Ducati Scrambler Ducati Scrambler Ducati Traveling In China Opens A New World For You

On August 22, 2015, Ducati China released a highly anticipated model, DucatiScrambler. Ducati traveled by itself and continued to write its new 1962 model legend. As an official partner, Tudor debuted its latest Fastrider Chrono series. Both inherit the historical heritage, draw on the modern atmosphere, and jointly show the perfect combination of tradition and technology.

 Ducati China unveiled the latest model of the Scrambler self-propelled tour, adopting a post-heritage style, and reinterpreting this iconic motorcycle that was popular in the 1960s and 1970s with modern design;

 Tudor helped, showing the latest Fastrider Chrono series on the spot, perfectly recreating the ingenious fusion of tradition and technology.

 The conference was held in the form of a party. The atmosphere was cheerful and relaxed, and it perfectly displayed its brand characteristics of ‘free spirit, happy life, and self-expression’. The scene of the event is divided into different theme areas. Different theme settings such as the happy sign-in area, hot rock music, and personalized hair design and painting area fully reflect Scrambler’s happy and free theme spirit. Tudor, as the official Ducati partner, specially brought the latest Fastrider series, Fastrider Chrono, to the exhibition.

 The latest Fastrider Chrono series displayed by the models on the night, adhering to the eclectic spirit of Ducati Scrambler, the three dials designed represent the different models of Scrambler. The bright yellow is the one for Scrambler. Classic colors; olive green, giving a strong urban color; red, creating a retro and stylish effect. The design comes back to life, the dial is clear and easy to read, and the colors make the Xunqi series more colorful and rejuvenated.

 The new Fastrider chronograph watch is water-resistant to 150 meters. The matte steel case showcases its technical characteristics and outstanding performance, plus a matte black ceramic outer ring, and PVD-treated matte black buttons and crown. In sharp contrast, this look and feel is even stronger. The watch is sharp-edged and meticulous, reminiscent of a motorcycle body. The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement with a power reserve of approximately 46 hours and a calendar function. The calendar window is located at 4:30. If you want to adjust the calendar, use the included tool to adjust it. In addition to the middle case, the aesthetics of the motorcycle are also used in other components of this new watch. The Speed ​​Rider Chronograph is equipped with two straps. One is a reinterpretation of the typical leather cushions, and the sports effect is more prominent. The other is a matte black rubber strap that emphasizes the technical characteristics of the watch.

 Consistent with Tudor’s spirit of innovation, Scrambler has adopted a unique post-heritage design style inherited from the perspective of the tour. Ducati reinterprets this iconic icon that was popular in the 1960s and 1970s with modern design. motorcycle. Scrambler is not a retro model. Ducati has given a new connotation to this legendary car born in Bologna. A series of redesigns make this car shine more brightly, as if it had never been Stay away from fans who have ever seen it. Scrambler self-traveling has a total of 4 car models. Each car model in China has been given a distinctive Chinese name, including Icon Chi, Full Throttle, Urban Enduro, and Classic.

 The cooperation between Tudor and Ducati is far better than the pure alliance between brands, but the like-mindedness of values ​​and experience, and the pity of acting style. In 2013, Tudor launched the Speed ​​Shield Black Shield series, presenting the results of the joint design of motorcycle sports and fine watchmaking. In 2015, Tudor continued to use aesthetic juxtaposition to launch the new Fastrider chronograph. The inspiration for this watch comes from Ducati’s famous model: Scrambler Ducati self-tour, which is another tribute to the motorcycle world by Tudor.