Sports Watch Brand Panerai 7 Entry-level Products Recommended

Panerai first produced precision instruments and watches for the Italian Royal Navy. Its works are full of design inspiration from the sea. Each watch has a distinctive brand style. High-end sports watch brands have its own unique charm. The price of Panerai’s watches is not low. Even the most common manual winding models sell for more than 30,000 yuan. Panerai’s watch series are easy to figure out. Historical classic series, modern series, craft series and limited collection series. Selecting entry-level products just need to look for the first two series.
In addition, if you study Panerai’s product series a little, you can find that its models can be roughly divided into two types of Luminor series and Radiomir series, the former has a crown crown bridge design, while the latter is relatively ordinary, below These models are introduced for you to verify.
First, historical classic series
Panerai Luminor base
Luminor, launched in 1940, the watch is manufactured in accordance with the Italian Navy’s standards. It is still a solid and reliable watch that is easy to distinguish time in Haidian. Even the most basic Luminor base can still be 300 meters waterproof. Luminor base has two options of 44mm and 40mm. In the current trend of large watch diameters, the 44mm brown dial stainless steel model PAM 00000 is particularly recommended.

PAM00000 Panerai History Classic Series View Details & gt; & gt;
Panerai Luminor Marina
表 This watch evolved from Luminor and originated from a special watch series named after the Italian Navy in the early 1990s. The small seconds at 9 o’clock, the luminous hour markers and four luminous Arabic numerals are still the main features of this watch. This watch has a choice of stainless steel and rose gold, and the choice of strap color is also more abundant. In pursuit of personality, PAM 00113 with orange strap and white dial is a good choice.

PAM 00113 Panerai History Classic Series View Details & gt; & gt;
Panerai Radiomir
Radiomir is arguably the most elegant watch in Panerai. The basic Radiomir base is an excellent choice for entry models. Omitting the small seconds at 9 o’clock on the dial is a special feature of the Radiomir base. It is also a large Arabic numeral of 3, 6, 9, 12 and a large size of 45mm. The unique model of PAM00210 is undoubtedly the most suitable.

PAM 00210 Panerai History Classic Series View Details & gt; & gt;
Second, modern series
Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic
系列 This series is a modern model of Luminor Marina. The new case size and original dial design are the characteristics of Luminor Marina Automatic. Compared with the classic historical series, the modern design must be more agile, without losing the family characteristics of Panerai.

PAM 00164 Panerai Hyundai View details & gt; & gt;
Panerai Luminor Submersible
MinLuminor Submersible is a Panerai diving watch series. After joining the bezel, it looks clear at first glance the identity of its diving watch. The basic Luminor Submersible is water-resistant to 300 meters, and Luminor 1950 is waterproof to 1,000 meters. Of course, the former is recommended due to price considerations and the degree of use.

PAM 00024 Hyundai Panerai View details & gt; & gt;
Panerai Luminor / Radiomir Chrono
两个 These two series are Panerai chronographs, which are also 44mm watches, but with two different styles.

Left: PAM 00356 Panerai Hyundai View details & gt; & gt;
Right: PAM 00288 Panerai Hyundai View details & gt; & gt;
In addition, Panerai also launched a lot of left and right watches, because in the early years, commandos had to wear instruments such as depth gauges or compasses, so they must wear watches with their right hands. Hai must have one for you.

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Slim And Delicate Tasting Gucci Ya132402 Watch

Gucci, founded in Florence in 1921, is one of the world’s preeminent luxury boutique brands, known for its unique creativity and innovation, as well as superb Italian craftsmanship. Gucci watches adhering to the excellent craftsmanship create exquisite watches, which make people be impressed. Today we bring you a Gucci ladies watch, the official model: YA132402.

   This watch has a round case made of stainless steel with a classic elegant brown bezel. The watch uses an endless chain strap, which is elegant and beautiful. The slim and lightweight watch is perfect for women.

   The crown of the watch is round, decorated with the Gucci logo ‘G’ on the top, and pitted on the side for easy adjustment. The crown is embedded in the case, which can be effectively protected. As can be seen from the side, the brown bezel and silver case of the watch form a color stratification, and the two colors are harmonious and not awkward.

   Inside is equipped with a quartz movement, the hour and minute hands and Roman numerals are used on the silver-white dial, and the Gucci logo is at twelve o’clock.

   The lugs of the watch are unique in shape and are linked in series with the ring strap. The metal strap is designed to be ring-shaped, which ensures weight while reducing weight, and is more unique and beautiful.

   The buckle is a slim folding buckle with the English name Gucci engraved on the buckle.

   The back of the watch uses a closed bottom. The bottom is fixed to the case with screws, and some information about the watch is engraved on the bottom.
Summary: This watch has a slim model with a case diameter of 35mm. The round case with a ring strap is exquisite and elegant. The slender watch is very suitable for women to wear, and the light and flexible watch body can better complement the wearer’s elegant temperament.