The most romantic love stories are always new, but full of surprises. Like art, women who are good at subtly transfiguring, perfected this rare and valuable skill. Women can sometimes transform into a girl with a thousand faces by simply changing their hairstyles, matching new clothes, or embellishing accessories. The same goes for snakes in the animal world. It has always been a symbol of endlessness, peeling off the skin and reborn, just like the charming charm of the BVLGARI Serpenti watch advancing with the times.

Bulgari BVLGARI reinterprets the image of the snake in hundreds of ways. The perfect spark of goldsmith craftsmanship and high-end jewellery re-transcends the limit of the world and re-interprets the eternal source of vitality of Serpenti watches. It is made of colorful leather. The ring strap, mysterious and exotic, is self-evident.

Bvlgari continues to compose the wonderful legend of the Serpenti watch series, inheriting the consistent natural style and inheriting its classic elements. The strap is made of Karung, a non-toxic water snake leather. Its flat and soft leather has a touch between The middle of lizard skin or other more common snakeskin is precious and rare, naturally original and uniquely limited. The rigorous tanning treatment makes the leather feel extremely comfortable and enjoys an unparalleled, soft and smooth comfortable wearing feeling. The color of the leather surface is dyed with natural dyes, showing a lively and bright hue, which perfectly reflects the face plate, and the bright patent leather exudes an exquisite and delicate luster.

The strap of the Bvlgari Serpenti watch series is made of Karung, a non-toxic water snake leather. Its flat and soft leather feels between the lizard skin or other more common snake skins. It is precious, rare and natural. Original and unique limited edition.

Gorgeous transformation
The brand new watch, modern and stylish, boldly shows off the beauty of nature. In a generation that demands speed and change, Serpenti watches are extremely practical with a clasp system that can easily change the shape, and the wearer can change the strap, whether it is a stainless steel or rose gold case, diamond-set or not, all styles Both are applicable. The newly launched Serpenti watch will be launched in the Bvlgari boutique in May this year. Each watch comes with two straps-Karung water snake leather or calfskin, which can be matched according to personal preferences, and there are many other models on site. Color system is available. Also available in black, red, green or white and other colorful colors, exquisitely presented with delicate patent leather and 27mm guilloche sun dial. The new watch is equipped with Calibre B033 quartz movement, decorated with classic egg-cut red tourmaline. The crown is refinished to highlight the classic Bulgari style.

Serpenti watches have more than 300 ways to match, showing their unique and unique look
Wearers can choose their favorite case and dial to create their own Serpenti watch. Bulgari has also developed a set of applications to make the customization process easier and simpler. Welcome to selected brand boutiques. Just use the exclusive application on the tablet to click on the watch case, dial and inlay, and the pre-configured strap to ‘create’ a Serpenti watch exclusive to the wearer. . It can also be engraved on the back of the case. With a combination of different colors and other configurations, it offers a total of 312 different styles and a variety of choices, allowing each woman to define an exclusive Serpenti watch. Hard to resist.
The Serpenti watch subverts the fashion of the watch, beyond the outward appearance, the story of love, unforgettable.

Bvlgari Serpenti watch technical parameters
Case: stainless steel 18K gold case, diameter 27 mm, brilliant-cut diamonds, depending on the model, set on the bezel, the dial offers a variety of color options, depending on the model, black patent leather, Mother-of-pearl or guilloché sun-patterned, water-resistant to 50 meters
Movement: Bvlgari’s exclusive quartz movement Calibre B033
Strap: The Karung water snake double-ring watch is available in five colors (black, red, white, green, chestnut brown), which can be easily replaced and matched with the corresponding pin buckle; the calf leather double-ring strap is available in six colors Available (sapphire blue, agate white, ruby ​​red, sand brown, black, emerald green).