Enamel Watch Forbidden Secret Art

Although translucent, reeling, filling, micro-painting and other enamel production technologies have their own corresponding standard processes, if they are practiced lively, each brand or different enamel production The masters have their own ‘mysteries’, and they are not passed on. This is why we can find enamel watches made by the same process on the market. There are always subtle differences between different brands that can only be understood. .

Athenian ‘Saddam Attack’ watch made of filigree enamel.
Filament enamel
Chinese ‘掐 丝’ means ‘separation’ in French, that is, the use of curved gold lines to separate color blocks of various colors and merge the color blocks into a design pattern. Take the filigree enamel process of the Athens watch as an example, each of its delicate filigree enamel dials has been processed through 54 processes, including 12 firings and lengthy man-hours.

Cartier Rotonde de Cartier watch made of translucent enamel.
[Concise firing process]
Design the outline of the pattern on the dial or paper, and manually bend the gold wire with a width of only 0.07 mm into the design pattern to outline the outline and divide the area; then choose a color for each area to shape the desired effect; then use plant glue Fix the gold wire on the surface, then bake it in an enamel oven at 700-800 degrees Celsius, and the glue will solidify. After the gold wire is fixed, only 1 mm is exposed on the surface. Next, the goose feather tube is dipped in enamel pigment to paint the surface. The pigment must be colored slowly to form a suitable thickness to achieve the desired hue; each silk enamel The dial needs to be coated with 5 layers of enamel pigment, which means that after the color block is colored, it needs to be baked 5 times before it can be polished; the final process is to drill holes in the brand logo and time mark on the dial.

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Extraordinary Butterflies watch with enamel technology.
Translucent enamel
The translucent hollow enamel technique, as an interpretation of the silk enamel, is a masterpiece of art drawn on a translucent bottom plate. It was popular in the French royal family in the 14th century and was highly sought after. During the Art Nouveau period, a large number of jewellery decorated with metal-free bottom enamel appeared. This process was then called ‘translucent hollow enamel’. Such as this year’s S.I.H.H. Upper Cartier uses a Rotonde de Cartier translucent enamel watch to reflect the light and dark effects through gradient colors, so that the colors of the sky and clouds in the pattern appear clear and bright at any time and place, shining with stars dotted with silver foil. Then observe the back of the white polar bear, and the ice floes on the head and feet in turn. The arrangement of gradient colors gives the pattern a sense of layering, creating a unique light and shadow effect.

Filament is the use of curved gold wires to separate color blocks of various colors
[Concise firing process]
First carved out the bear-shaped pattern on the dial, smashed the enamel blocks purely to increase the density; the translucent hollow enamel dial after filling and firing the enamel, because it does not need the bottom embryo like other enamel crafts, Therefore, the enamel discs are transparent and bright. Finally, the enamel master will add silver foil to the translucent enamel dial to create the starry effect of the Arctic night sky.

Micropainted enamel is the most difficult enamel technique
Filled enamel
The enamel filling process with exquisite carving skills and harmonious and pleasing color combinations always brings us new surprises. It is made by engraving a metal embryo into a predetermined pattern, and then filling the cavity with enamel and then firing it. Unlike the extremely delicate and exquisite style expressed by the silk enamel process, the infill enamel can express the coordination of large colors and large composition, and its style is more atmospheric.
[Concise firing process]
Filled enamel is often applied in completely different colors in different segments, so during the firing process, it is necessary to process the enamel block with a high melting point, and then fill in the enamel block with a lower melting point in sequence, and then burn it multiple times. The system can be formed. On the infilled enamel dial that is almost finished, you can see the effect similar to the smudge in ink painting.
Micro-painted enamel
As the most difficult enamel technique, most of the micro-painted enamels are reduced original famous paintings to miniature versions that match the dial proportions. The dial or case is used as ‘cloth’ and enamel is used as ‘paint’ for creation. This requires that the enamel master must not only have the top level of enamel firing technology, but also have a strong aesthetic foundation first-and because of the genre category of watch creation, this requires that every master of micro-painting enamel can master it at the same time There are many painting techniques in East and West, and the requirements are too high.
[Concise firing process]
First, the large-scale painting will be reduced to complete the harmonious and unified disk design with the watch. The whole is printed into a pattern many times larger than the standard watch, which is convenient for the master of enamel painting to copy and grasp the proportion. In order to make the case back case resistant to high temperature during the firing process, the bottom case should be covered with a layer of anti-deformation enamel glaze, and then the surface should be coated with several layers of white enamel glaze, and then the drawing is started. The enamel master used a sable single brush to paint several layers of colored enamel with delicate strokes to draw a delicate pattern. The last step is to apply several layers of colorless transparent glaze to enhance the three-dimensional impression of the pattern.

Buy Cartier Watches In Europe Share

Cartier has set a new historical record in terms of 11 years of sales, so it has stopped supplying in January. The European public price rose on 2.1, and it took turns in March, and shipment began on 4.1. For Cartier, the delivery year is from April 1st to 3.31th of the following year. The low season of each year is from July to August, this is a traditional European holiday. During this period, basically no one went to work, and they took their families to travel around the world. According to the sales statistics in the first half of the year, Cartier raised the public price by 3% on the 7.1 day. This time is a more suitable time for traveling to Europe.

 basic introduction

 We go to Europe for watch brands. Generally speaking, according to visas, Chinese people either enter France or Germany. Depending on your country of entry and travel route, you need to make your purchase plan. Generally speaking, Paris is the best Cartier purchase place I know so far. In Germany, it is difficult to have a satisfactory price because of the national personality and the system of the watch, so it is not recommended to buy Cartier. In addition to Glashütte and Lange, the brand that can be purchased in Germany is that NOMOS. Germany is also a good place for friends who want to buy Panerai. Many times the kind of Chinese like 000 005 111 can indeed be bought from stock.

 Watch brand When we come to the beautiful Paris, in addition to the attractions set in our travel time, it is shopping time. At this time, generally go to Galeries Lafayette or Paris spring department store. There is a Cartier counter here. Generally speaking, many elderly tourists complete the orders of their children or relatives and friends to buy Cartier watches. Here, the tax bills of the two largest tax refund companies in Europe are used, so the cash refund percentages are relatively Less, only 10.8%, according to the French tax rate is 19.6% refund, in addition to the case of non-refundable consumption tax, generally can be refunded 16%, this difference is part of the tax refund companies and merchants earned in the form of fees . Galeries Lafayette and Paris Spring will have a guide commission of 10%, so this is also one of the costs paid by tourists. So it can be seen that buying goods here is not a wise choice.

 At this time free time, we can go to the surrounding watch shops. Cartier authorized watch shops all over Paris. Some of them use CERFA’s tax forms. The percentage of this tax refund company is relatively high. Not every line can apply for the tax refund qualification of this company. Generally they can retreat to 16%. In the past, there were tables and refunds for full tax refunds, but now due to changes in the French tax refund policy, most of the watches and bills are generally unwilling to be refunded.

 Watch brand watch line selection

    Watch online media according to Cartier’s public price, Europe should be unified, but Spain and Italy will be different, there is no difference in French public price. Therefore, the public price is the same in any table row. For Cartier agents in general, the discounts for tourists are similar. In Paris, the large-scale agency tables I often contact include DUBAIL, CASTY, HEURGON, ELYSEES, and WEMPE. Because chain stores are bullying customers, discounts and tax refunds are not ideal, so it is not recommended for everyone to visit.

 Generally speaking, DUBAIL has a complete range of goods, and next door is Cartier’s specialty store in Vendome. So generally difficult to find styles can be seen here. A Chinese-speaking sales clerk is now added to the store. Generally, he can provide services through him without resting or having lunch. There is also a Korean female salesperson named SUNNY. In general, the discounts given by these two people are relatively good. Generally speaking, 85% rebate tax is 16%.

 Not far from DUBAIL is the CASTY watch line, here is also the first choice for many individual customers to buy Cartier, a young man in the store. Two old ladies, one is the boss, and the other is a senior salesperson. If they meet Chinese customers, they will call the Chinese employees in the upper office to receive them. At least I encountered a situation where the discount for individual customers was a 69% discount on the public price after tax refund.

 HEURGON is a watch store opposite the Hermès main store. The door face is relatively small. In the past, business was not very good. Wenzhou people in Paris like to buy this watch store. Discounts are sometimes ideal, but popular models are out of stock. There is also a specialty store for MONCLER down jackets nearby. Generally, new ones will be available in August. It is a must-go specialty store. Compared with the domestic sales this winter, MONCLER is indeed much cheaper.

 The watch brand finally talked about ELYSEES SHOPPING opposite the Champs-Elysees LV headquarters. This is Cartier’s number one sales agency in France. There are two stores, one is a watch, the other is jewelry and leather goods, lighter perfume cosmetics, etc. . There are many brand agencies in this company. Many brands except Rolex have it. Friends who like VC, Breguet, Breitling, IWC, CHOPRAD, can pay more attention.

 Departure tax refund

 When we leave the EU country and return home, we have to go to the airport customs tax refund and knock. Remember here not to check in advance the things that need to be refunded, to the customs for inspection. After the stamp is stamped, if you have already withdrawn cash in the urban area, you need to send the first copy of the tax bill at this time. GLOBAL BLUE is blue. Premier is a pink affiliate. CERFA is the first unit of pink. If you do not use cash as a guarantee to withdraw cash, you must not send the first copy. You can withdraw cash directly from the airport bank window. If you do n’t have time, you can go back to China to pick up the ICBC Shanghai branch at the Bund in Shanghai, or pick it up from the ICBC counter at Terminal 2 in Pudong. The situation in Beijing is unknown.
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Three New Watches Presented By Blancpain For The New Year

In order to welcome the coming 2012, Blancpain presents three new watches for the New Year, including the Chinese Dragon Limited Edition Caruso Watch, ‘Octopus’ Rainbow Jewellery Tourbillon Set And Chinese Red Women’s Lotus Watch.

Chinese Dragon Limited Edition Caruso Watch
 Introduced specifically for the upcoming Chinese Lunar Year of the Dragon, 43.5mm red gold case, Qiankun Caruso yin and yang dial, and a gold torus on the case back is engraved with a dragon totem pattern. Equipped with Cal.225 automatic Carrussel movement, this movement consists of 262 parts. Power reserve reaches 100 hours. Limited to 50 pieces worldwide, each case is engraved with a limited number.

& ldquo; Octopus & rdquo; Rainbow Jewellery Tourbillon Case
 This limited-edition collection is housed in an art-like collection box inspired by the shape of a mechanical oscillating weight, displaying five top-quality jewellery tourbillon watches made by highly skilled watchmakers. . The watch is dazzling. The dial is embedded with more than 150 natural colored diamonds. Among them, the setting of the diamonds has been cleverly calculated and the most unique setting method is used: the diamond is set into the groove of the dial from the bottom. Promote the absolute plane of the dial to be on the same plane as the diamond. After the diamond is set in those grooves, the diamond is supported by some small beads so that it does not fall off, and the gap between the diamond and the dial is already less than 0.01 mm. There is a tourbillon at 12 o’clock and a large calendar display at 6 o’clock. Through the transparent case back, you can admire the PT950 movement. Comes with a white strap.

Chinese Red Women’s Lotus Watch
 This women’s watch collection series designed and released for the Asian market has an extremely bold and avant-garde edge design. The double-layer bezel is inlaid with two rows of diamonds. The mother-of-pearl dial with guilloche trim is simple and fresh. Decorated with patterns, the outer layer of the lotus pattern is decorated with eye-catching Arabic numerals, with hours, minutes, seconds and date display functions. The date is displayed at 6 o’clock. The sapphire crystal transparent case back provides a glimpse of the self-winding Cal. 1150 movement, which consists of 188 parts. Comes with red silk ribbon. Limited to 138 worldwide.

What Exactly Is A ‘german Small Fresh’ Nomos Tells You

NOMOS, as a rising trend among German watchmaking brands, has been recognized and accepted by more and more people. The watch circle even hangs a wave of ‘small freshness’ led by NOMOS. What is the charm of the ‘small fresh’ wind represented by NOMOS? Today, the Watch House introduces three watches from the three series of NOMOS, let’s look down together.
NOMOS 33 series 244

Product Model: 244
Domestic public price: 12800
Watch diameter: 32.8 mm
Case thickness: 6.5 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Movement model: Alpha (Alpha)
Case material: stainless steel, 316L high-grade hard stainless steel, highly polished
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: The 244 watch continues the classic look of the 33 series, with a round stainless steel three-piece case and a suede strap. White plated silver dial with hands made of blued steel hands. At 6 o’clock, a small seconds dial is set, and the time scale is selected in simple Latin. The whole presents a simple, small and fresh style. When it comes to NOMOS, some people have the impression that it is ‘simple’ and ‘German-style rigorous’. More people think that its overall style is very consistent with ‘freshness’. In my opinion, this is the unique ‘ethics’ created by NOMOS Small and fresh. ‘
NOMOS gold watch series 931

Product Model: 931
Domestic public price: 139800
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Movement model: DUW 1001
Case material: 18k white gold
Watch details: NEOMATIK series 421

Product Model: 421
Watch diameter: 33 mm
Case thickness: 7.2 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 3001
Case material: Stainless steel
Details of the model: The 421 watch has a square dial design, followed by a cyan blue minute time scale after the Arabic numeral time scale for added detail. The small seconds at 6 o’clock uses orange-red to add more vitality to the entire watch. The black horse leather strap is hand-stitched and hemmed. The overall masculine but vitality feel. ‘Who says tough guys can’t sell cute’, this is probably the way to present it.
Summary: As a German watch, NOMOS has the rigor and detail of German craftsmanship, but from the overall style and design point of view, NOMOS has this vitality beyond the brand of history. NOMOS insists on and adheres to the bright design style. All NOMOS watches use manual winding movements, and the requirements for watchmaking technology are even higher. Under the prevailing trend of fast fashion, insisting on ‘slow work and careful work’ in the process is NOMOS’s requirements for its own quality, which also includes the Germans’ attention to detail control. It is indeed ‘Made in Germany’.

Masters Blue Cobra ‘spirit Of Competition’ Limited Edition Watch

Tough quality of the watch
‘Don’t let anyone stand in the way of your dreams.’-Carol Shelby

    The Caplan series Shelby® Cobra watch expresses the extraordinary perseverance of relentless pursuit of dreams, symbolizes the tenacity of the extraordinary team, and carries the unique aesthetics and precision quality of Baume & Mercier for over a century.
    Inspired by the outstanding performance of Cobra racing, this watch is equipped with a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement with precise quality to meet the most stringent standards. The caseback is engraved with the name of the series and the words ‘one out of 1963’ (limited edition of 1963), commemorating the year when Cobra Cobra won the top spot in the US Championship. The sapphire crystal case back is engraved with the CSX2128 car’s proud racing number ‘N ° 15’ and pays tribute to this car. The new Kaplan Shelby® Cobra watch stands out.

    Extraordinary performance requires a striking shape. Whether it’s a 44mm polished / satin-finished stainless steel model or a black stainless steel ADLC-coated all-steel model, it’s extraordinary.
    The asymmetric chronograph is reminiscent of Cobra’s iconic dashboard. The black dial and tonal horizontal racing lines and steering wheel shaped hands further highlight the racing characteristics of the watch. The second hand of the watch is engraved with the Cobra Cobra racing logo, symbolizing the relentless pursuit of speed. The speedometer scale used to measure the speed of the race surrounds the bezel, highlighting the racing aesthetics of the watch. The green luminous display and anti-reflective dial ensure clear and convenient reading.

   The unique chronograph is equipped with a yellow rubber-lined black crocodile leather strap or a black vulcanized rubber strap with a triple folding safety buckle, made of racing tire materials.
    Each Kaplan Shelby® Cobra chronograph symbolizes the extraordinary power and legend of Cobra racing.
    For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva: