Continuation Of The Classic Comment On The Breguet Tradition Series 7057 Watch

The Breguet Tradition series is a legendary series. In 2005, Breguet launched the first watch of the Tradition series, which is the familiar 7027 watch. A custom pocket watch pays tribute, so the style of the custom pocket watch is also borrowed from the design. The wheel structure is all placed on the dial. After that, Breguet has launched other models of the Tradition series. Today we bring you The brief review of the Breguet Breguet Tradition Series 7057 watch, the official model of the watch is: 7057BR / G9 / 9W6.

 The watches of the Tradition series have one thing in common, that is, the wheel structure is all placed on the dial. The ARE─CHUTE shock absorber, barrel and faceplate are streamlined in design, and the beauty of gold is undoubtedly such a design. Successfully, or else Breguet will launch many Tradition series models in the following years to continue the heritage of the Tradition series.


The Tradition series runs from 7027 to 7067. There may be more models released in the future. The 7057 said today is the style with the smallest difference from the original 7027. The most obvious difference is only the case diameter. Increased by 3 mm. The increase from the original 37 mm to 40 mm is also a change made to meet the trend of popular large diameters. This is another watch launched four years after the famous 7047 Sesame Chain Tourbillon was launched in 2007. Although not as sensational as the 7047 Sesame Chain Tourbillon, it shows that this series will continue Carry on. It also solves the problem of friends who want to start 7027 and also feel that the watch diameter is too small.


The Tradition series of watches not only retains the basic characteristics of custom pocket watches, but also has the classic characteristics of the Breguet brand, such as the famous coin pattern decoration, as well as the design of straight lugs and the Breguet pointer design. These have rich Breguet Breath, the noble blood of Breguet flows, which is why many friends like Breguet, focusing on inheritance.


This 7057 watch has not changed much in terms of parameters. Functionally, in addition to the time and time display, it is also designed to have a double-sided kinetic energy reserve display. It is made of an 18K rose gold case with a black alligator leather strap and a diameter of 40 mm. Design, 18K pin buckle, sapphire crystal glass and case back. There is no change in the pattern from the 7027 watch. What I can notice is the change of the power reserve indicator on the front of the watch. The fixed end of the power reserve indicator of the 7027 is fixed below the hour and minute dial, while the 7057 watch The power reserve shows that the fixed end of the pointer has moved to the top of the hour dial, which is a change that can be found by observation.


The power reserve display on the front is set at eleven o’clock on the dial of the watch, and the pointer display is more clear. The watch is equipped with a manual winding movement, which can provide 50 hours of power when fully wound. reserve. The classic Breguet hour and minute hands at 12 o’clock and the Roman numerals are all silver-white, with a black dial, which is clear and clear when read. There is also a not so obvious change compared to 7027, that is, the tilt angle of the watch’s bezel and movement has become more gentle and looks more tension. 7057 can be said to be a continuation and improvement based on classics As the 7027 watch reappears the classic design of the sun, it is more perfect and more popular.


The reason why many people like the Tradition series watches is that the gears of the watch can be seen on the front of the watch. I do n’t know what the reason is. These mechanical movements have magical magic for boys to men, and they ca n’t dial. . Below the barrel of the watch, the two, three and four wheels are neatly arranged. As long as the watch is wound, we can see the precise movement of the gears from the front of the watch.


Another bright spot on the front is its huge balance wheel system. After winding, the first one seen from the front is the rapidly rotating balance wheel. In addition, we can also see that the shock absorber on the balance wheel is not a KIF shock absorber. It’s not because of Gabriel’s shock absorber, but a ratio-like shock absorber like a parachute. This is also a major feature of the watch. It uses a hard suspension, also called a parachute shock absorber. This is the famous ‘old-fashioned’ pare-chute shock absorber with hand-cut steel.


This is a corner of the back of the watch. The back of the watch generally has a power reserve display device, but the back is not a simple pointer display. It is more like a ruler to display the power reserve. What is visible to the naked eye is a segment. It is fixed with gem bearings. It is not known whether this scale design is for aesthetics or other technical sophisticated.


At the corner of the back of the watch, look at the two round holes in the picture. When the watch is running, we can observe the movement of the escapement fork and escape wheel of the watch through the two round holes on the back, especially the tile And the role of the tile, at a glance. I don’t admire the design of some brands. In fact, looking at the back of the watch, the previous feeling is beauty, and each plate is functional decoration, but through careful observation of the actual table, I found that some are deliberately designed for beauty. .


The movement used by 7057 has been processed with matte NAC. This type of surface treatment can form a carbon gray platinum group precious metal alloy precipitation by electroplating, making this watch quite ornamental. The watch is equipped with a cal.507DR manual winding movement, with a fine-tuning screw device, a Breguet hairspring, vibrating 21,600 times per hour, 24 gem bearings, and a full power reserve that provides 50 hours of power reserve.

Summary: The current domestic quotation of this watch is 217800 yuan, which is a little more expensive than the 7027 model. If you can accept a small watch diameter, choose 7027, like a large watch diameter, choose 7057. Several other Tradition series watches The prices are significantly higher than these two watches. I also think that buying the Tradition series 7027 or 7057 is the best, because the price is relatively cheaper than several other models, and also meets the spirit of the Tradition series. The spirit of TRADITION is mainly to commemorate the design of Breguet master PARE-CHUTE shock absorber, streamlined design of barrel and face plate, and the beauty of gold. (Photo / Wen Watch House Chen Zhongyun)
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