Breaking Magnetic Circle: Ball Watch Engineer Ii Magneto S

Designing a retractable blade device like a camera shutter is not just a fun design for Ball Watch’s Engineer II Magneto S, it is also a future indicator of the new generation of antimagnetic technology for watches and clocks.
   There are many external reasons for the failure of watches and clocks. The intrusion of water, dust, impacts, and corrosive substances can easily damage the structure of watches and clocks. Therefore, from the moment the watch was invented, watchmakers began to invent various protection mechanisms to counteract these factors that damage the structure of the watch. With the change of people’s life style and environment, the factors that cause the damage of watches and clocks are also different. For example, the ubiquitous ‘magnetic force’ generated by electrical devices is the main reason for the accurate operation of watches and clocks in modern life.
   In the past, when electromagnetic waves did not have a comprehensive impact on people’s lives, only a few clocks and watches dedicated to professional fields would be equipped with anti-magnetic facilities.
   In the past, when electromagnetic waves did not have a comprehensive impact on people’s lives, only a few clocks and watches dedicated to professional fields would be equipped with anti-magnetic facilities. Moreover, compared to the already developed quite mature waterproof and dustproof, or shock-absorbing devices, the design of clock antimagnetic devices is much simpler. Usually a soft iron inner cover and a soft iron ring around the perimeter of the movement are used to prevent external magnetic fields from entering the movement. Most anti-magnetic watches today still use such anti-magnetic devices. According to Ball Watch’s self-test results, the effectiveness of this anti-magnetic device can reach 12,000 A / m, which is already higher than the 4,800 A / m standard recognized by the Swiss watch industry. However, for the Ball Watch, there is obviously room for further upgrades in this design, so in 2014 this Engineer II Magneto S with a new anti-magnetic mechanism was launched.
   Engineer II Magneto S, stainless steel case, 42 mm diameter, hours, minutes, seconds and date, BALL RR1103-CSL automatic movement, patented ‘SpringLOCK®’ anti-vibration system, patented A-PROOF® anti-magnetic device (Rotary outer ring control switch, magnetic resistance up to 80,000A / m), 15 self-luminous miniature gas lamps inlaid on the hour, minute, second hand and surface, passed 5,000Gs impact test, screw-in crown, sapphire crystal, Bottom cover, waterproof to 100 meters, certified by Swiss Observatory (COSC), Cordura high-strength nylon cloth strap with pin buckle.
   The new anti-magnetic device A-PROOF® developed by Ball Watch improves the traditional anti-magnetic mechanism of clocks from two aspects of material and structure. Among them, the mechanical structure should be the most impressive part of the Engineer II Magneto S watch. The Ball Watch abandons the traditional design of a sealed movement ring and a soft iron cover, and uses a retractable blade design of the camera aperture. The wearer can rotate the outer ring of the bezel as required to open or close the anti-magnetic device. When the anti-magnetic device is completely closed, the movement can be completely blocked from the external magnetic field.
   The new anti-magnetic device A-PROOF® developed by Ball Watch, abandons the traditional design of the sealed movement ring and soft iron cover, and uses the retractable blade design of the camera aperture. The wearer can rotate the outer ring of the bezel according to the needs. The anti-magnetic device is opened or closed.
   Of course, the former question is that the wearer must really know the strength of the electromagnetic wave in the environment, and can timely gather the anti-magnetic device to protect the movement. The advantage is that when wearing this watch to enjoy the movement, as long as the anti-magnetic device is opened, you can enjoy the full view of the movement through the transparent back cover, without having to sacrifice the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the movement for the anti-magnetic function. However, the reason why the anti-magnetic effect of the telescopic blade type magnetic shield is better than the traditional sealed soft iron cover, the answer lies in the material used for this telescopic blade. According to the information provided by Ball Watch, Engineer II Magneto S provides a magnetic protection capacity of up to 80,000 A / m, which is 6 times that of general antimagnetic watches. The key is that the A-PROOF® anti-magnetic device uses a high-permeability material called Mumetal. This nickel alloy composed of metals such as nickel, iron, copper and molybdenum has excellent magnetic permeability and is generally used in industry. , Scientific research, or high-tech field manufacturing of magnetic shielding, can provide more ideal anti-magnetic effect than the soft iron material generally used.
   Engineer II Magneto S uses the self-luminous micro-krypton lamp luminous system proud of Ball Watch to ensure the readability of the watch in the dark.
   In addition to the new generation of anti-magnetic technology, Engineer II Magneto S also specially applies the previously developed SpringLOCK® ‘gossip lock’ anti-collision technology to this new watch, which can absorb 66% of the impact when an instant impact occurs. Force. At the same time, in the hands and time scales, the self-luminous micro-krypton lamp night light system proud of Ball Watch is used to ensure the readability of the watch in the dark. It is also equipped with a screw-down crown and anti-glare sapphire crystal, which is water-resistant to 100 meters, and can pass the 5,000 Gs impact test to fully demonstrate the watch’s practicality. With its strong technical force, Ball Watch has once again written a new page in the technical field of watches.

Glashütte Original New Annual Limited Edition: Sixties Sixties Watch And Sixties Panorama Date 60s Big Calendar Watch

The Sixties 60s collection subtly blends the legendary 1960s design with Glashütte watchmaking art heritage from 1845. Bright and vigorous, full of vitality, pay tribute to the present and praise the times. Since 2018, this popular series has added an annual limited edition for the first time. Once it was released, it was amazing. The fascinating green watch set off a wave of pursuit among watch fans and design fans around the world. Today, Glashütte Original’s original recast masterpiece continues to be successful: the 2019 limited edition, this German watch brand chose to create a new Sixties 60s watch and SixtiesPanoramaDate 60s big calendar watch in gradient orange.

   The new model adopts an extraordinary gradient effect dial, which is also like the origin of the name of the watch in the ’60s’-shining and ups and downs. The world in the 1960s was undergoing tremendous changes at an alarming rate: visionaries are more courageous, freedom has never been seen before, and bold ideas have sprung up across the board-art, culture, politics, society, all fields, passionate , Unprecedented glory. Today, this ups and downs of the decade is still an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists, designers and musicians-Glashütte Original’s original watchmakers are no exception.

Superb workmanship, unique style

   The new Orange Sixties 1960s and SixtiesPanoramaDate 60s large calendar watch highlight the collection’s distinctive retro fashion personality. The appearance of the watch inherits the iconic curved design of this series, from the dial and hands to the double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass mirror, which all reflect this distinctive feature. Arabic numerals, diamond-cut hour markers, hand-embedded hour markers, and Super-LumiNova luminous hands are all harmonious embellishments.

   Unique and stylish-this is not only reflected in the details, but also a reflection of the overall style of the dial. From the center to the edges, from golden yellow to fiery orange, red, and then to the outermost black-the delicate color gradations slowly spread out on the curved dial, naturally smooth. The resulting dial makes people feel warm and lively, full of vitality. The realization of this fascinating combination of gradients can be attributed to the experts at Glashütte Original’s original Pforzheim dial factory.

   After giving the dial a golden hue through an electroplating process, the dialmaker will carefully apply layers of red and black paint. This exquisite craftsmanship finally creates a unique color gradient effect that makes each dial unique. The final step is to heat the dial in a kiln to fix the color.

Long history and legend

   The charm of the Sixties watch is not limited to the uniqueness in color, but also the appearance and decoration are extraordinary. The bas-relief pattern is created using original tools and craftsmanship from the 1960s. Each dial embryo needs to be embossed by a 60-ton press. This is the process used by the Pforzheim Dial Factory that year. During the 1960s, cross-regional cooperation also enabled Pforzheim to supply Glashütte with dials for Spezimatic. This partnership began more than 50 years ago and reached its peak when the dial factory merged with Glashütte Original in 2012. Today, its creative spirit has once again played a decisive role in the development of the Sixties series-each unique dial is a clear example.

   The new model is equipped with the self-winding movements of the brand’s homemade 39-52 (Sixties 1960s) and 39-47 (SixtiesPanoramaDate 1960s). The movement independently developed by the brand is housed in a polished stainless steel case. The diameter of the three-hand Sixties 1960s case is 39 mm, and the diameter of the Large Date model is 42 mm. The brown Louisiana crocodile leather strap with pin buckle brings the dial’s retro design into one go. The 2019 Limited Editions of the Sixties and SixtiesPanoramaDate 60s Grand Calendar watches are only available for a limited time only through Glashütte Original boutiques and select authorized retailers around the world.

Every Appointment Needs To Be Prepared Carefully

To maintain a sense of freshness in life, sometimes it is necessary to start with a date, meet with lovers, meet with girlfriends, meet with old friends, and meet with loved ones. Dating is like a strange time and space. Point, always brings us some joy and expectation. Every date, we need to prepare carefully, decorate the makeup, choose the matching clothing and accessories in advance, choose the most suitable lip gloss color, and pack the necessary essential makeup with you. Well, everything looks beautiful and natural. Of course, there is also an exquisite watch, and you don’t have to dig your phone every time. Jaeger-LeCoultre is specially designed for women and launched exciting dating series models. In 2017, Jaeger-LeCoultre dating series added a number of watches, with romantic colors and precious materials, reflecting the excitement and uniqueness of high-end ladies’ watches. The moon phase watch is full of romanticism, noble and elegant, and intoxicating (model: 3572120).

   In 2012, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched its first dating series, applauding the beauty of women, creating exclusive luxury watches for women, combining elegance and quality, and presenting an independent and individual feminine style. For this reason, Jaeger-LeCoultre has made unremitting efforts to design new models for women every year. In 2017, the Jaeger-LeCoultre date series not only added regular models, but also large-sized versions, as well as unusual moon and moon watches. paragraph. The new moon phase watch, a new member of the dating series, has a specially crafted version of a metal bracelet and a leather strap.
Born for women for dating

Jaeger-LeCoultre Date Moon Phase Watch (34 mm diameter)
  Since ancient times, the moon’s gloomy sky has always made people think about it. As a carrier that once represented the highest scientific achievements and astronomical philosophy, in the era of clocks, watchmakers concentrated the orbit of the moon in clocks. The birth of the watch promoted the further miniaturization of this device, with just a glance, the moon’s thousands of manners are in the dial.

18K Rose Gold Case
   The Jaeger-LeCoultre date series moon phase watch is made of 18K rose gold material, with a lustrous color that complements the feminine color. The case is specially treated to bring the beautiful visual enjoyment of high-end watches, luxurious, unique, meticulous and noble.

Moderate thickness
   The traditional three-layer case structure is still used. The upper part is the bezel and sapphire glass. The middle part is an 18K rose gold case, which is connected to the lugs. The bottom is a transparent back cover. The overall thickness of the case is less than 10 millimeters, and it is worn appropriately between the wrists and is very decent.

Diamond-set bezel (if the crown should be more beautiful with diamonds)
   At the same time, the bezel is set with 60 diamonds, shining and shining like stars. Women’s watches should be embellished with diamonds, highlighting the beautiful light, diamonds have a natural appeal to women, this kind of crystal gems derived from nature, symbolizing precious value and exquisite natural choice.
Exquisite face wonderful core

Large moon phase display window

The precise moon phase has only one day of error in 985
   Take a close look at the dial-the most exquisite face on this watch. Unlike most watches, it has a large moon phase window beyond the usual, with a golden ‘moon’ at the bottom. With its precise and excellent mechanical technology, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s moon phases can reach an error of only one day in 985 years. This is far beyond the precision of the one-day error of 122 years of the average precise moon phase, which is incredible.

Blue steel hands
   The center of the dial is engraved to show a concise geometric structure, which is perfectly connected with the moon phase baffle lines. The center is equipped with three blue steel hands, and the hour and minute hands use the classic sword-shaped design to accurately indicate each moment.

18K Rose Gold Bracelet

Hidden buckle
   The softness and luxury of the watch are also reflected in the specially crafted 18K rose gold bracelet. Each link of the five-row metal bracelet is full of curvature, providing a comfortable wearing feel and a soft visual experience. The metal chain provides the wearer with an excellent soft texture and is very breathable, as gorgeous as a bracelet. The bracelet is connected with a hidden butterfly buckle, which is different from the previous double-button type. Its button is located in the middle, so it is integrated with the bracelet.

Built-in self-winding mechanical movement
   The precious watch is worthy of polishing with superb craftsmanship and outstanding Swiss watchmaking. The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement 935A made by Jaeger-LeCoultre. As can be seen from the back, the movement has outstanding The polishing process, the hollow automatic rotor after the new replacement, is made of rose gold, and it has shown hundreds of thousands of revolutions, showing the exquisite quality of Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking.

Summary: Dating requires careful preparation, and only a watch made with heart can satisfy the discerning mood when going to an appointment. The Jaeger-LeCoultre date moon phase watch combines gorgeous materials and romantic design, and time quietly flows between women’s wrists. This is also a game Date with time.