Introduction To Panerai’s Left-hand Version Of The Titanium Chronograph Watch

I don’t know if you wear your watch on your left hand or your right hand, or like Maradona during the World Cup, one piece on each hand. However, from the point of view of the design of the watch, it is more for the consideration of right-hand wearing. Because the crown of most watches is on the right side of the watch, if you wear it on your left hand, you can easily adjust the crown. But no matter which hand you choose, the watch with the crown on the left is generally named Left-Handed, just like the Panerai Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante Left-handed 8 days Titanio 44 mm watch to be said today.
 Panerai first introduced the watch with the crown on the left in the 1940s. Today, this design still appears on Panerai’s popular models from time to time. In fact, I think the normal version of this new PAM345 watch should be PAM344. If you ignore the PAM344 display indicator (actually, the PAM345 display indicator is moved to the back) and rotate it 180 degrees, you can see the PAM345. Correspondingly, the small seconds dial and crown moved from the traditional 3 o’clock position to the 9 o’clock position. position.

 Well, let’s talk about this PAM345 aside from PAM344. After all, the PAM344 uses the P2004 movement and the new PAM345 uses the P2004 / 9 movement. This Panerai fully-manufactured manual winding movement has a diameter of 13.75 centimeters and a thickness of 6.6mm. The P2004 / 9 movement has reduced 4 parts on the basis of P2004, and the total number of parts is 329. The earthquake frequency is still 28800vph, with the help of 3 barrels, it can reach a power reserve of 8 days (192 hours).

 The case and buckle of the PAM344 are all made of brushed titanium, with a brown sandwich dial and brown belt. Water-resistant to 100m.

Personality And Avant-garde Alternative Timepieces For Wrist Watches

In square inches, time never stops. In order to retain the momentary beauty, people inject the space design in their wrists with personality and unique elements, making the reading method of time a comfortable one. enjoy.
The design of the timepiece is usually an alternative expression of the color of the watch, the arrangement of the dial and the function. As for the case, the traditional appearance of the circle, square, barrel or 12-sided shape is often seen in front of people. Breaking the tradition, the odd-shaped surface, the classic image of the case is no longer the same. Watchmakers with superb manufacturing techniques have boldly incorporated the infinite imagination into the watch’s styling design, so that time also has with each era With different fashion charms.

Movement: automatic movement
Case: stainless steel
Function: Instant jump hour and normal minute hand indication
Like the watch name “Crazy Hours”, its design creativity is full of “crazy”. First, all the numbers or letters that can appear on the dial are painted in various colors, and then the order of the time marks is completely disrupted. The seemingly chaotic arrangement is actually regular and followable. Pay attention to the difference between numbers and numbers, which are 5 hour intervals, so each hour of the hour is a 5-digit promotion.

BELL & ROSS BR01 Red Radar
Movement: automatic movement
Case: Black PVD steel / 46mm diameter
Function: hour, minute, second indication / waterproof 100 meters
The design of the watch draws inspiration from the radar display of the flight navigation management system. The shape is very similar to that of the flight navigation radar. The turntable design is like a beam sweeping over the radar display, creating a needle-like display. Looking closely at the three pointers, three turntables drawn as trail scans are actually working, but at first glance it will confuse your concept of time.
Weird ‘Time Drawer’ DEWITT Wifi-1
Movement: manual movement
Case: titanium aluminum alloy
Functions: hours and minutes display / 21-day long-lasting power reserve / vertical flying tourbillon / waterproof 30m WX-1 movement is equipped with a vertical flying tourbillon, the frame rotates once a minute, and can be located behind the case See the cylindrical opening. The unique way of reading time requires the use of two rotating disks, one of which rotates clockwise to indicate the minute; the second rotates counterclockwise to indicate the hour; the operation of this device benefits from a bold set of 6 guide wheel gears system.

Challenge “Gravity Free Time” ZENITH Defy Xtreme Zero-G
Movement: El Primero 8800 automatic movement / 50 hours power reserve
Case: black shot-blasted titanium / diameter 46.5mm
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds indicator / zero-gravity tourbillon device / water-resistant 1,000 meters. In addition to continuing the series’ avant-garde design, extraordinary performance and innovative material concept, the case is made of powerful black titanium, while Hesalite The carbon fiber composite honeycomb structured face plate is even more unique under the two raised sapphire glass designed to break through the watch design.
In addition, the watch is also equipped with the brand’s unique Zero-G system, which is the concept of gravity-free-allowing the tourbillon device to be free from any gravity, which greatly improves its accuracy and truly achieves its tourbillon effect.
Revolutions and rotations shuttle through each time zone Dior Christal ‘8’ series world time zone watch
Movement: Newly developed unique automatic movement
Case: 18K yellow gold / 38mm diameter
Function: Hours, minutes, seconds, 8 time zones of cities, 50 meters of water resistance. The first thing to say is that the movement design of this watch is from the same designer as the previous ‘alternating’ watch. So both watches are imaginatively creative. The essence of the watch is on its revolving and rotating 8-hour hour dial. It can easily select the time and day and night display of the city you want to know through a single crown.

Spin Jump Nonstop HARRY WINSTON Harry Winston Opus 11
Movement: manual movement / 48-hour power reserve
Case: 18K white gold
Function: ‘Dismantling’ or ‘building’ by up to 24 detents into an hour display, two dials at 2 o’clock position, minute display / waterproof 30 meters ‘Opus’ is a brand with a different design started in 2000 The designer creates a watchmaking plan with a unique look. In the eleventh year of this year, an hour display was automatically launched that was ‘disassembled’ or ‘assembled’ by up to 24 pawls. When entering the next hour, these pawls will rotate ‘transition’ in order, so that the number in the center of the dial is displayed as the current hour.
Squares and circles can also depend on each other MAURICE LACROIX
Movement: ML 156 manual movement / 45 hours power reserve
壳 Case: stainless steel / 43 mm diameter
Function: hour, minute, small seconds indication / power reserve indication / water resistance 50 meters
Circular gear driving square wheel is a pioneering work of Le Méridien that breaks the traditional display. Leaving aside its pure aesthetic appeal, it is worthy of appreciation for its brand new way of recording time. When you first see the Ingenious Series Second Hand Square Wheel Watch, you will be fascinated by its mysterious operation. The geometric hollow square wheel mechanism is driven by a shamrock-shaped gear, which rotates stably and regularly. Thanks to this movement, the small second hand display can be seen.

Luxury Crazy Fun Art Boucheron Crazy Jungle Sea Horse
Movement: GP4000 automatic movement and Crazy Seconds module
壳 Case: 18K rose gold / 42mm diameter / mother-of-pearl dial / diamond and color gem setting
Function: Hours, minutes, and small fish swimming in circles are “crazy little seconds”. With superb craftsmanship and bold creativity, Boucheron combines subtle watchmaking art and jewelry creativity to create luxurious and surprising Masterpiece. Doing some fun with luxury is always the way that Bao Shilong loves time. Whether to see the little fish at the tail of the sea horse, this is the second hand of the watch, which will always swim around the tail of the sea horse.