On November 22, the pioneering legend Cartier held a ‘Santos Night’ in the modern capital Shanghai, presenting a wonderful experience for the Santos de Cartier watch experience exhibition opened on the same day Unforgettable party. At the opening party, Cartier’s best friend, famous actor Deng Chao, and well-known actor Yu Wenle, well-known singer, actor Song Qian, well-known actor Bai Yu, and actor Hou Minghao attended the event.

Exterior view of the Santos de Cartier watch experience exhibition

Lion choir hot party opening scene

A well-known rock band-the lion choir sings live

 From November 22nd to 25th, 2018, Cartier’s four-day Santosde Cartier watch experience exhibition was held in the west bank of Shanghai, a modern and fashionable collection place in China. This shocking “space-time tunnel” created by cutting-edge digital technology brought Deng Chao, Yu Wenle, Bai Yu, Song Qian and others together.

From left: Actor Hou Minghao, Cartier’s best friend Deng Chao, well-known actor Bai Yu

Well-known actor Bai Yu attended the event

Famous actor Deng Chao, a good friend of Cartier brand, attended the party scene

Well-known actor Yu Wenle attended the opening party

Well-known singer and actor Song Qian attended the Cartier Santos Watch Experience Exhibition

 The exhibition scene reproduces Paris in the early 20th century, paying tribute to the birth inspiration of the Santos de Cartier watch, Louis Cartier
Mr. Cartier’s legendary friend, pioneer pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, praised the spirit of perseverance, perseverance and loyalty of the famous men represented by him .

Exhibition site flight experience area

 Flying in the sky has always been the dream of mankind. Santos de
The Cartier Santos watch was born in the beautiful age when humans first soared into the blue sky. It was inspired by a flying experience of Santos Dumont in 1901. At that time, after several challenges, Mr. Santos Dumont finally successfully driven Santos.
Spacecraft 6 orbits the Eiffel Tower. Flying over Paris and soaring on top of the clouds, Mr. Cartier was inspired to design the first modern watch in 1904-Santos. Two equally fearless souls have opened a new era …

Santos de Cartier watch exhibition site

Santos de Cartier watch exhibition site

 ‘Every glorious history was a future created by the pioneers.’ Based on this original intention, the Cartier Santos Watch Experience Exhibition combines new technology (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to combine Introduced a time tunnel, where you can see the past and pass by the future.

Exhibition AR Experience Area

Exhibition VR Experience Area

 At the exhibition site, the AR perspective will witness the legend with you, and the VR experience will make you immersive. Cartier used VR technology to build an interactive experience device in this experience exhibition: wearing VR glasses, the experiencer instantly crossed over Paris, manipulating the joystick in the blue sky and white clouds within reach, driving a simulated aircraft, flying over Paris Invalides, The Paris Opera House, the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower provide a bird’s eye view of Paris from an unprecedented 3D perspective, and experience the curiosity and fearlessness of Mr. Sandos Dumont as he soars into the blue sky, as well as the pride and glory when the dream comes true-this is modern The charm of science and technology has made the legends created by celebrities no longer just literary stories, but miracles experienced in them.

Santos de Cartier Watch Experience Exhibition-14bis

Exhibition site-Santos de Cartier watch experience exhibition-watch display area

 Just as Mr. Santos Dumont flew over the Eiffel Tower after many adventures, there is an effort to keep improving technology behind every piece of pioneering work: The Santos de
The AR and VR device experience presented at the Cartier Santos Watch Experience Exhibition was completed by content creators, designers, technical development and game engineers from 10 nationalities in 5 months. The realistic clouds took three months to accurately present their alternating complex transparency-this is not just an exhibition, it is also the celebrities of the contemporary high-tech field who are creative in technological innovation.

Santos de Cartier watch experience exhibition-VR experience area

 Santos de
The Cartier Santos watch, since its birth in 1904, represents the brand’s innovation and pioneering spirit. In this exhibition, twenty Cartier Collection Santos watches and new collections are displayed one by one, the timebook, self-change, witnessing the change: from the brave and fearless in the beautiful age to the breakthrough application of innovative technology , Craft innovation-every Santos watch is the most avant-garde symbol of that era, and the new Santos in 2018
The Cartier Santos watch, with its breakthrough design and function, reflects the spirit of the era with mechanical speed and technological progress as its core. The unique aesthetic design makes it a symbol of modern style.

 This Santos de Cartier watch experience exhibition will be open to the public for free. If you want to go to the scene with Deng Chao, Bai Yu, Yu Wenle, Hou Minghao and Song Qian to experience the journey of time, hurry up!

Date: November 23 (Friday) to November 25 (Sunday)

Time: 10 am to 9 pm
Location: 2350 Longteng Avenue, Shanghai