is called ‘Ming Xue’ (quotations from Huang Xiaoming) and is used by a large number of netizens to ridicule Huang Xiaoming’s ‘domineering’ in the show. . Domineering president, mature middle-aged … With ‘small fresh meat’ becoming the mainstream of the market’s aesthetics, there are not many choices left for middle-aged male actors, but are they really what they are in our inherent impression? Today, let’s take a look at the two male stars in the impression of “domineering”: Huang Xiaoming and Yang Shuo.

The overbearing president at the core-Huang Xiaoming

Actor Huang Xiaoming

 Huang Xiaoming has a lot of film and television works. From his debut to the present, he and Liu Yifei co-starred in ‘The Condor Heroes’, as well as the Japanese military officer Takeda in the movie ‘Wind’ and Cheng Dongqing in ‘Chinese Partner’ … these roles are all Make a deep impression. In the variety show ‘Chinese Restaurant’, due to ‘overbearing’ quotations, it has once again attracted much attention.

In ‘Chinese Restaurant 2’, Huang Xiaoming holds a poster of Zhao Wei

In the new season of ‘Chinese Restaurant’, Huang Xiaoming becomes the manager

 The program will certainly have a program effect, Huang Xiaoming in life is still very approachable. In the life of an actor, I think he has acting skills, but sometimes the script is not picked well, or occasionally too hard, it is easy to give the audience a ‘greasy’ impression. You should know that Huang Xiaoming has already passed his forty years this year. Middle-aged male stars still need to consider a lot about the choice of the way to play.

Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei

 In 2006, Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei starred in ‘The Condor Heroes’ because of the appearance of the two main performance colors and story content was later called classic. The Tissot watch, which the two endorsed together, allows the two to still be in the same frame, let us see the moving from the screen.

Huang Xiaoming wears Tissot Classic T099.407.36.038.00 watch

 This year, in Switzerland, Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei came to Switzerland as global spokespersons for Tissot watches. At that time, Huang Xiaoming was wearing a Tissot classic white watch. Wearing a formal watch in a dark green suit, Huang Xiaoming showed the elegance of a man.

Huang Xiaoming and his wife Yang Ying participated in the brand event together

Huang Xiaoming wears Tissot Classic T0994071104800 watch

 In fact, Huang Xiaoming was very open about the performance of the show being hotly debated by the audience. He responded that ‘Since he is an entertainer, the most important thing is that the audience is happy.’ Despite this controversy, he was attending a formal occasion or in private In the personal service, he maintained a gentleman’s attitude. Putting on skirts for his wife, enthusiastic about public welfare … Huang Xiaoming has many faces.

 Huang Xiaoming wears Tissot Classic T0994073644800 watch

 In private, Huang Xiaoming still wears a watch from Tissot, and is really a very dedicated spokesperson. Instead of wearing a suit, a simple casual look made him look younger and more relaxed. Stars often need ‘packaging’, but they are the real ones outside the packaging. In addition to Huang Xiaoming, Yang Shuo has also been hotly debated by the audience for his ‘greasy’ performance in the TV series ‘Return to the World’.

Dimple Rich-Yang Shuo

Yang Shuo’s stills in the TV series ‘Return the World to You’

Yang Shuo wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Collection

 Actor Yang Shuo can be said to be an accomplished actor, relying on the total role of Xiao Bao in the TV series ‘Ode to Joy’. The first one was okay, and the second one he couldn’t stand the audience as soon as he appeared on the scene. I’ll restore the figure of ‘Baona’ in ‘Ode to Joy 2’.

Yang Shuo in Ode to Joy 2

Yang Shuo in Ode to Joy 2
 To be honest, it is a bit too hard, but it may be more in line with the role of a character when he is on vacation abroad and happy. However, in the new drama, Yang Shuo once again plays a ‘rich and gold’ and ‘handsome’ actor, so it is difficult for the audience to distinguish the two different roles when interpreting it, as if Xiao Bao always follows The next crew ran to ‘Return the World to You’.

 Yang Shuo wearing the Zenith Pilot 18.2430.679 / 27.C721 watch

 Aside from the drama, from the style of Yang Shuo’s choice of watches, I think it is very in line with his personal style. Audemars Piguet, Zenith, Piaget and Breitling, Yang Shuo has been worn on different occasions. His body is well-proportioned and powerful, and he can easily handle even large-diameter, sports watches. But at the same time, he needs to weigh when wearing some formal watches and small diameter models.

 Piaget Altiplano G0A42052 watch

 When Yang Shuo wore the Piaget Altiplano series watch, he could see that the case diameter of 40 mm was still a little small for him.

Yang Shuo wears Breitling Aviation Chronograph 1 series AB031021 / BF77 / 754P / A20BA.1 watch

 And when he was present for a hundred years, this 45 mm diameter chronograph watch was more suitable for him. Therefore, when choosing a watch, men still have to try it on before they can know which watch is suitable for them. If the body is relatively strong and tall, you can try a large diameter watch.

In fact, Yang Shuo, who can’t squeeze the dimples, is still handsome.

 In fact, the audience has their own attention to keywords such as ‘greasy’ and ‘domineering’, so whenever such a gimmick comes out, everyone will flock to it. Huang Xiaoming said very well that ‘entertainment is to entertain the public.’ We can just have a picture, but don’t take it seriously.

Shanghai’s First Glashütte-run Boutique Opens In Xintiandi (July 13th Official Website News)

Xintiandi, a luxury consumer landmark in Shanghai, a bustling city, where cutting-edge fashions collide and merge, and Glashütte’s directly-operated boutiques are quietly located here. The heavy stone kumen door is carved with delicate patterns, and the hollow movement pattern on the floor-to-ceiling windows makes the store bright and transparent while also having a wonderful sense of creativity. With the architectural design of the garden house, it perfectly perfects the atmosphere of the traditional old Shanghai. Integrates with the brand’s German cultural temperament.

   Following the successful opening of the first direct-operated boutique in Beijing’s Oriental Xintiandi Shopping Center, Shanghai Xintiandi Boutique is the second direct-operated boutique opened by the brand in China. Masterpiece and extraordinary customer experience.

   On June 28, witnessed by Yann Gamard, Global President of Glashütte, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, Mr. Wang Jiufeng, Brand Manager of Glashütte China, and Ms. Liu Mengjie, Commercial Manager of Shui On Land Co., Ltd., The Glashütte Shanghai boutique opened at 4 pm. Representatives of media elites from all walks of life in Shanghai were also invited to come and participate in the gala. After visiting the new boutiques, they had media interviews and enjoyed a fine dinner.

   As Glashütte’s first brand-operated boutique in Shanghai, a full range of watches are on display here. In the warm atmosphere outlined by bright yellow lights and off-white sofas, various Glashütte top-level limited edition watches await expert appreciation. The store’s unique interactive brand experience system guides customers through the watchmaking factory in Saxon and learns about the development of German manual watchmaking.

Tissot Series World Cup Special

Immersive Timing Expert
 For more than ten years, Tissot has been providing accurate timing services for many of the world’s top sports events. In the field of football, Tissot also hopes to provide consumers with immersive fun and experience. It is for this purpose that Tissot has developed a movement specifically for football games, which has the functions of half time and overtime. Each wearer can truly integrate into the game while watching the game. They will not only be spectators, but also the timing expert of the game.

Dials of different colors

 The special design of the Tissot World Series World Cup is inspired by the national team’s uniforms. Its color scheme represents the jersey colors of the participating teams in various countries. This series of watches has a variety of styles, and the back cover is beautifully carved with a football. The aluminum bezel adds color to the watch, with different color dials to meet different aesthetic tastes. The exquisite date display window is cleverly set at the four o’clock position of the dial, so that the wearer will not miss every exciting game.

Technical Parameters
Made in Switzerland
Quartz chronograph movement with football game chronograph
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
316L stainless steel case, black PVD coating, aluminum bezel, carved back
Water-resistant to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar (100 meters / 330 feet)
Leather strap with standard buckle