The Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge has always been recognized as the top international tour event in the classic and classic sailing industry. Entering the 13th in 2017, the race spans eleven of the world’s most fascinating traditional nautical towns, and is highly respected by those who are fascinated by the magnificent appearance, glorious history and unique personality of classic sailing boats.

Panerai Global CEO Angelo Bonati said, ‘I can proudly say that our enthusiasm for protecting and promoting classical sailing is unparalleled internationally. This year is our 13th consecutive year in sponsoring events. For many years, We have witnessed many exciting projects that have flourished with us, and also witnessed the rebirth of some outstanding classic sailing boats with the dedication and enthusiasm of countless aspiring people.

As always, the Mediterranean Tour of the Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge takes place around France (Antibes, Cannes), Italy (Argentario) and Spain (Mauno on Menorca). The sailing boats participating in each race compete for the championship trophy with accumulated points. Many of the sailing ships that won the championship last year are famous for their sailing history. Among them are sailing ships built by famous masters, including William Fife III (Cambria built in 1928 and Cambria built in 1911). Mariquita, Moonbeam IV built in 1914) and Nathanael Greene Herreshoff (Chinook built in 1916), Italian naval vessels (Chaplin built in 1974, S tella Polare built in 1965), and former Olympic stars (Bona Fide, built in 1899, won the gold medal in the 1900 Paris Olympics) and a collection of historical celebrities (Manitou, built in 1937, was owned by US President Kennedy). The Bermuda brig Eilean, designed by William Fife III in 1936, also participated in the Mediterranean race. This boat was revenued by Panerai in 2006 and restored after the brand’s careful restoration.

The participating sailing boats then competed for the second Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge trophy in the Marblehead, Newport and Nantes stages, competing for the North American championship title. The tournament is held in New England waters in August and September each year. Siren has steadily won the North American Cup throne in the past two years. This ship belongs to the NY-32 type. It was designed in 1936 by OlinStephens, one of the founders of the prestigious Sparkman & Stephens.

Antigua Classic Sailing Challenge and Panerai British Classic Week are not included in the two major Mediterranean and North American tours due to geographical limitations, but teams defending the above events can receive Panerai watches. Panerai has been designing and producing the first wristwatch for the Italian Royal Navy divers since 1936. It has continuously combined outstanding Italian design and top Swiss watchmaking technology to create precise instruments, becoming the perfect choice for those who love sailing.

2017 schedule

Antigua Classic Sailing Challenge
April 19-25, 2017

May 31-June 4, 2017

15-18 June 2017

Panerai English Classic Week
8-15 July 2017

Corinth Classic Sailing Challenge, Marblehead
11-13 August 2017

Nantes Sailing Challenge
18-19 August 2017

August 20, 2017

August 29-September 2, 2017

Newport Classic Sailing Challenge
September 1-3, 2017

September 26-30, 2017