Citizen Held A Donation Activity Of Solar-powered Diving Watch

Citizen, a world-renowned watch brand, brings a deep breath of coolness to the members of the China Diving Sports Association. On July 15, 2010, Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd. donated 100 Citizen Eco-Drive diving watches to the China Diving Sports Association. Excellent performance. As a company that advocates sports and is committed to the continuous promotion of sports watch culture, Citizen takes this opportunity to call on urban elites to release pressure in sports, thereby creating a passionate and positive attitude towards life. As early as 1959, Citizen successfully developed the earliest waterproof watch in Japan; in 1985, Citizen launched the world’s first watch capable of measuring water depth. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of diving sports, in order to meet the needs of diving enthusiasts to freely control the underwater time, Citizen has developed a light kinetic diving watch with a number of professional functions. The two donated watches, JV0000-01E and JV0020-04E, are classics of diving watches. This diving watch will automatically switch to diving mode after entering the water, providing divers with comprehensive underwater time management. In addition, it can record data of 20 dives, including dive depth, water temperature and time, so that divers can always enjoy the joy brought by ‘time’. At the donation ceremony, Mr. Su Ke, Secretary General of the China Diving Association, said sincerely: ‘With the increasing popularity of diving sports, diving watches have become an essential equipment for more and more diving enthusiasts. Citizen diving watches Full-featured, professional, and easy to operate. Especially the application of light kinetic energy technology not only reflects the attitude to environmental protection, but also does not have to worry about stopping operation due to sudden power failure underwater. With such a professional diving watch, I believe diver Underwater exploration will be safer and more fun. ‘
During the event, Mr. Sumikawa Ryufu, general manager of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd., said: ‘Photodynamic energy is the core technology of Citizen, and its birth is derived from Citizen’s thinking about the future. With advanced photovoltaic technology, we uphold ‘ The fusion of technology and beauty ‘research and development concept, Citizen diving watches will allow more diving enthusiasts to experience the mysteries of the azure waters, inspiring them to persist in exploring the passion and courage of the unknown world! ‘

2014 Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Music Week

Jazz Festival on Drunk Riverside Landscape

 The press conference of “2014 Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Week” was held on September 19th at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai. Mr. Xu Hui, the person in charge of Shanghai Jazz Week, introduced the progress of this Shanghai Jazz Week , Performance arrangements and artists, and specifically introduced the scene.

 The singer who participated in the opening performance of ‘Pamaqiangni Shanghai Jazz Music Week’ on the afternoon of October 2nd, the first Chinese jazz female voice created by the first season of ‘Good Voice of China’-Wang Yunyi, attended the conference .

 The exclusive title partner of this event-Parmigiani, Switzerland’s top independent watch brand, is also a long-term partner of Montreux Jazz Festival, one of the world’s three major jazz festivals. Invited premiere guest piano artist Jerry Leonide at the main venue of this jazz week is the winner of the 2013 Parmigiani Montreux Jazz Solo Solo Award. At the same time, the press conference arranged a visit, and led the reporter to visit the performance site of ‘2014 Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Music Week’-the most beautiful riverside landscape zone-Lujiazui Riverside Financial Plaza.

The most beautiful riverside landscape, the highest music festival

The “2014 Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Week” takes place at Binjiang Financial Plaza. This is the former Shanghai Shipyard site, one of the earliest shipyards in China, which was founded in 1862. It is currently being transformed into the most beautiful riverside scenic area in Lujiazui. Leisure, catering, entertainment, business. Here, various plants set up the riverside into a colorful ‘background painting’. The hanging plants and buildings near the water form a beautiful skyline. Standing on the waterfront platform of Binjiang River, overlooking the other side, it is no longer the IWC building complex on the Bund. It is the ‘drop of water’ on the North Bund-Shanghai Port International Passenger Terminal and Banyan Tree Hotel. In the past, the No. 1 slipway of Shanghai Shipyard also followed the appearance of a steel-beam corridor bridge that looked like Waibaidu Bridge, penetrating the entire riverside landscape belt from north to south, and became an excellent viewing site. To the west, you can see the bustling scenery of Lujiazui, and to the east, you can directly see the Yangpu Bridge. The transformed new riverside is magnificent.

 At the Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Week, you will not only enjoy the wonderful jazz music brought by international masters, but also experience the riverside wooden walkway, iron covered bridge, river view park, yacht cruise, outdoor cafes Shanghai style noble style life.

Shanghai Jazz Life Guide Release-Jazz Map

 The jazz map released at the conference includes all the activities of the 15-day Parmigiani Shanghai Jazz Week, covering nearly 40 live events, including: a detailed introduction to all the performances of the main venue of the Shanghai Jazz Music Week. The venue performance information, ticket purchase information, geographical location map, on-site content planning, transportation routes, etc., let jazz fans understand at a glance. The jazz map also introduces more than 30 shopping malls, hotels, and bars in the city. It uses point maps and calendars to present the performance information one by one, making it easy for jazz fans to enjoy jazz nearby. A guide to jazz life for jazz fans. Jazz maps will be distributed free of charge in major restaurants, hotels, high-end clubs and shopping malls in Shanghai starting from September 20.