Roger Dubuisroger Dubuis Eternal Chivalry

Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis exquisitely creates a ‘super watch’ as a ‘continuous innovator’-a timepiece with decisive expression and modern design, designed to be bold and innovative, and strive to seek exquisite Designed by unique people. Roger Dubuis fully utilizes the fearless spirit and creative ideas in its brand genes, while always respecting the watchmaking tradition, it also provides breathtaking timepieces for the traditional watch market.
¬†¬†ExcaliburKnightsoftheRoundTableIV is a powerful new interpretation of the legendary story of King Arthur’s Excalibur, once again witnessing Roger Dubuis’s extraordinary ability to subvert the rules and transcend tradition. Through the perfect combination of exquisite craftsmanship, subversive materials and watch complications, this model reflects the bold and courageous spirit of the brand, creating a contemporary and expressive creative concept. Distinctive watchmaking skills take on a whole new dimension.


  This watch is equipped with an RD821 self-winding movement. Each part of the movement is hand-crafted in accordance with the strict traditional standards of the Geneva Seal-this is the highest certification mark to ensure that the watch has excellent quality. This timepiece is equipped with a rose gold case with a diameter of 45 mm. The altar on the dial is made of 3D enamel or 18k rose gold to pay tribute to the legendary Island of Avalon. Twelve legendary figures are set in this altar space as time stamps, and each statue is made of lowpolyart, bringing a new and unique interpretation to the knight. Low-poly art is an advanced technique that uses polygonal planes to make statues or paintings, injecting modern expressive power into ancient traditions, exquisitely reflecting the duality unique to Roger Dubuis. These 3D knights, which are truly in line with the spirit of the 21st century, are cast in rose gold and are only 6.5 mm high. They are entirely carved and carved by hand. The dial alone requires 45 days of craftsmanship by the craftsmen of the Geneva watchmaking factory, which also sets a new paradigm for Roger Dubuis, a unique and creative brand: its unrestrained creativity through magnificent A new interpretation of the technique, dedicated to the pursuit of the ultimate beauty. ExcaliburKnightsoftheRoundTableIV, with a sharp sword and a flying flag, is limited to 28 pieces. It is designed for discerning collectors. It is the latest essential collection in the Roger Dubuis lineup .