Vacheron Constantin Unveiled The Mysterious Veil Of The Brand Promotion Picture

Vacheron Constantin’s latest brand slogan ‘One Of Not Many’ shows the rich and unique brand world of Vacheron Constantin for more than 260 years. Throughout the field of fine watchmaking, Vacheron Constantin is highly appreciated by taste connoisseurs. In addition to unique humanistic values, there are also traditional craftsmanship handed down by watchmaking artisans and art masters from generation to generation.

 Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1755 and has a continuous watchmaking history of more than 260 years. Since its inception, the brand has been adhering to a purely fine watchmaking tradition and continues to innovate. Compared with appearance, Vacheron Constantin attaches more importance to inner skills. The spirit of continuous innovation and exploration, the inexhaustible enthusiasm and superb craftsmanship of watchmakers and art masters, the inheritance of traditional craftsmanship, the preservation of the brand’s precious historical heritage and its ability to keep up with the times, all these have helped Vacheron Constantin to win the advanced Appreciation and respect of watch connoisseurs.
 Louis Furla, global chief executive of Vacheron Constantin, said: ‘The global watchmaking industry produces more than one billion timepieces each year, of which only 25 million are produced in Switzerland, and only 500,000 of them meet the advanced system. Watch standards. In this industry context, the production of Vacheron Constantin’s timepieces is even more rare, each one is a masterpiece that combines excellent quality, exquisite design and superb craftsmanship. Not only that, we also strive to maintain the brand’s unique exquisiteness. Features. Therefore, we can be called a ‘One Of Not Many’ brand. ‘

 Adhering to the unique temperament of low-key elegance, each of Vacheron Constantin’s timepieces demonstrates the brand’s delicate balance between superb technology and refined aesthetics, respect for tradition and courage to innovate, and carries a brand of strict self-discipline, humility and peace and transcendence pursue.
 In order to demonstrate this spirit, the brand also collaborates with a number of talented artists, whose character and works show a constant pursuit of excellence, an open tolerance to the world, and an inexhaustible passion for innovation. Consistent. They have individuality, vision, and passion. They are ‘experts’ in their respective fields, and they also interpret the concept of taste connoisseurs.

 The first is Benjamin Clementine, a charismatic artist. He is not only proficient in a variety of instruments and has a solid singing skills, but also a modern poet. He is one of the talented talents of his peers. The innovative spirit of Benjamin Clementine is loyal to his own creations and guides a generation to explore more unknowns in a unique way, demonstrating the concept of ‘One Of Not Many’.

 Artist James Bay believes that creativity has no formula to follow. Creativity requires a delicate balance between time, emotion and focus. After the first album’s global success, he was not satisfied with the award, but chose to explore a new field of music and continue to break through himself, and finally released a second music album that combines rock and soul music, showing bold and diverse Music concept.

 Both show a modern elegance that is exactly the same as the Fiftysix® series.
 The influential multi-disciplinary designer Ora Ito complements the exquisite and elegant Patrimony heritage series, which perfectly interprets minimalist design and superb craftsmanship, which is consistent with the iconic ‘simple complexity’ (Simplexity) style echoes.

 Cory Richards, an experienced photographer and a fearless explorer, successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest without the assistance of oxygen. He traveled the world just to capture the best moments, fully showing the exploratory spirit and openness of the Overseas Series.

 As Vacheron Constantin Chief Marketing Officer Laurent Perves puts it: ‘The areas where these talents are active-music, design, adventure, and photography-are also areas that Vacheron Constantin has been very interested in and tried to get involved in for years. Ego, keep your passion, this is the most important thing. ‘

 These artists also participated in the artistic creation of the new brand promotion. Laurent Perves said: ‘This is just the first step in our creative cooperation with these talents, and there will be other follow-up. The collision of people and art, which coincides with the core concept of the brand since 1755.’

 This brand promotion image was shot by Phil Poynter, and the talents and talents of these talents were fully demonstrated from behind-the-scenes perspective. By adjusting the proportions, controlling the focus, and tuning the instrument, each photo has left a unique mark on the artists, which undoubtedly shares the same magic with Vacheron Constantin’s art masters and watchmakers.

Creative Director: Volker Gehr
Art Direction: Pierrick Jegou, Alexa Chessex
Photography and Video: Phil Poynter
Venue: Los Angeles Capitol Recording Studio, Abbey Road Recording Studio, Royal Palace of Paris, Wasque Rock Park, California