Black Face Is Really Rare To See Ulysse Nardin Athens Original Gilt Big Fire Small Seconds Watch

Athens UlysseNardin’s original gilt gold big fire small seconds watch has a charming black dial, which tells the daily minutes in a unique way. It is already very difficult to make a white large open flame enamel plate, but the process of making a pure black enamel plate is more complicated. The enamel powder selected is the key to determining the finished product: a variety of carefully selected pigments must be added to the raw materials to produce a deep and dense black enamel.

Generally, the ‘pure’ big fire enamel face plate is usually white, but Athens rarely launched a black big fire enamel version on the new original gilt big fire small seconds watch, and uses a stainless steel case to lower the threshold for enamel watch lovers.

Only the enamel artisans of Donzé Cadrans ingenious skills can produce black enamel face plates. Controlling the quality of the enamel faceplate is extremely challenging. Each high-temperature firing process brings uncertain risks. Patience is an essential element. If there are any flaws on the plate, it will be revealed on the black enamel plate. Therefore, every time the enamel surface plate is fired, the craftsman will meticulously smooth the enamel surface, because they know that at any time, even the smallest defects will make the front work utterly abandoned. After the enamel face plate is polished to a bright and smooth, the final production steps can be carried out: the Roman numeral time scales with contrasting colors are added to show the gorgeous posture of the large fire enamel dial.

Original gilt gold big fire small seconds watch

Stainless steel material / UN-320 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / big fire enamel dial / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 40mm / reference price: 62,000 RMB
In the elegant and charming appearance, the original gilt big Minghuo small seconds watch has both practicality. The watch is equipped with a UN-320 self-made movement and has a convenient feature in the mechanical watch, allowing the wearer to quickly adjust the date back and forth. This self-winding movement has a 48-hour power reserve, all designed and produced by the Athenian factory in Switzerland, using another watchmaking achievement that the brand is proud of-silicon springs and silicon escapements. Silicon is lightweight, durable, and resistant to magnetic or temperature changes; Athenian watches are the first Swiss watchmakers to use silicon for mechanical watchmaking.

Original gilt gold big fire small seconds watch

Stainless steel material / UN-320 self-winding movement / hour, minute, small second, date display / big fire enamel face plate / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water-resistant 30 meters / diameter 40mm / reference price: 62,000 RMB- —

Casio Casio Reinterprets The Edifice Efb-509 Series For Fresh People In The Workplace

With the coming of the graduation season, another group of fresh people are about to enter the society. At this time, this season CASIO Edifice just provides a good workplace partner for the new career people-rebranding. The classic series EFB-509 not only contributes to daily practical use, but also shows its time-oriented side.

The EFB-509 series has always been known for its simplicity and versatility, suitable for a variety of different styles.

Some people say that the watch is like a man’s second business card. It is a great time to make a good impression when new business meetings or business trips to meet new customers. The new EFB-509 series is just right in design. In addition to continuing the classic three The dial design of the pan-six needles, the geometric bar-shaped time scales show a sense of skill; the date and week display at 3 o’clock strengthens the frame design, so you can see the current moment at a glance even on a busy travel. It is worth mentioning that the new EFB-509DC-1AVUPR especially adopts an all black IP coating, which shows a more youthful personality.

The picture shows the Edifice EFB-509DC-1AVUPR. The model adopts an all black IP-coated case, showing individual colors.

And if you return to life from the workplace, you can fully feel the plasticity of EFB-509’s charm, and you can easily control different styles. If in the workplace must wear a shirt, elegant gentleman with leather shoes, a private style change, put on a canvas shoes and Polo shirt, handsome jeans, but also transformed into a good and bad boy.

In addition to matching formal clothes, wearing private shoes and jeans EFB-509DC-1AVUPR is also very suitable

From the novice in the workplace to the core of the team, every successful person has a hard time to take off, and they are more of a down-to-earth, pragmatic school. Just like the pragmatic personality of the EFB-509 series, this watch knows how to remove Wu Cunjing, and retains practical functions such as date, day of the week, chronograph, 100 meters waterproof, etc., to meet the needs of daily work and life.

The picture shows Edifice EFB-509GY-1AVUPR, its all-gray IP coating shows a different visual experience and character than the all-black style

Casio specifically uses mid-to-high-end watch configuration-artificial sapphire glass, which is highly abrasion resistant and provides strong protection for the watch; this uniform dense texture has high light transmittance, which can make the faceplate clear and easier to read. Compared with the tough and cool previous model, the EFB-509GY-1AVUPR uses an all-gray IP coating, and the space gray and metal texture are integrated into one, highlighting the calm and calm sportsman’s character in the event.

Edifice EFB-509GY-1AVUPR’s three-eye dial features practical date, day of the week, and even chronograph functions. The solid specifications are suitable for newcomers to the community.

It won’t be overwhelming, but it’s not boring. The EFB-509 series brings fresh surprises again. From the appearance to the functional details, the CASIO Edifice EFB-509 series strives to make fresh people in the workplace have a practical but unsophisticated and solid quality. Before entering the higher-end mechanical watches, wear the CASIO Edifice EFB-509 series. You can also show your confidence and calmness.

Richard Mille’s Olympic Champion Monster Watch Debuts At Shanghai Classic Car Show

From October 18th to 20th, 21 Bundyuan No. 1 parked 21 charming and legendary antique cars. This is the grand occasion of the first elegant classic car show of Zunchi Shenghui. Flywheel watch brand Richard Mille, as the main sponsor of the classic Le Mans racing event, also exhibited for the first time in China the Richard Mille 59-01, a monster watch worn by London Olympic sprint champion Yohan Blake.

As an event that attracted the attention of collectors and enthusiasts of antique cars around the world, it was held in China for the first time, and a large number of classic cars with great historical significance and collection value were introduced from all over the world for public display and selection. This classic car show is of international standards. The models displayed include a number of classic models, including a 1925 Renault luxury custom convertible, a Cadillac limousine in 1929, and a Bentley Mark VI soft in 1951. A convertible top, a Ferrari 308 GTB produced in 1975, and a model of domestic luxury cars, the Hongqi CA773 sedan produced in 1972, and many other elegant classic cars. A special Porsche 917KH sports car was also exhibited this time. This legendary sports car won the World Automobile Championship for two consecutive years in 1970 and 1971. In the same year, it also set the fastest record in the Le Mans 24 Hours Endurance Race, and continues to this day. Still valid.

 Richard Mille launched the first watch in 2001, with its inherently impressive extraordinary temperament and the courage to break the tradition, destined to lead a new direction in the field of fine watchmaking. Since its inception, this young brand has been committed to showing its innovation to the world, constantly applying the most cutting-edge technology materials and the most innovative designs, and even affecting the development of the entire high-end watch industry. Various technical materials and top technology in the racing world are important sources of inspiration for Richard Mille. Therefore, Richard Mille will of course become the main sponsor of Le Mans classics, the first elegant classic car show of the world-famous classic luxury car, and the next year’s Chantilly Art and Elegant Richard Mille.

 Mr. Iain Tyrell, founder of Tyrell Engineering, a classic car repair expert from the racing family, also highly praised the event: ‘I would like to express my sincere thanks to the event organizer and all staff members and congratulate the success of the event. They are so outstanding! Zunchi Shenghui will surely develop into one of the classic vintage car events on the world stage. I am very glad to participate in it. ‘

 In the morning of October 19, nearly 12 classic cars held a grand parade around the landmark of the Bund in Shanghai. The classic car brands participating in the parade include Porsche, Ferrari, Ford, Lincoln, and Rolls Royce. As the team slowly marched along the Huangpu River, overlooking the landmark of Shanghai, Lujiazui, accompanied by the classic European architecture on the Bund, it was portrayed to the public. A rare spectacle.

 On the last day of the event, the award ceremony of classic car elegance was held, and the event of the first elegant classic car show of Zunchi Shenghui really entered a climax. The 1925 Renault luxury custom convertible won the best vintage car award at the show.

Out Of Boundary Cartier And The Palace Museum Special Exhibition

Ten years after the successful holding of the ‘Cartier Treasure Art Exhibition’ in 2009, Cartier and the Palace Museum will join hands again, presenting ‘Yes Outside the World-Cartier and the Palace Museum Special Exhibition ‘.

  As the pioneer of Sino-French cultural and artistic exchanges, the Palace Museum and Cartier met again, further tracing the deep Chinese sentiment in Cartier’s 170-year history, showing the resonance and blending of the inspiration of Chinese and Western culture and art. sequence. The encounter between Cartier Zhenpin and the Palace Museum collection will lead viewers through time and space and perceive the important cultural connection of Eastern and Western treasure art.

  The exhibition focuses on ‘craftsmanship’, and uses three exhibition halls to spread the three themes of inspiration for China, style testimony, and time craftsmanship for interpretation from multiple perspectives. The exhibition space was designed by the well-known French form designer Natalie Clignier. Calligraphic strokes were used as imagery icons to make the overall structure present a strict structure and harmonious connotation.

  This exhibition will display more than 830 art treasures. In addition to the Cartier Collection and the Palace Museum collection, it also brings together many from the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the National Gallery of Australia, the Qatar Museum, and the La Chaux-de-Fond International Clock and Watch Museum. Precious collections of museums, art institutions, and royal and private collectors.

  The exhibition takes the name ‘Beyond Boundary’, and the multiple extensions of poetic expression and philosophical reflection show the openness and internal motivation of the curatorial concept, encouraging viewers to challenge the realm of things and transcend certain seemingly constant propositions … Break apart, blend and reshape, everything aims to create a free time and space, thus opening up a new perception of imagination, vitality and creativity.

  ‘An exhibition can give the audience knowledge, aesthetics, and broaden their horizons. If you can use the exhibition to develop ideas and read the unknown from known cultural relics, it will cause some thinking, which is the great success of the exhibition organizer.’-Wang Yuegong , Director of the Palace Department of the Palace Museum

Exhibition time: June 1st-July 31st, 2019
Venue: The Main Hall of the Noon Museum of the Palace Museum and the Exhibition Halls of the East and West Yanchi Buildings
Organizers: Palace Museum, Cartier