Pleasure Comes First, Swatch Gathers Positive Energy In Late Autumn Globalization!

Cool winds accompanied by fallen leaves have made people feel the arrival of late autumn. Who said that late autumn should be boring? Swatch gathers the gorgeous global positive energy in the late autumn. In the strong exotic atmosphere, the bright street vigor and the noble luxury academy style, you will be brought into a different autumn day of happy fun and casual self. If you also want to become eye-catching and different in this bleak autumn day, just follow Swatch for late autumn!
‘Charging Your Body’: Happy Yoga
   A healthy and soft body and a slender waist are the dreams that every beauty woman pursues in her life. In fact, a healthy body doesn’t have to be a ‘popular sailor’ in the gym. The ancient and mysterious Indian yoga can also make you shine.
   The Swatch exotic series uses the elegant style and the shapely and harmonious silhouette to compare the feminine charm of the gentle guests, like the peaceful and peaceful yoga in the sun, which is intoxicating …
   The colorful colors and bold contrasting colors spread Swatch’s positive energy and show enthusiasm for life. The elegant color combination contains the dancing throbbing, which helps to show your broad mood and impeccable fashion attitude.

Exotic style series
Adding Color to Your Mood: Random Graffiti
   In the gloomy autumn days, picking out fashion items is a must-have for eye-catching. Personalized graffiti is used in daily life to fully demonstrate your fashion attitude and trend proposition! The static visual impact and cultural tension of graffiti gather young characteristics and become another expression of rebellion. Swatch spread this young signal boldly on the watch. Behind the fresh colors and bold color matching, there is an uninhibited attitude, showing the wildness of youth.
   Trendy men and women are well versed in color matching. Swatch’s new autumn colors will save you time and effort-just a piece of Swatch Street Energy will make you unique in the dark autumn: simple and fashionable classic black Graffiti interprets the small ambiguous feelings, and the eye-catching color mix is ​​unforgettable. Incorporating the slogan of the 90s of the last century, the bright attitude of ‘random and indifferent’ emerged.

Street Vitality Series
‘Extra points’ for styling: luxury holidays
   With the holidays coming, are you still worried about your street look? In fact, there is no need for too much preparation and worry. As long as a simple jacket, a backpack that plugs in your dreams, and a Swatch that can tell the time, you can enjoy the scenery and beauty all the way.
   At the top of the snow-capped mountains, heavy ski suits cover up your fashion proposition? -Swiss people who love skiing will certainly not let this happen. Swatch Apres-Ski will add a variety and perfection to your holiday look. Even if you wear heavy clothes, you can express fashion elements in details, and enjoy a different holiday with you.
   The warm and beautiful snowflakes and the dazzling winter style add a touch of luxury to the Swatch return series. They are modern and chic. Even in the snow and ice, they can’t hide their playful style, and can inject warmth and hotness into the wrist.

Skiing Back Series