Goddess’s Wrist Companion Tissot Liu Yifei’s Star Model Is On Sale In 2016 And A Bright Red Strap Is Waiting For You

At the end of 2015, the famous movie star Liu Yifei announced to be the spokesperson for Tissot. At the same time, Tissot specially released a Duluer series ladies watch to commemorate this important moment. The white and elegant design with sparkling diamond hour marks makes this watch not only luxurious and dazzling, but also full of design. Recently, we saw this watch when we visited the Beijing Oriental Plaza Tissot Store. Let’s take a look together:

   The center of the dial is decorated with white mother-of-pearl material, and the empty inspiration is like the charm of its spokesperson Liu Yifei. The scale of the watch is composed of Roman numerals and diamond-inlaid bar scales. It shines beautifully between classic and elegant. It is very beautiful. The size of 32 mm is a more modest choice for modern women, making the watch more compact and exquisite, clean and elegant.

   The thickness of 10.69 mm is the normal thickness of a ladies’ mechanical watch. It is worth noting that the stainless steel case is polished and polished, showing an excellent texture, delicate and full, and very beautiful.

   In addition to diamonds and Roman numerals, the clear and intuitive design of the time indication is another feature of this watch. While improving the efficiency of viewing, it also gives the dial a fascinating and intoxicating.

   Equipped with automatic mechanical movement Powermatic 80, the travel time is accurate and the power reserve is 80 hours. The back of the watch is transparent, and through the transparent sapphire glass back cover, you can see the mechanical structure of the movement. The brand has specially polished the texture of the movement, looking more fashionable and interesting, beautiful and generous.

   White leather strap with a stainless steel folding clasp

   There is also a red belt, which is more flamboyant and gorgeous on the senses.

Summary: In addition to this classic 2016 star model, many new products in 2017 have also been sold on the shelf, including Baohuan series watch pairs, Duluer series chronograph models and sporty Tour de France models For selection. If you are planning to buy a watch recently, you may wish to take a look here.
More details:
   This quotation was collected on August 10, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
[Dealer Name]: Tissot Beijing Oriental Plaza Tissot Store
[Dealer Address]: AA03 Tissot Flagship Store, 1st Floor, Oriental Plaza, No. 1 East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-8518 1181 Please call us as a ‘watch home’ user

Nba Finals Shock Reversal Tissot Watches Share Basketball Events With You

On June 20th, the final game in the Oracle Stadium boiled, and hundreds of millions of spectators worldwide witnessed the birth of a miracle! The Cavaliers ended up at 4: 3 against the unstoppable Warriors this season with a 1: 3 backward situation. As a result, the Cavaliers broke the awkward record of 45 seasons in team history and never became the first professional team in Cleveland to win the championship in 52 years. ‘Emperor’ Loeb Long James did it, Owen did it, the Cavaliers did it! They finally won the first O’Brien Cup in Cavaliers history. This also means that the 15-16 season ended perfectly in a shocking reversal. As the first official timekeeping in NBA history, the famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot watch assisted this last battle with precise timekeeping, and brought pioneering timepieces to witness the birth of the championship with you.

The NBA Finals ended
Tissot watches meet basketball-helping NBA accurate timing
 For a long time, Tissot has controlled the decisive factor of time in many sports events. Among them, the cooperation with basketball attracts the most attention. How important is time to basketball? Look at the moments of fame for the superstars: McGrady’s 35 seconds and 13 minutes, Jordan’s finals in the final second of the century ‘one shot of the century’, Kobe’s 0.3 second riding and shooting heat. Great players and games always need to be remembered, and the fixed number in the timer is always a necessary condition for greatness. This season, the Tissot watch broke through history and was honored to be the first official timekeeper in NBA history. It has always ensured the smooth running of the game inside and outside the court, assisted the NBA with accurate timekeeping, and witnessed the Cavaliers’ championship moment with the fans!
 In the next 5 years, Tissot will continue to work with the three major leagues of the US professional basketball team (NBA, WNBA, NBA D-League) to provide fans with accurate timing experience, a variety of timepiece options and rich off-site activities We have a wonderful match experience. The most important of these is that starting from the 2016-2017 season, all 29 NBA venues will use the Tissot watch timer and use the Tissot watch’s new comprehensive timing system developed for the NBA. By then, the game timing will be more accurate, allowing The games you love are even more exciting!

Tissot timer will start in 2016-2017 season in 29 NBA venues
Tissot meets fans-sharing basketball passion with you
 As the NBA’s closest partner, Tissot has also prepared stylish basketball watches and unmissable basketball events for fans. This year Tissot has established a cooperative relationship with 11 NBA teams, and has designed a team-specific exclusive watch-the Tissot Porsche series of NBA special models. The four teams (Warriors, Thunder, Cavaliers, Raptors) in the East and West finals of this season are the cooperative teams of Tissot watches. They together presented a wonderful basketball feast for the fans. Outside the field, such a watch can not only add a sense of fashion, but also more importantly announce to the world your loyalty and support for the team.

Tissot Watch Series NBA Special
 In addition to watches with NBA elements, in order to let the majority of basketball fans feel the charm of accurate timekeeping, Tissot watches also bring more excitement to the passionate summer of fans. Tissot’s ‘Decisive Battle 24 Second Event’ will be launched in many cities across the country. Tissot watches NBA-themed roadshows have also been staged in various places. Legendary NBA players will also be present. They will share with basketball fans their Stories, and teach in-person skills. In addition, the most anticipated annual NBA China game will also be staged in October. Tissot will give full support to this China game, creating closer and more comprehensive viewing for the fans. Experience and share the passion of basketball with basketball lovers!

Tissot Summer Basketball Event
Technical Parameters

Tissot Series NBA Cavaliers Special RMB 3,050

-Swiss-made quartz movement
-316L stainless steel case, silk-screened glass case back and official team logo
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
-Special team color Nato strap with standard buckle
-Table diameter: 42mm * 42mm

Rihana Wears Chopard To Attend The 4th Annual Clara Lionel Foundation Diamond Ball

On September 13th, at the 4th Annual Clara Lionel Foundation Diamond Ball, Rihanna graced with a white lace dress Unveiled, an 18K white gold diamond earring from the L’Heure du Diamant series outlines the wonderful scene in the Yingying curlers.

 Another earring set with 50-carat D-flawless brilliant-cut round diamonds and a ring with 20-carat D-flawless cushion-cut diamonds echo each other, shining with the mysterious watch with diamonds on the wrist The light reveals Rihanna’s unique grace and grace. These three jewellery watches are from Chopard’s ‘Kalahari Garden’ collection and are made of ‘fair mining’ certified 18K white gold.