The Dial Is So Small, Rolex Can Make 1080 Tricks! (Real Shot Multiple Pictures)

As we all know, Rolex does not make complicated functions, and does not make special shapes in today’s styles. It almost strives for quality, and the quality is stable. Watches are so small, there are really not many places to toss. The pictures used in this issue are also taken in kind. After all, you ca n’t say anything that you have n’t seen before (except for the ice blue one, do n’t ask why, it’s really hard to buy). For the Rolex antique case material, I also made the 904L Cut it off. The gold EVEROSE rose gold material is also special enough. When this baby elephant had to boast of everose, unique, and put it together with other brands of rose gold, it was clearly shown that it is the most dazzling, pink, and most called ‘rose’ gold. In addition to the case material and color innovation, the Rolex dial is as special as possible in the material inlay. 1. The color of the faceplate is light blue, ice blue, standard blue, dark blue, and gradient blue. Let me give you an example of blue. Each Rolex has a different saturation, and it will also make gradients, or add a variety of Pattern. For example, it’s orange, do n’t ask if it’s ugly, do n’t ask, it’s ugly fuchsia, do n’t ask, it’s still ugly, green, green, reddish brown, and these colors are more popular. Each color is also presented with different saturation, so this amount can be called spectacular 2, the pattern and the mother-of-pearl pink (same as the blue pattern above). . Flower flower. . Water Pink Fritillary Pink Purple Fritillary Pink Purple Fritillary White Fritillary 3, Special materials and diamonds rare tiger eye stone surface rare meteorite disk The rare original inlaid sapphires with starry leopard diamonds can not be omitted. There are more pictures in this period. The main inventory is Rolex. However, at the tip of the iceberg, brands like Rolex are more willing to use materials, and their dishes are not bad. In the world of watches and clocks, there are no shortage of faceplates of various rare materials, as well as feather inlays. This thing is only a mountain higher than a mountain, and the brand is endlessly innovating. Baby elephants have been busy with various things recently, and they are all confused. The next notice: hands-on testing, millions of tables, what is the difference between the data (whatever table is sold first)