Writing Time With Love Tasting The Mysterious Appointment Watch Of Mido Bruner Series

When you first felt loved, what kind of thrill did you have? The first time you gave for love, what kind of warmth did you ignite? Love seems to be an eternal topic. On the scale of time, it has painted a magnificent epic, and also wrote the next bland but solid story with delicate strokes. Since last year, the Swiss Mido brought new design concepts to the Bruner series. From colorful mother-of-pearl watches to this year’s mysterious covenant, they are like an independent and tender woman, telling time and love. Poetic life. The new Mido Bruner series Mysterious About Women’s Watch, with a unique design method, gave us an unexpected beauty.

   Watches have been on the stage of history for only a century or so, but the designers have magically sketched an endless way of presenting time on a small square surface. When we first saw the mysterious appointment watch of the Mido Bruner series, we felt the personality and beauty it exhibited. completely different.

Mido Bruner Mysterious Covenant Watch

   The white dial, like a magical world, has 12 selected diamonds set around it, glittering and translucent, with a round hole in the center, which represents the date. The bottom of the round hole is a red disk, and there is a black dot on it. Every day the day passes, the dot advances by one grid and keeps reciprocating. We’ve seen too many date displays, and this playful and fun way is impressive.

   The bright stainless steel case, bright diamonds, and bright white dial make this watch so beautiful, simple and elegant, and after these bright, there is red embellishment, which is its charming finishing touch. Just like a charming woman, she still has a girl-like life and love in her heart.

   The stainless steel case with the metal bracelet is very suitable for daily matching, and there are not so many taboos. You can match it with the simplest camel coat or black long T. Even OL clothing is completely ok.

Stainless steel case with delicate texture

   The watch retains the essence of Swiss watchmaking classics for hundreds of years-the use of soft lines, and elegant watches are almost inseparable from the dependence on curves, because the beauty brought by lines is always so comfortable. The mysterious appointment watch of the Mido Bruner series has natural lines, perfect transition between the lugs and the case, which reflects its feminine style. Of course, through the polishing and mercerizing process, the light and shade of the case and the bezel highlight the exquisiteness of the watch.

Stainless steel case with butterfly clasp

   The stainless steel bracelet with a butterfly clasp is easy to operate, safe and convenient for women. It is a good choice.

   It has a simple and elegant appearance, but also a sophisticated inner. Inside the sapphire transparent bottom cover is a Mido Caliber 80 automatic winding movement. Its biggest feature is that it can provide 80 hours of long-term kinetic energy storage. Of course, the operation of machinery, through the increasing gear speed of the level, eventually ‘generates’ time, this wonderful process is also worthy of appreciation.

  This is a very elegant watch, just like the woman in her dreams, she does not pretend to be dignified, but she has a little personality, and she is decent and gentle. She doesn’t have a gorgeous language, just a quiet expression, but it is enchanting.

Summary: With love in your heart, you can have soft eyes, comfortable language, and tenderness for years. The mysterious appointment watch of the Mido Bruner series uses red to symbolize every day’s luck and tenderness. Of course, in addition to this watch, Mido also launched a variety of options, including men’s watches.