Two Flagship Rado Swiss Radar Tables

For Swiss brand RADO, the high-tech ceramics pioneered in the 1980s have become a way of life. The new Swiss Rado HyperChrome series combines dynamic materials with hardened stainless steel to create a series of watches that can experience and resonate with the rhythm of life in the 21st century. Two of these watches are particularly reflective of the high-tech ceramics that satisfy modern life’s thirst for exquisite taste and versatility. The strap and the entire case of this series of watches are made of high-tech ceramics, demonstrating the status of the originator of modern and innovative materials of Swiss radar. Two flagship Rado Swiss radars
    The 36 mm dial, with case and strap made of high-tech ceramics as a whole, and the white RADO HyperChrome watch add an irresistible femininity to this new collection of watches. The design combines pure white with gold PVD stainless steel details in a harmonious and modern way. Thanks to the Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement, this watch combines intellectual femininity with precise timekeeping. From the top of the watch, the stunning model wins in pure white, but the watch is slightly tilted, and a touch of golden light is looming from the metallic hue. This watch is highly respected both in the elegant surroundings of art galleries and in high-spec sports events. Its superior comfort and durability ensure the watch’s individual charm and durability.
Man in black
    Extra large black timer RADO Swiss Rado HyperChrome series watch, from the inside to the outside is made of high-tech ceramics, the case is elegant with a hardened stainless steel strap, the button material is also made of high-tech ceramics. It also has a crown made of stainless steel and black rubber. These warm touches are complemented by rhodium-colored hands, chronograph rings and scales, which are classic yet dynamic. Vitality has always been an infinite source of power for watches, prompting Swiss radars to enter a new era. While immersed in innovative materials and eye-catching shapes, the wearer can also fully trust the accuracy of the Swiss-made timer functions. Whether it’s an architect who uses the perfect material to integrate his idea into an aesthetic product, or an sports enthusiast who focuses on both watch wear and personal pulse heart rate, this 45mm dial, addictive Swiss radar The HyperChrome watch will become his perfect match.