EDOX is committed to the manufacture and innovation of watches for more than 130 years. Christian Ruefli-Flury, founder of Swiss Ido Watch, is a very talented watchmaker. In 1883, he made a pocket watch as a gift to express his love for his wife Pauline. Pauline was very moved and encouraged Christian Rufli-FLURY. Become an outstanding watchmaker and founded EDOX Switzerland. In order to pay tribute to the founder’s life-long energy and watch, EDOX created the New Les Bemonts CR-F ingenious skeleton automatic limited watch in 2015 with superb craftsmanship, equipped with ultra-precise automatic chronograph movement, limited to 200 pieces worldwide, exclusive There are special commemorative carvings on the collection box.

New Les Bemonts CR-F craftsmanship skeleton automatic limited edition watch with soft black leather strap shows a modern yet classic style

With the Beauman CR-F ingenious skeletonized automatic limited edition watch, the elapsed time is accurately recorded. The wearer can enjoy the masterpiece of the watchmaker’s exquisite craftsmanship through the skeletonized dial and back cover, whether it is the second hand, minute hand The hour hand moves in a fascinating trajectory. Hollowing is a delicate art. In the process of making a watch, the watchmaker must carefully confirm that the hollowing out technique will not affect the structure and accuracy of the watch. At the same time, carefulness, patience and technology can make a perfect hollowed out watch. .

 New Les Bemonts CR-F Ingenious Skeleton Watch The back of each model is engraved with the abbreviation and limited number of the founder Ruefli-Flury

The New Les Bemonts CR-F Ingenious Skeleton Automatic Limited Watch is a stunning masterpiece by EDOX. Swiss Ito watch production began in 1921 and has been leading the development of Swiss clocks, including the innovative Delfin in 1961, water-resistant to 200 meters; Hydro-Sub was introduced in 1965, water-resistant to 500 meters; Geoscope 24 hours world time zone in 1970 ; Published a series of sports watches in 2006, introducing high-tech materials derived from aviation research, such as ceramics, carbon fiber and titanium. Each masterpiece marked an important milestone for the watch industry at the time.

New Les Bemonts CR-F crafted skeleton watch with EDOX 95 movement, limited to 200 pieces worldwide

With its unique hourglass logo, Swiss Ido watch perfectly combines superior technology, durability, reliability, and elegant design. Because of this, the Daccarat, Extreme Sailing Championships, the World Curling Association, and Christian Redl, the world’s free diving record holder, all use Swiss Ido watches as partners. With the launch of the New Les Bemonts CR-F craftsmanship skeleton automatic limited edition watch, Swiss Ido watch has added an artistic chapter in its proud watchmaking history: the craftsmanship skeleton automatic limited watch-watchmaker’s heart, one See the trajectory of time.