Top 10 Technological Breakthroughs In The Watch Industry In 2016 (Below)

In 2016, the top 10 technological breakthroughs in the watch industry were ranked in no particular order.
08 Rolex New Generation 3235 Movement
   The 32 series movement represented by 3235 is the latest technological achievement of Rolex, and it is also a replacement for the 31 series movement. The Rolex 32 series movement is currently equipped with the new Day-Date 40 and new DATEJUST watches. Rolex’s 31 series movement, represented by 3135, came out at the end of the 1980s and is the representative of the previous generation Rolex movement technology. In 2016, 3235’s replacement 3235 came out.

Rolex new generation 3235 movement
   The Rolex 3235 calibre was optimized by improving its barrel (3135 is the center two-wheel gear train, 3235 is the center four-wheel gear train), improving the escapement to improve the efficiency of the movement and obtained 70 hours of power. The role of the Rolex 3235 is not to reduce the thickness of the barrel-shaped inner wall to accommodate longer barrels, but to reduce the top and bottom covers to accommodate wider springs. By using wider springs, Achieve a longer power reserve. The Rolex 3235 movement uses a new chronergy escapement system. The shape of the escapement fork is different from the traditional Swiss lever escapement. The thickness of the jewel forks is reduced by half. The escapement fork and escapement wheel are etched by LIGA with high shaping accuracy. The escapement surface is smoother than conventional escapements, the escapement wheel is hollowed out, and the weight is reduced, so the efficiency of the escapement system is 15% higher than the traditional Swiss lever escapement.

Rolex new generation 3235 movement
   The Rolex 3235 movement continues to use blue Parachrom hairsprings with winding on the ends. Rolex has experimentally found that combining a paramagnetic hairspring with a balance wheel equipped with a flangeless balance shaft can reduce the residual operating magnetic value to approximately one twelfth of the same balance wheel group combined with a Nivarox® balance spring. The optimized design has a residual magnetic value of about one-seventh. Based on this scientific discovery, Rolex designed a new balance shaft. The Rolex 3235 movement no longer uses the pin-type automatic tourbillon of the 3135 movement, and the ball bearing automatic tourbillon is replaced. The 3235 makes up for the regret of the 3135. In terms of watch accuracy, the Rolex 3235 movement continues to maintain Super Observatory certification, with a daily error of + 2 / -2 seconds. What is even more surprising is that Rolex, which has always adhered to the pragmatist route, added a gold sleeve with a jewel bearing to the 32 series movement represented by 3235, which increased the sense of luxury of the movement.

The chronergy escapement used in Rolex’s next-generation 3235 movement.
09 Omega Co-Axial Movement

   In 2016, Omega will complicate the Co-Axial movement, adding new functions such as annual calendar, chronograph, and calendar month to the Co-Axial movement, so that all Omega watches have 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic capabilities.

Omega Co-Axial movement, the picture shows the 8400 Co-Axial movement used by the Haima 300.
   Prior to the launch of Omega’s Co-Axial movement with a magnetic-proof level of 15,000 Gauss, anti-magnetic protection for watches was achieved by a soft iron inner case wrapped around the movement. With the development of watchmaking technology, Rolex Milgauss once claimed a 1000 Gauss antimagnetic level, in a soft iron inner shell, and using a new non-magnetic Parachrom blue niobium hairspring, which has greatly improved the antimagnetic ability, far more than 1000 Gauss. Some data have inferred that the Rolex MILGAUSS including the soft iron inner shell can actually achieve a magnetic protection level of at least 7000 Gauss. Omega uses a new anti-magnetic concept, instead of using an anti-magnetic soft iron inner shell. Instead, all key parts of the movement are made of non-magnetic materials. The Omega Co-Axial movement uses a non-magnetic Si 14 balance spring, and the balance spring dampers are made of liquid metal. The highly susceptible balance wheel shaft and shaft tip are also made of non-magnetic materials. Omega’s new anti-magnetic concept allows the watch to have a strong anti-magnetic ability, while also using a transparent bottom cover, dial calendar window. The traditional anti-magnetic watch using a soft iron inner case not only cannot penetrate the bottom, the dial cannot be opened, and the pointer shaft must be very thin. The use of non-magnetic materials made of Omega Co-Axial movements has a very high magnetic limit, and the true strength is far more than 15,000 Gauss. According to the experiments of watch enthusiasts, the antimagnetic ability of Omega watches using the Co-Axial movement can even reach 60,000 Gauss to 70,000 Gauss.

Omega Co-Axial Movement
   After the chronometer movement used by the Omega watch passes the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) test, the watch will be placed in a magnetic field and its performance will be tested according to the standards set by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology. Consumers will receive a certification certificate when purchasing a watch, and can check the performance of the watch in each test through the certification number on the certificate. This certificate is proof that the watch has passed METAS certification.

Omega’s coaxial coaxial anti-magnetic technology, as shown in the figure, the coaxial coaxial anti-magnetic technology does not require an anti-magnetic inner case. The watch can use a transparent bottom cover and a calendar to open the window.
10 Tudor-made MT5601 movement

   Royal Capital further expanded the use of the MT5621 / 5601 movement in 2016. We always believe that the movement is the only difference between Rolex and Tudor. Outside the almost identical case and bracelet, Rolex uses its own movement and Tudor uses an outsourced ETA movement. In fact, the news that Tudor has developed its own movement has long been known. As early as 2004, Tudor developed the T8000 movement for women’s watches, the T8050 movement for junior and three watches, and the T8008 movement for junior three watches. However, these three movements have not been put into production, mainly because Tudor believes that the performance indicators of these three movements cannot meet the requirements of Tudor, so it plans to shelve. Tudor finally launched the first self-winding three-needle movement, MT5621. Through several important technical indicators, we can have a general understanding of the performance of MT5621 movement.

Tudor-made MT5621 movement
   The size of the Tudor MT5621 movement is very large, reaching 33.8 mm, and the general movement size represented by 2824, 2892 is usually 25.6 mm. In order to directly replace the universal movement, some brands have launched their own production movements that have maintained dimensions of about 26 mm (for example, Cartier’s 1904MC movement is 25.6 mm, Audemars Piguet 3120 movement is 26.6 mm, Vacheron Constantin 2460 movement is 26.2 mm ,and many more). Some of the larger self-produced movements, such as the Glashütte Original 100 movement, measure 31.15 mm. So as an automatic winding movement, MT5621 is definitely a large size. The thickness of the 2824 is 4.6 millimeters. The thickness of the MT5621 movement is 6.5 millimeters, which is much higher than that of the 2824. It is close to the Panerai movement. The large size and thickness provide huge space for the MT5621 movement. The most direct advantage is that it can use a large spring box to accommodate longer and wider springs. The power of the MT5621 can reach 70 hours.

Tudor bronze watch with MT5601 movement
   Rolex was among the first watch factories involved in the development of silicon hairsprings, but except for women’s watches, Rolex has never used silicon hairsprings on any of the main male watches, even the latest 3235 movement. As a brand of the Rolex Group, Tudor took the lead in using silicon hairsprings on its main sports watch. MT5621 uses a flat silicon hairspring (a brand like Breguet has used a double-layer silicon hairspring). The advantages of silicon hairspring are self-evident, better anti-magnetic, better isochronous, and easier to produce. Some people believe that Tudor will often take the lead in applying Rolex’s new achievements, new designs, and new attempts. At the point of silicon hairspring, this view is confirmed again.

Tudor MT5601 movement, the main difference between MT5601 and MT5621 is the balance wheel, MT5601 uses a unique new balance wheel (pictured).
   Genetic factors play an important role in balances and adjustments. MT5621 uses the same straddle balance wheel splint as Rolex, four arm balance wheel with four fine adjustment screws. These configurations, while showing more technical characteristics, are more helpful for the MT5621 movement to obtain the Observatory certification. MT5621 movement is Tudor’s first movement with astronomical certification (within ± 6 / -4 error per day). It turns out that the MT5621 movement has an error of almost zero every 24 hours. I can’t say that the Rolex Super Observatory standard has been reached, but it is not far away.

Edox Pre-basel Craftsmanship Hollow Out Seeing The Secrets Of Time

EDOX is committed to the manufacture and innovation of watches for more than 130 years. Christian Ruefli-Flury, founder of Swiss Ido Watch, is a very talented watchmaker. In 1883, he made a pocket watch as a gift to express his love for his wife Pauline. Pauline was very moved and encouraged Christian Rufli-FLURY. Become an outstanding watchmaker and founded EDOX Switzerland. In order to pay tribute to the founder’s life-long energy and watch, EDOX created the New Les Bemonts CR-F ingenious skeleton automatic limited watch in 2015 with superb craftsmanship, equipped with ultra-precise automatic chronograph movement, limited to 200 pieces worldwide, exclusive There are special commemorative carvings on the collection box.

New Les Bemonts CR-F craftsmanship skeleton automatic limited edition watch with soft black leather strap shows a modern yet classic style

With the Beauman CR-F ingenious skeletonized automatic limited edition watch, the elapsed time is accurately recorded. The wearer can enjoy the masterpiece of the watchmaker’s exquisite craftsmanship through the skeletonized dial and back cover, whether it is the second hand, minute hand The hour hand moves in a fascinating trajectory. Hollowing is a delicate art. In the process of making a watch, the watchmaker must carefully confirm that the hollowing out technique will not affect the structure and accuracy of the watch. At the same time, carefulness, patience and technology can make a perfect hollowed out watch. .

 New Les Bemonts CR-F Ingenious Skeleton Watch The back of each model is engraved with the abbreviation and limited number of the founder Ruefli-Flury

The New Les Bemonts CR-F Ingenious Skeleton Automatic Limited Watch is a stunning masterpiece by EDOX. Swiss Ito watch production began in 1921 and has been leading the development of Swiss clocks, including the innovative Delfin in 1961, water-resistant to 200 meters; Hydro-Sub was introduced in 1965, water-resistant to 500 meters; Geoscope 24 hours world time zone in 1970 ; Published a series of sports watches in 2006, introducing high-tech materials derived from aviation research, such as ceramics, carbon fiber and titanium. Each masterpiece marked an important milestone for the watch industry at the time.

New Les Bemonts CR-F crafted skeleton watch with EDOX 95 movement, limited to 200 pieces worldwide

With its unique hourglass logo, Swiss Ido watch perfectly combines superior technology, durability, reliability, and elegant design. Because of this, the Daccarat, Extreme Sailing Championships, the World Curling Association, and Christian Redl, the world’s free diving record holder, all use Swiss Ido watches as partners. With the launch of the New Les Bemonts CR-F craftsmanship skeleton automatic limited edition watch, Swiss Ido watch has added an artistic chapter in its proud watchmaking history: the craftsmanship skeleton automatic limited watch-watchmaker’s heart, one See the trajectory of time.

The Ultimate Women’s Sports Watch For Women Consumers

Breitling has created a brand-new watch belonging to the Galaxy series for women consumers. The Breitling Galaxy 36 Luxe Edition watch has a slimmer case, equipped with a tungsten steel bezel, and is equipped with a Swiss Official Observatory Certified (COSC) high-performance SuperQuartz ™ super quartz movement. A powerful watch that perfectly combines elegance and performance!

   The Galactic watch, which combines extreme dynamics, elegance and complex functions, has always held a unique position in Breitling’s voluminous watch world. This series is designed for those women who don’t need the timekeeping function but still long to have a watch to share every wonderful moment in life, especially those full of personality and vitality.

   Today, Breitling continues to conquer the world of women’s watches, launching a new 36mm calibre model with a new quartz movement and a more outstanding overall design style. The slim case brings extremely high wearing comfort, and the brand’s latest bezel is exquisitely made from high-tech, high-tech scratch-resistant material, tungsten steel. This extremely strong high-tech composite material exudes Gives a natural gradation of gloss, forming a subtle contrast with polished steel. Tungsten steel is molded from tungsten powder through extremely high temperature and pressure. It is extremely hard and nearly five times harder than stainless steel. At the same time, the anti-scratch surface also makes it able to withstand violent impact and ensure lasting as new. The dial is available in black onyx lacquered and exquisitely elegant mother-of-pearl, and is available with or without diamond hour markers. The stainless steel bracelet uses a 5-column connection design to highlight the structural design that is both strong and comfortable.

   In addition, this watch has a diamond bezel to choose from. At the same time, the Breitling Galactic 36 SleekT has completely retained the extraordinary sportsmanship necessary for the success of the Galaxy series: waterproof to 100 meters (300 feet), and equipped with a rugged, shock-resistant steel case. , Luminous hands and oversized hour markers, and covered with a double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal, which is always clear and easy to read regardless of day and night conversion. Ten times that of a standard quartz movement. Deservedly the ultimate female sports watch.