Understanding Cartier’s century-old classic is like reading a modern European history. Cartier’s art field is constantly expanding. Each series has a different history and essence. Each masterpiece is dedicated to watchmakers. Build a boutique. Cartier is not only the ’emperor’s jeweler’, it is also synonymous with excellence. Many people do not understand Cartier’s product line and the essence of craftsmanship, modeling, creativity, arcs, and every detail flows Cartier’s blood … although not Everyone loves Cartier, but you can’t hide its shining light.
  Bright jewelry

  Magnificent jewelry is an indispensable masterpiece in Cartier’s history. The origin of each gem is a page of history, a legend, or a symbol. Cartier is the guardian and interpreter of these gems. With a history of 150 years, Cartier has written a glorious chapter for the history of magnificent and ingenious jewellery and watches. Cartier’s name is as dazzling as its jewelry, and the light cannot be overlooked. Cartier’s exquisite design and keen awareness of the world injected dynamic and energy into the work, and began a new path of high jewelry. Pick out a few unique stones from a few hard stones, revealing their hidden beauty and mystery …

  Every diamond is unique. The value of a diamond can be judged by four criteria, which are the so-called ‘4C’ criteria: Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat.

  At the end of the 19th century, Louis Cartier deliberately studied the best ways to enhance the brightness and beauty of diamonds. He found the answer from platinum and seed inlays. This new method allowed him to develop a superb knowledge of diamonds, knowing a wide range of different sizes, possible flaws and desired qualities: thus becoming the world’s top diamond expert. Since then, Cartier’s history has been full of top diamonds. At the time, the top merchants and diamond cutters left him with his most special diamonds. Any important diamond trade must be attended by Cartier.

  The history of diamonds is like an endless volume of poetry, full of romance legends, epic stories and bizarre adventures. Each piece is filled with human passion for this gem for thousands of years. Cartier interprets the meaning of diamonds from a unique perspective, so that each diamond emits a moving brilliance.

  Mysterious time

  In Cartier’s history, the mysterious clock occupies a pivotal chapter. The reason why the mysterious clock is ‘mysterious’ is that its hands made of platinum and diamonds are suspended by a Buddha on a transparent dial, without any link to the movement.

  The hands are not directly connected to the movement, but are fixed on two quartz discs with jagged metal frames. The water crystal disc is driven by the movement (mostly located at the bottom of the clock) and rotates at the speed of the hour and minute hands, respectively. This design has also become a valuable collection of celebrities such as the Queen of Spain, Queen Mary V’s wife, Queen Mary, and the Maharajah de Patiala of India. Cartier draws inspiration from the art collection series, designing a new mystery clock work, using mother-of-pearl, diamonds and so on to create a new mystery clock work.

  Superb craftsmanship:
  RONDELOUISCARTIER filigree watch

  Cartier seems to have a crush on large animals such as cheetahs, because such animals represent the style of the king, and also contain wildness and domineering. However, each time the cheetah is presented in a different form, people are constantly feeling the masterpieces that Cartier has given people. This RONDELOUISCARTIER watch is made of fine gold and silver. The fine gold and silver threads create a decorative pattern with a hollow grille effect. It is as transparent as lace. It seems that the process of making the needle and thread is right in front of you. Noble and solemn, two cheetahs with intersected eyes dotted with tailor-made emerald eyes, they face each other gently under the starry night sky, and contrast with the diamond-paved bezel, the domineering of the king is accompanied by tenderness The night is full of milk.

  From the perspective of production technology, Cartier’s challenge is not only to apply this handicraft to the square inch space of the watch, but also to use precious precious materials such as gold, platinum and diamond to make it sublime to a higher artistic level. The craftsmen of the Cartier Master Crafts Workshop need to use special tools to create gold or platinum filaments. The filaments are twisted, rolled and entangled, cut into small loops, and then used the gold and silver wire craftsmanship to form a pattern. All elements are fixed by the sides instead of the bottom.

  This ingenious masterpiece of art combines many types of craftsmanship, from gem setting to filigree, from jewelry to watchmaking, from carving to lacquer. A pair of cheetahs on the dial. The black-painted fur is woven from diamond-set gold and platinum filaments. It takes more than a month to create such a filigree watch. If the production process of the watch is presented in front of your eyes, who can not be shocked.
  Cartier BallonBleudeCartier Parrot Watch: Floral Inlay

  Since the brand’s inception, enthusiasm for art and craftsmanship has penetrated Cartier’s soul, capturing talented craftsmen, improving traditional craftsmanship according to the special requirements of watchmaking professions. From the fledgling young talents, to the infamous masters and master craftsmen, generations of skilled craftsmen have jointly created Cartier’s unique legendary heritage. Masters of craftsmanship, with steady hands and precise movements, gradually accumulate experience through repeated manipulations day after day, and become master craftsmen, creators, and even artists who do not change.

  The beauty of flowers is fleeting, and Cartier has intentionally turned this short-lived beauty into a timeless classic. Cartier BallonBleudeCartier floral inlaid parrot decorative watch is a first-of-its-kind innovation in watchmaking. The preservation technology and jewelry technology are used on this watch. The two processes complement each other to create new magic and colorful colors-blue and orange feathers, dark black beaks, emerald green eyes, and brilliant white diamonds set at the bottom and crown of the dial. The BallonBleudeCartier watch presents such colorful colors and lifelike patterns that are enchanting.

  The manufacturing process of the watch is really exciting. First, collect and color the petals, place each petal on a thin piece of wood, and then cut it into the desired shape with the help of a fine inlay pedal saw. Then they changed and turned into feathers. This rare material is noble and lively, yet sensual but fragile. The full shape and texture are in sharp contrast with the sparkling luster of the black agate bird’s beak and emerald eyes. In order to make the black and gray feathers around the eyes more eye-catching, the spots need to be completed one by one using a micro-painting process. It took tens of hours of fine setting and gem setting to create such a fine dial in Cartier Watch Workshop.

  RotondedeCartier Cheetah Decoration Watch: Metal Bead Craft

  The metal bead craftsmanship has been used by Etruscan artisans to the extreme, and is now used by Cartier. In order to make this door have thousands of years of history, the rare and almost lost ancient handicrafts have been restored to the world, Cartier has carefully adjusted and improved it to finally reinterpret it more perfectly. In close cooperation with modern masters who master these traditional craftsmanship, The infinite possibilities of its aesthetic creation. The Rotondede Cartier cheetah decorative watch features a 42mm 18K yellow gold case set with 306 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 3.63 carats and an 18K yellow gold bead-shaped crown with a brilliant-cut diamond. The 22K yellow gold dial is decorated with apple-shaped blue steel hands, and under the hands is the classic cheetah head logo pattern made of metal beads.

  The pattern is complicated to make, and the craftsman needs to heat the cut gold thin wire at high temperature until tiny beads are formed. Then, place these gold beads one by one into the part to be decorated, and fuse with the gold base to create a three-dimensional relief pattern. A glamorous, radiant cheetah’s head emerges from the dial, witnessing the ancient craftsmanship that has traveled for thousands of years, breathtaking.

  The essence of unique watchmaking:

  With its creativity, precision and innovation, the Cartier Watch Workshop is constantly exploring a new territory, challenging extreme excellence. Since the launch of the new Haute Horlogerie series in 2008, Cartier has developed 25 self-made Haute Horlogerie movements, 9 of which are even more honored by the Geneva premium mark representing the quality of top-level watches, showing Cartier’s increasingly strong watchmaking field. strength.

Summary: The reason why a brand can receive much attention and lasting is that the brand’s own continuous progress and innovation, the work has a more contemporary sense, can it be more accepted by people; a long history and cultural tradition, naturally for a Brand rooting has an indispensable and important role, and constantly absorbing fresh elements and stimulating internal creative potential can make the brand keep up with the times. Cartier is such an enduring brand that has always interpreted the true meaning of beauty-beauty lies in simplicity rather than complexity, harmony and not conflict. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)