Pavonina & Seventies Glashütte 2013 Qixi Festival Romantic Recommendation

Qixi Festival is approaching. The stars in the night sky seem to be jumping up, looking forward to the romantic moment where the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl meet. Glashütte recommends men’s and women’s watches at this time. It perfectly blends the elegant temperament of the new women’s watch series Pavonina with the gentleman’s gentleman of the 1970s. Its dial symbolizes the dark night, the silver timepieces of men’s watches and women’s watches. The diamond time scales reflect each other, such as the stars that dot the night, and present a low-key and luxurious beautiful love together in this romantic festival.


 Pavonina-derived from the Latin word pavoninus, meaning ‘peacock’, blooming in dazzling colors and eye-catching brilliance. This elegant 31 x 31 mm timepiece uses a simple and extraordinary stainless steel case. The pillow-shaped case is like a mirror. The slightly changed shape is pleasing to the eye, with a delicate guilloche pattern in the center of the dial. At 6 o’clock, there is also a date window. According to the case, fine hands made of stainless steel are used to indicate the time.

 All watches in the Pavonina collection are equipped with Calibre 03-01 quartz movements for absolute precision and user-friendly comfort. Its innovative features provide three times the protection of standard anti-magnetism, protecting this sensitive mechanism from the interference of modern mobile electronic devices, thereby enhancing the quality of the watch. The plating is decorated with Glashütte’s signature threads. The polished case back provides plenty of space for personalized engraving and personal inscriptions.


 The 1970s calendar models have significant 1970s features. Cushion-shaped steel casing is a typical design of the seventies. German silver ruthenium-plated dial with sun print. The scale and pointer are white. The arched sapphire crystal case fits the wrist better. The finely polished stainless steel case and strap give the wearer a unique and retro look and feel.

 The exquisite four-link bracelet fits the wrist of the wearer. The double G logo is both a strap buckle and an 8mm trimmer. Glashütte’s innovative fine-tuning device provides the wearer with an excellent wearing experience.

 The movement model of the 1970s calendar watch is a 39-47 self-winding movement. Designed and manufactured by Glashütte Original.