For the trapeze who often travels across time zones, the thing that gives them the most headache is not to convert the local time difference. The busy business work adds the trivial things in life to make people cope. It’s a headache. If you have a watch that can display dual time zones, you can easily deal with this annoying thing at this time. Today we bring to you the Blancpain Villeret series 6661-1531-55B dual time zone wrist. Table brief comment.

 This watch has a classic round case design. The hour dial on the white dial is filled with literary ancient Roman numerals. The 42 mm diameter is a modest size for men’s watches. The 18K white gold case does not. Seems too ostentatious without losing the status symbol.

 This watch under the classic round case design looks a little complicated at first glance, because the entire white dial has more functions. The second time zone dial at twelve o’clock, located at four At the o’clock position is the date and time zone switching small dial. It is worth mentioning that this watch has a power reserve of 192 hours, which is 8 days. Located at 6 o’clock is a small date display window. The small dial at 9 o’clock is more interesting. It is a small dial used to display day or night to easily grasp the current time zone time zone.

 This watch with more functions is still more reasonable in terms of dial layout and will not appear cluttered. For the reading of each small dial, it can basically guarantee the interference-free reading.
 The Blancpain watch from 1735 has always inherited the concept of making only mechanical watches. Since the establishment of the watch factory, it has never produced a watch with a quartz movement. This has also become a difference between Blancpain and other watch manufacturers. And Blancpain has stated that this purpose will be carried to the end and will never change!
 A watch with such complex functions can actually complete various adjustments through a crown, and Blancpain has also introduced a single-button chronograph watch, which shows that Blancpain has the ability to manufacture and master complex movements. Strong, it is worthy to be known as the world’s most complex and most versatile manual mechanical watch factory.
 This watch adopts the classic style of white dial with black alligator leather, and the lining is made of beige alzave calfskin, which is more resistant to dirt. This can not be easily revealed for ordinary small sweat stains. The utilization rate, the replacement price of such a crocodile leather strap is generally above 2,000 yuan.
 The thickness of 13.65 millimeters makes this watch look slightly thicker. I tried it on during the shooting and did not feel the pressure on the wrist.

The simple and elegant 18K white gold buckle guarantees both quickness and safety after wearing.
 The smooth round case is made of 18K white gold, and the short lugs and the case will not look too obtrusive. The distance between the two lugs is 23.00 mm.

Willow leaf-shaped hands mostly appear in some models full of artistic flavor, because its elegant shape is inevitably associated with literature and art, this willow-shaped hand also uses a hollow design in the middle, it is even more icing on the cake.
 The very interesting ‘day and night’ indicates the small dial, which uses a pictographic radiant sun during the day, and the moon and stars at night, so that you can grasp the current time zone time zone even in a dark environment. Unfortunately, this watch does not have a luminous function.
 Below the twelve o’clock position is the second time zone dial that business people are most concerned about. With it, you can easily grasp the time in the second time zone. If Maradona wears this watch, we will open it in the future on public occasions. You won’t see him wearing two watches, this feature can easily solve the business people’s trouble of converting time differences across time zones.
 This watch uses the Blancpain 5235DF automatic mechanical movement. The entire movement is composed of up to 324 parts and 36 gems. It can provide a power reserve of up to 8 days, a water resistance of 30 meters, and a second Functions such as time zone and day and night display belong to the ultra-long power complex watch movement.

Summary: If you are a high-end business person, having a watch with dual time zone function will help you a lot, and this Blancpain Villeret series 6661-1531-55B dual time zone watch is currently in China The price is RMB 337,000. With the brand recognition and solid workmanship of Blancpain watches, and dual time zone, day and night display, power reserve display, and other functions, the price of 330,000 can buy a Blancpain platinum Complex watches are still very good value.
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