Golden Sky-dweller Coming

Rolex’s Sky-Dweller provides innovative information to travellers around the world in an innovative way, making it easy for them to keep track of time during their journey. The watch function includes two time zone displays, with the central hand indicating the local time, and the 24-hour off-axis dial shows the departure time. The annual calendar function automatically distinguishes between 30 days and 31 days by an annual calendar system called Saros. Otsuki; and Ring Command rotating outer ring, which is an easy-to-use interface for the wearer to set various functions of the watch.

   As the most complex watch on sale today, Rolex has experienced innovations and inventions. Sky-Dweller brings together 11 patents, all of which cover the basic areas of reliability, precision, ergonomics, and water resistance, and fully demonstrate Rolex’s outstanding technology. For a long time, Sky-Dweller has always been unattainable because it has only precious metal watches. This year, it finally launched a gold version of gold, and it is easier to accept in terms of price.

   The Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller is equipped with a dual time zone display, which is easy to read and easy to operate. This watch can simultaneously display the time in dual time zones, that is, the central hand indicates the time at the location, and the off-axis dial shows the time of departure, making Sky-Dweller’s reading clear and unique. Sky-Dweller allows the wearer to adjust the watch to the desired time zone during the trip, while also clearly showing the time of departure, such as the time of home or work. Suppose you live in Geneva and you are heading to New York, your departure time will be Geneva time, and your home time will be New York time.

   Gold crown.

   Rolex’s signature gold triangular bezel.

   Sky-Dweller, the most complex Rolex watch, has also become a symbol of high-end luxury and timeless elegance. Here, the gold watch is worth buying.

Snow Season Is Coming Follow Swatch All The Way North To Find The Winter Evasion Shrine

I have been busy for a whole year. Is there a place at the end of the year for the Wishlist you set at the beginning of the year? You who have left most of your work time in the year should also reward yourself, find a winter sanctuary, spend a good time with yourself, breathe the air of Ling Ling, and enjoy a winter day The warm sun, the cold white snow temperature, and the unique exotic atmosphere, come, let Swatch take you all the way north, from Christmas town to ski resort, compose a romantic winter love song.
Christmas town
   Christmas, which has always been packed as a fairy tale, let it become a reality this year! Follow Swatch to the small town of Hildesheim, Germany, walk up the flagstone street, lingering in antique medieval churches and buildings, set off against Christmas lights and light snowflakes, no doubt, Swatch did not take you Step into the parallel time and space, you are truly in a retro Christmas town, you can enjoy the warmth and warmth of every Christmas.
   If such a dream version of the sweet fairy tale trip can only take one accessory, it must be Swatch’s Christmas special ‘Christmas lights’, no doubt, the golden mirror dial reflects the nostalgic style, and the blooming straps echo the festival lights. Even in the atmosphere of Christmas Town, even Swatch reminds you softly: Here you can forget the time.

(Picture from the network)

(Picture from the network)
Ski resort
   If you want to have an unprecedented adventure this winter, skiing will make your life unforgettable. Swatch from Switzerland recommends you the best place to try skiing: the Jungfrau region in Switzerland. On the 213-kilometre ski course, is there more exciting than enjoying the majestic snow peaks and stepping on the moderate fluffy snow to experience the colorful snow activities?

(Picture from the network)

(Picture from the network)
   Missing little courage at first taste of skiing? The special Swatch Jeremy Jones sport brings you encouragement from Jeremy Jones, the legend of alpine snowboarding. The first time I experience skiing and keep falling, it doesn’t matter that Jeremy tells you that ‘the process returns instantly’; advanced skiers, Jeremy also conveys the spirit of sports energy burst: ‘Deeper, higher, farther.’

Swatch Jeremy Jones Sports Special
   If you choose to hike on the 100km winter walk in the Jungfrau region, and explore the mountains in the vast snowy paradise, it is also a fascinating option. Experience the Jungfrau Train Station at an altitude of 3500 meters at the top of Europe, board the First flying chair in Grindelwald, and feel the excitement of flying in the air like a bird, and the 360 ​​° panorama will make the Alps magnificent Panoramic views.

   Such breathtaking scenery and free time to enjoy, let Swatch ‘Ski Back’ to accompany you to witness, pure white echoes the white snow on the Jungfrau Peak, such as a piece of white snow fell on the wrist. The new and cool shape, even in the snow and ice, does not detract from its playful attitude.

(Picture from the network)

(Picture from the network)

Swatch autumn and winter ‘Ski Back’ series

Longines Showcases Traditional British Elegance In The Royal Ascot Valley Cup

On June 20 (Tuesday), the owner of the ‘King’s Stand Stakes’ champion horse ‘Lady Aurelia’ was awarded an elegant Longines watch by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, UK. To the table. Earlier in the day, Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President and International Marketing Director of Longines, also presented a watch to Coventry Stakes winner Stevie Donohoe. The champion horse of this race ‘Rajasinghe’, the owner, trainer and stableman of the race also received a fine Longines watch. In addition, Aksel Lund Svindal, a Norwegian alpine skiing champion who has joined the Longines family since 2007, also appeared at the Yash Valley Racecourse, adding elegance to the entire race day. The first day of this royal event featured at least three events, namely Queen Anne Stakes, High Cloud Place and St James’s Palace Stakes, all three of which will be held by the tournament. The official chronograph Longines is responsible for timing.

   Longines just celebrated the tenth anniversary of its cooperation with Ascot Valley Racecourse last year. Longines is the official timekeeper, designated watch and official partner of the Royal Ascot Valley Cup. It is equipped with the brand’s highly accurate timer near the finish line. This event fully reflects the traditional British elegance and fashion. It is the best occasion for the Swiss watch brand Longines to showcase the latest models of its Longines Master Collection. This new model is paired with a blue dial with sun print. The new tone of the watch matches the classic and subtle design style of this series. It is also available in a variety of diameters, and can be found by men or women.

   In 1878, Longines launched a chronograph engraved with knights and horse riding horses, showing its love of equestrian ever since. This chronograph pocket watch has been used on racetracks since 1881. It is very popular with jockeys and horse lovers, because it can calculate horse racing time to the accuracy of seconds. As early as 1912, the brand has become a partner of the international obstacle course for the first time. To this day, Longines is actively participating in various equestrian sports, including field obstacle races, flat races, horse-drawn carriage competitions, dressages and triathlons.