Master’s Watch-born For Global Travelers

This year, Baume & Mercier, founded in 1830, pays tribute to the high-quality watch manufacturing industry with new works. A Worldtimer watch with 18K red gold or stainless steel case becomes a new member of the Caplan series, showing the excellence of watchmaking art with complicated functions. Like all the brand’s masterpieces, the new works are engraved with the golden section symbolizing the letter logo. With natural features, the design masterpieces that give the perfect combination of watch elements with eternal power meet the desire of women lovers of fine jewelry watches in Switzerland to pursue excellence .

 Capeland Worldtimer

Capeland Worldtimer World Time Watch

 183 years ago, when Louis-Victor and Joseph-Célestin Baume founded the “Frères Baume” watch business, they focused on travel. The two brothers quickly realized the importance of exploring new markets outside Europe with their visionary business minds. The spirit of expanding the world is undoubtedly the precious wealth of celebrities. The new generation of Capeland Worldtimer watches has emerged as the times require. The two Baume brothers believe that the future will not stop at the birthplace of the brand, Zhuluo Valley. In 1851, the two set up a branch in London. Under the name ‘Baume Brothers’, their business quickly expanded to the entire British Empire. In 1876, they established a subsidiary in Philadelphia, USA, and developed a huge sales network as far as India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Myanmar. To commemorate this glorious history and passion for travel, Baume & Mercier launches the Capeland Worldtimer. Valuable complication allows global travelers and international business travelers to know at a glance the time of the representative cities in the 24 time zones around the world. Being in Rio de Janeiro and wondering about Beijing time or home time has never been easier!

 The watch case has a pebble-like profile and a vintage design. The 44mm case is matched with 18K red gold or satin-finished stainless steel. The off-white or yellow-white dial is dignified and simple, easy to read, and the two-tone design is more refined. This masterpiece is equipped with the brand’s own self-winding mechanical movement. It has an unobstructed view through the sapphire crystal glass back and has a rare ease of use. To display the local time, just select the city name corresponding to the local time zone, and adjust the number on the opposite display panel to local time. The crown can then be pulled into the correct position and the wearer can adjust the hands. Once the quick adjustment is complete, push the crown back into place, and you can easily read the time around the world through the dial of the Capeland Worldtimer.

 In 1884, the Washington International Longitude Conference divided every 15 degrees of the globe into a time zone. In the second half of the 19th century, with the advent of high-speed vehicles such as trains, the concept of time zones was gradually accepted. Today, most countries in the world continue to use this time zone division method, which has effectively promoted business exchanges for decades. However, localist contradictions, such as border disputes, have changed the world map again and again, so a simpler way must be used to define time zones and associate them with generally recognized metropolises.

Capeland Worldtimer watch, 18K red gold-reference 10107

 The precious and timeless new 18K red gold Capeland Worldtimer world time watch, with a case diameter of 44mm, is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement of the brand known for its precision and durability. Through the back of the sapphire crystal glass, you can see the elegance of the finest movement. The time in 24 time zones is clear at a glance, and the date display window at 3 o’clock is solemn and simple. This exquisite watch is simple and practical, without any falsification. The brown alligator leather strap and the color of the day and night indicator dials are harmoniously matched, showing the elegant and rustic design style.

Capeland Worldtimer, 18K red gold-reference 10107, priced at NT $ 620,100.

Capeland Worldtimer stainless steel-reference 10106

 This satin-finished steel watch showcases a timeless design with a contemporary 44 mm diameter case. The yellow-white dial makes local time and 24 time zones around the world clearer and easier to read. Masterpieces of finely crafted watches will surely be favored by lovers of fine mechanical construction. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the exquisite decorative details of the brand’s own self-winding mechanical movement are visible. The blue crocodile leather strap echoes the day and night indicator dial. The adjustment method is simple and convenient, and the global time is on your wrist.

 Capeland Worldtimer stainless steel-No. 10106, priced at NT $ 240,900.