Unusual, Built-in Qiankun, Tissot Duluer Series Swiss Guardian Goddess Special Watch Appreciation

When you see the Durul series watch, I think many people will be like me. The first flashing image in my mind may be Huang Xiaoming, because the boss Huang is speaking for Tissot, he is wearing exactly Duluer series. However, today, we may have some other ideas, because the Tissot Duluer series takes the name of the street where the Tissot brand established a new watch factory in Le Locle in 1907, which contains the main watchmaking history of Tissot. Therefore, in terms of design, Like the brand’s well-known Lilok series, they all have a classic design appearance, based on centuries of watchmaking accumulation, promoting the essence of Swiss watchmaking. The difference is that the Durul series watches have a more modern concept, cater to the more advanced aesthetic trend, and have a more grand atmosphere. This year, on behalf of the brand’s pure watchmaking tradition, it highlights the quality of watchmaking originated in Switzerland. The Durul series has added a very special watch-the Swiss watch goddess special watch, let’s preview it together.

   Helvetia is a transliteration of Helvetia, the ancient name of Switzerland. The symbol of Switzerland in the international language system is CH, which is actually an abbreviation of the Swiss Latin name Confoederatio, so Helvetia actually represents Switzerland. Its name originated from the name of the tribe living in Switzerland, and later appeared in the official system as an image representing the Swiss Union, such as coins and stamps, which are the most classic symbols of Switzerland.

   One is the pure watchmaking pedigree of the brand, which inherits the century-old watchmaking history, and one is the classic Swiss national symbol and national symbol. The ingenious combination of the two makes this Duluer series Swiss watch special goddess, It has a completely different dual meaning.

Tissot Durul Special Swiss Watch

   The new Tissot Durul special Swiss watch Helvetia watches embodies modern classic watchmaking philosophy. The case is designed with a 42 mm diameter design, and the stainless steel / rose gold-plated dual-color treatment, exquisite craftsmanship make the watch bloom. Multi-level glory.

Dial design showcases modern classic aesthetics

   Classic round case, the main body is made of stainless steel, the sides are brushed and satin-finished, and the rose gold-plated bezel is polished, double-colored and double-processed. The charm is extraordinary, highlighting Swiss watch-quality craftsmanship, and the superb appearance provides excellent Visual effects and delicate feel.

   Classic round crown, embossed with Tissot’s signature element ‘T’, and gold-plated.

Multi-layered dial adds a touch of glory to the Durul collection. The sunray pattern in the center is decorated with a silver dial, with luster and light interlaced, gorgeous and orderly, and the outer edge is painted with the iconic element ‘+’, which is common to Switzerland and Tissot. The cross texture is used as the base. , Luxury texture jumped out. The simple three-pin design reflects the classic watch design, and a small window at 6 o’clock displays the date.

   Turned over the watch, the bottom case was designed with a dense bottom, and the surface was painted with Helvetia, the Swiss goddess of protection. Usually, she held a spear next to the shield with the Swiss emblem in her hand, wearing a long skirt, her hair curled up, and ecology. Natural and solemn, with 23 stars drawn around it. Inside is equipped with Tissot’s latest self-winding movement, Powermatic 80.111, with a power reserve of up to 80 hours.

Two-tone bracelet with butterfly clasp

   The watch is equipped with a two-tone metal bracelet, which has also been processed by satin drawing and polishing, showing a unique modern texture. The metal bracelet has a comfortable wearing feel and is easy to wear. It is equipped with a butterfly buckle, which is easy to operate and safe.

Summary: Compared with the regular version of the men’s Duluer series, the biggest difference between the new version of the watch is the modern urban feel brought by the dual color scheme and the special edition of Helvesia, which has more commemorative significance. In addition, the Duluer series also has a ladies watch, which can be used as a couple pair watch to commemorate each other’s best times.

Radar Isana Series Sunflower Starry Diamond Watch

High-tech ceramics, the leading watch in the Swiss watch industry, RADO, has established stores in the province in order to provide consumers with comfortable shopping space. On the first floor of Yuanbai, a famous radar meter shop was officially established. In order to celebrate the opening of the new point, it is strongly recommended to sell and sell the sunflower starry diamond watch of the Isansa series, which beautifully echoes the elegant style of famous shops. Li Sijin, deputy general manager of Taiwan Rado Watch, said that Rado Watch has established four famous brand stores so far, including Hsinchu Dayuan Hundred Brand Store, Taichung Zhonggang Brand Store, Kaohsiung Dream Times and Hanshen Dome Famous Brand Store, allowing watch fans no matter where they are. Everywhere, you can enjoy the professional services of radar and a wide variety of watches to choose from. The much-loved Issansa starry diamond watch is based on simple tones, the elliptical mirror with round arcs and the beautiful brilliance of the diamond stacks on the dial, which are in the famous radar shop.

Isansa series sunflower star watch, equipped with ETA quartz movement, dial adorned with 425 beautiful diamonds (about 0.680 carats) or 235 beautiful diamonds (0.376 carats) eight-sided cut beautiful diamonds. The most special is the arrangement of starry beautiful diamonds on the dial in a spiral manner of sunflower stamens, so that these hundreds of real diamonds seem to be in harmony with the beauty of nature, shining. The sapphire crystal mirror completely covers the case with an elliptical arc surface. At the center of it, the starry diamond is presented in a perfect circle with a diameter of 2.4mm. The silver or black metal plating is used around it. The simple hue will sparkle the diamond. Revealed.

Isanzasa starry diamond watches are available in black and silver styles. The silver diamond watches are subtly layered with each other, dazzling and dazzling, revealing the elegant aesthetics unique to the famous watch store of Radar. The black watch echoes the basic color of the famous brand store. The calm black dial is embellished with diamonds, just like the stars at night, breaking away from the yoke of the galaxy, and resting elegantly on the wrist. The silver version is paired with a dark grey silk band, while the black silk band perfectly matches the black dial. Essar’s starry watch perfectly echoes the unique style of the store’s space furnishings. It is one of the most beautiful watches that can represent the characteristics of the famous radar watch stores.
The radar watch is the world’s first well-known Swiss brand to use high-tech ceramics as the material of its models. Ninety percent of the models of the radar watch are made of ceramics, so high-tech ceramics have become synonymous with radar watches. High-tech ceramics have a hardness of up to 1900 Vickers, which is not easy to wear and resist corrosion. It can still be new even if worn for a long time. In addition to its light weight, it also has a high degree of skin-friendly properties, which can change its temperature with the body temperature. With the opening of the four famous boutiques, the radar watch has further established its status as a watch in Taiwan. The radar watch boutiques provide watch fans not only with the tools of recording time, but also with a new aesthetic life style of innovative watch design!- —