Many men and women love watches in particular, so some men or women will want to give each other watches. Therefore, in the milestone of 153 years, TAG Heuer has been deeply loved by people. At the moment of expression of love, he launched the TAG Heuer Valentine’s Day watch. He has been loved for 153 years. TAG Heuer is like the forerunner of love life. Each of its respected characteristics is an interpretation of the true self and a tribute to love. In order to present the sweetest hymns to love, couples who purchased TAG Heuer watch from January 19th to February 14th will enjoy free laser lettering service, which will keep your unique love in your wrist.
Carrera series-classic, stable
Coincidence with Calera’s 50th anniversary, TAG Heuer once again offers a sweet gift. As the oldest and most classic collection of TAG Heuer’s design, the Carrera Lovers Watch continues the classic elegance, purity, legibility and elegance of the collection. The open dial design brings a strong visual impact, the eye-catching satin-finished tachymeter scale, and the advanced processing of the silver dial form the best proportion, and you can immediately feel the noble car of the Carrera series. Descent. It is worth mentioning that the Carrera 1887 series of men’s watches, the 1887 chronograph that stood out at the Geneva Watch Awards in 2010, has already crossed the barriers of sophisticated technology and design, and reproduces the classics of the first version of Carrera in 1964. Fashion, rose gold material with black crocodile leather strap, gorgeous and unobtrusive, equipped with TAG Heuer’s self-developed 1887 movement, elegant and full of elegance.
Lincoln (Link) series-elegant, intellectual
Time passes, transformed into concise and fashionable lines, smooth and gentle shapes, implying that eternal love is fixed here. With its simple lines, the Lincoln Series Lovers Watch constructs a dynamic beauty that resembles liquid metal, showing the watch’s vitality, innocence, curves and precision, and it has become an elegant model of urban couples—low-key gentleness, intellectual restraint, no Everywhere exudes Zoran’s outstanding taste. The carefully polished crown and polished rounded edges are extremely modern. The TAG Heuer monochrome logo on the dial is hand-applied, and the curved faceted hands are also polished by hand. The S-shaped chain that can be recognized at a glance on the bracelet means that the lovers’ hearts are intimate and at the same time, it brings a comfortable wearing experience.
情人 节 Valentine’s Day in 2013, at this sweet special moment, put the TAG Heuer watch on your wrist, let the love accompany the pulse, and radiate a new life in the continuous realization of life goals and ideals.