The Most Expensive Rolex In History Is Rolex! Ref. 4113

Rolex today often equates the word ‘famous watch’. In addition to the new watch catching the attention of watch fans, even the performance of the second-hand market is not too bad, almost every auction Create great results. Although you know that Rolex performed well in the auction, have you ever wondered: which watch set the highest price record, and how spectacular was the transaction price? The answer made many people fall below their glasses, because it is not only a stained steel watch, it also looks like a Rolex, but hits an unimaginable price!

On May 14, 2016, at the Phillips auction in Geneva, Switzerland, the ROLEX Split-seconds Chronograph Ref. 4113 with the number 051314 was sold at a price of 2.4 million Swiss francs, once again breaking the record for the highest Rolex price. If you delve into the antecedents and consequences of this watch’s record-breaking, in addition to because it is an antique Rolex watch, there are other important reasons:
Rare feature
The record-setting Ref. 4113, produced in 1942, is the only watch in the history of Rolex’s watchmaking that has a dual chasing function. In addition to the known complex functions, it is extremely rare in Rolex. In the 1940s, it was undoubtedly the most complicated watch. This alone is enough to make things rare.

Ref. 4113, in addition to the two double-tracking chronograph seconds and hour and minute hands in the middle, also has a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, and a speedometer and rangefinder.

2. Dilute organic core and large diameter
In addition to the double-track function, it was very rare for Rolex. At the time, there were very few double-track watches. There were more pocket watches, because the double-track function had more functional parts and a larger movement. 32 to 36 mm was relatively less produced in the 1940s, while the diameter of Ref. 4113 reached a full 44 mm. It was also equipped with the rare Valjoux Cal. 55 (Valjoux movement factory was later acquired by ETA, the famous ETA-7750 was originally named Valjoux 7750), making the rarity of the watch even higher.

1940s watches equipped with Valjoux Cal.55 double-tracing movement are quite rare, and the existing stock is very small, so the movement alone is very valuable

3. Only 12 produced & unlisted
The quantity is definitely an important factor affecting the price. Ref. 4113 only produced 12 in total, with serial numbers of 051313_051324, and only 8 appeared in public, and the price of this 051314 was the highest. It is believed that these 12 watches have not been released publicly or even appeared in the official Rolex product list, but are commemorative models related to the Italian Giro di Sicilia race, which were only obtained by the racers and team owners at the time, such as 1991 Ref. 4113, number 051313, was taken at Christie’s Geneva on May 15th from the well-known racer Stefano La Motta; and the client 051318, which was sold at Christie’s London on October 2, 1991, was also the widow of a team member.

Ref. 4113 only produced 12 in total, and currently only 8 have appeared publicly

4. Good condition, keep original
It can be seen from the photos of the auction materials that the dial of the watch has been stained and discolored, but the precious appearance is complete, and the case and lugs still maintain the original appearance, which is very rare. After all, for collectors, the original watch is in any case more valuable than the refurbished watch, so the Ref. 4113 with the number 051314 has a more impressive auction record than the others.