2013 Watch & Miracle Watch Show Lange Booth Show

[Special Report on the First Asian Watch & Clock Fair] On September 25, 2013, the first Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair was officially kicked off at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Watch House team made a special trip to Hong Kong to bring you the exhibition report in front of you. The following is the report of Lange’s booth at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair.

From the outside of the Lange Pavilion, we saw the huge GRANDCOMPLICATION watch model in the exhibition hall. This watch has not been photographed for everyone at the Geneva Watch Fair. The Watch House deeply regrets this time, but this time Watch House will bring you real pictures of GRANDCOMPLICATION watches.


 After entering the exhibition hall, we still see this huge GRANDCOMPLICATION watch model. Through closer observation, we can feel the hugeness of this model. Let’s take a look at the details of the exhibition.


Chinese people love watches. We saw a lot of Chinese faces at the Geneva and Basel exhibitions. This time the watch exhibition was set up in Hong Kong. It is conceivable how many people visited the scene.


This is the GRANDCOMPLICATION watch. Before I saw it, I was mentally prepared. It may be a bit thick, but I was surprised after seeing it because it was thicker than I expected. Although this watch It’s not about wearing, but the prominent case back will definitely affect the wearing comfort. I do n’t know if any of my cousins ​​have tried it on?

The above is the report of the 2013 watch and miracle watch exhibition Lange booth. More detailed information will be brought to you later.
For the new Lange brand Hong Kong Watch Fair, please click: lange / 20637.html