Glashütte Navigator Worldview Watch

In the 1920s, flying was in the enlightenment stage. European countries and other regions have paid attention to and seriously developed this mode of transportation. If they can fly, the world will no longer appear alienated, and it is full of endless development opportunities. So the inventors and pioneers kept testing the limits of existing technology at the time, hoping to apply the results to exploring territories or commercial uses. Germany is very active in developing aviation, and even established civil aviation routes from Berlin to Moscow, Beijing and Shanghai.
    Of course, the definition of flight schedules and transfers at that time could not be compared with modern ones. Due to technology and equipment limitations, the pilots at that time might have to be maintenance technicians, navigators, photographers, and even draw maps to decide flight. route. Simply put, the pilot is an out-and-out explorer.
    Watches are the most important piece of equipment for pilots. The most important requirement when designing a flight watch is its size. It must be worn outside a heavy flight jacket, and it must be highly legible. It is best to read it day and night in order to make the flight direction and The distance is as correct as possible.
Navigator Worldview
    Glashütte presents you with the Navigator Worldview, a commemoration of the adventurous explorers, their time, and their noble adventures. It has the appearance elements of the 20th Century Vintage series, with adjustable world time zone city name ring, which can easily define the time in different time zones. The oversized time scale provides ideal legibility, and there is Grasso at 6 o’clock Tee’s proudly large calendar window allows the wearer to fully grasp the decisive moment.

The scale, hour and second hands on the dial are coated with a white luminous coating, which can read the time in low-light environments
    The sapphire crystal caseback reveals the beauty of the 39-47 movement, the 21K gold skeletonized automatic plate, the gooseneck-type precision trimming device, and the Glashütte corrugated 3/4 splint. This is an extraordinary and outstanding work; it is also Glashütte A model of high-quality watchmaking. In addition, Navigator Worldview is also an ideal equipment for adventurers with its sports performance and solid design; at the same time, it also allows people from all over the world to have the world at a glance at their wrists. Although flying may already be part of our daily lives, it still retains the excitement we should never lose when we discover the New World.