Not Beautiful Is Enough, Exquisite Enamel Watch Craftsmanship

Enamel watches have gradually become popular in the past year or two. Whether it is the original brand that made enamel or some brands that just started making enamel watches, they have launched a lot of enamel works. Although the raw materials of enamel watches are mainly non-precious objects such as quartz, feldspar, borax and oxides, after processing by the enamelist, they have become one of the finest works of art. However, different enamel watches are classified differently according to their color, firing method and final rendering effect. Let’s take a look at the main categories of bottom enamel watches.

Plain enamel

 Plain enamel refers to the entire enamel dial is one color, there are generally three main types: pure black, pure white and transparent color. Among them, the requirements for firing pure black and pure white colors are also higher. The layers must be repeatedly glazed and fired repeatedly, so that the colors can reach a high standard of purity. For transparent enamel, you can sculpt patterns on it after firing to avoid looking dull.

 Patek Philippe REF. 5116G

 Breguet CLASSIQUE 5247 complication column wheel chronograph

Filament enamel

 Filament is a skilled trade in enamel technology. The method is to use metal wire to outline the predetermined pattern on the dial. After fixing, the prepared glazes are filled in the frame of the pattern and then fired in the kiln. When the enamel has been burned to the proper thickness, it can be polished and gold-plated. This type of enamel mainly depends on whether the joint between the metal reel and the enamel is clean and free of abnormal colors, and whether the joint is not exposed.

 Athens Safari Hunting Minute Repeater

 Vacheron Constantin Metiers d’ Art Master “Flower Temple” Series

Filled with enamel

 Inside enamel is carved on the dial with a chisel to sculpt the area to be colored, then filled with glass enamel, and then baked at high temperature to melt the enamel. After the enamel surface has cooled, polishing is completed. The key to filling is whether the filled enamel overflows. Of course, a good filling enamel is tightly connected.

 Cartier Tortue Parrot Watch

Micro-painted enamel

 The so-called micro-painted enamel is directly painted with glaze on the dial. First, a layer of opaque enamel glaze is burned on the embryo, then painted on it, and finally fired in a kiln. The enamelist uses a special pen and a high-power microscope as an auxiliary tool, and the light painting itself takes weeks or even months. It is then fired at a high temperature to make the color worse. Because each glaze has different color changes after heating, it often requires multiple colors and multiple firing to complete. Its failure rate is also very high.

 Piaget Altiplano Miniature Enamel Dial Watch

 Hermes Arceau Pocket Amazone Pocket Watch

Great Fire Enamel

 Daming fire enamel is a rare process that requires multiple layers of color to be applied to the same enamel and then fired and strengthened by furnace fire. Daming fire enamel is an art that requires skill and ingenuity, a game of color and temperature, and a double strict requirement of art and craftsmanship. The number of colors on the dial, the number of baptisms of fire. When applying color, grasp the order from light to dark and start with warm colors, and apply the same color system each time. After finishing a color system, it is sent to a 800-degree kiln for firing to allow the enamel to melt. After taking out, it is naturally cooled. After cooling, it continues to color. Each coloring must be repeated three times in order to achieve perfect coloring.

 Jacques de Loire Butterfly Grand Enamel Watch

 Jacques de 35mm micro-painted blue bird hour and minute small seconds watch

Fresh And Concise Lavrangi Steel Ball Watch

The Lavrangi steel ball watch, which has both personality, fashion and simplicity, can always make young people who are avant-garde love at first sight. The following is a ladies’ steel ball watch. In addition to its stylish personality, it also has a fresh and beautiful girl’s heart.

  The most unique feature of this watch is that it has a full-featured dial design that breaks the conventional three-hand dial pattern, uses steel balls and magnetic field induction to accurately display the time, and small steel balls will freely move inside the dial.

   Consider quality while playing creative. Polished stainless steel case, lovely pearl crown, delicate and comfortable black leather strap, buckle with classic pin buckle fastening, 30 meters life waterproof performance.

   The stainless steel disc surface is polished into a beautiful and shiny sun pattern, with small and dark gray scale dots. Like a string of pearls, it is more accurate when reading, and it also perfectly presents the simple and capable temperament of urban beauties.

   Swiss quartz movement, stainless steel polished silver case, mineral glass mirror, 30 meters waterproof, high-grade calfskin leather strap. Stainless steel case, 34 mm in diameter.