Omega Timed For The 2014 Winter Olympics

The Sochi Winter Olympics, which opened on February 7, is in full swing. 260 professional timekeepers on site, 170 volunteers, 30 public scoreboards, 90 event scoreboards, 78 kilometers of cables and optical fiber … together form a powerful timing lineup. These timing development and data processing are from the designated timing omega for this Winter Olympics.

This is the 26th time Omega has designated the Olympic Games. In 1936, Omega was the appointed timekeeper for the Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. At that time, only one Omega timekeeper was used to time all the games, and 27 high-precision Omega chronographs were all his equipment.

Today, Omega has developed and introduced a number of cutting-edge sports timing technologies by continuously enriching the brand’s innovation and sports timing tradition. At this Winter Olympics, Omega has adopted a newly developed speed meter for the first time in sledding and other events, so that participants, teams and global television audiences can immediately obtain important data during the competition.

Another innovative electronic starting system has been in use since the Vancouver Winter Olympics. When the commander pulls the trigger, the flashing lights up, the speaker behind each player makes a sound, and the starting signal is transmitted to the timing device.

庆祝 To celebrate the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Omega also specially created and launched a limited edition watch of the seahorse series Ocean Universe ‘Sochi 2014’ and the new Sochi Petrograd watch. The new models, together with the Omega timing system throughout the stadium, together account for the Winter Olympics.