Hamilton (Hamilton) is a watch brand that is very rich in American culture. The watch has always maintained the brand’s consistent rough, honest, innovative, bold and firm design style. At the Basel 2017, Hamilton launched a number of watches that combine innovation and contemporary charm, such as the classic adventure series, khaki series, jazz series, and Broadway series. In addition, it also launched a very retro ‘Panda ‘, And the bold and unique ODC X-03 watch:
Hamilton Adventure Watch

 This year, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the classic adventure series, Hamilton introduced three new models to reinterpret the classic original. As we all know, the Adventure Series watch was launched on January 3, 1957. This series of watches incorporates revolutionary design into a revolutionary movement. It is not only an avant-garde design, but also the first electric-powered watch. .
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Catering to modern fashion, Hamilton’s new adventure watch real shot
Hamilton Explorer Skeleton
Fascinating trio celebrates grand anniversary
68 automatic chronograph

 In 1968, Hamilton launched two watches. The Chronograph A has a white dial with a black small dial, and the Chronograph B has two small white dials on a black background, forming a ‘reverse panda’ face. This dial design was all the rage in the 1960s and 1970s, and after years of refinement, fans have continued to grow. Just at the Basel 2017, we saw a new limited-edition black-and-white two-color inversion ‘Panda’ dial, inspired by the historical model of Chronograph B in 1968, with a distinctive personality and a simple black and white design, it is bound to Admired by collectors today.
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Vintage Hamilton Intra-Matic 68 Automatic Chronograph
The Hamilton Khaki Aviation series is designed for sky flying. The brand has teamed up with well-known flight performance teams and world-famous pilots to provide world-class flight styling and specific functions required by pilots. This time, Hamilton continued the classic flight styling and functions of the previous work, and launched a more modern dual calendar automatic watch, further expanding the line of khaki series beyond the wind.
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Fully dynamic Hamilton Khaki aviation beyond the wind speed series real shot
In 2017, Hamilton became the official timekeeper of the Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship, which opened the Xinjiang domain of racing. To highlight the occasion, Hamilton launched a special edition of the Khaki Series Flight Race watch. The new product is available in two models: Hamilton team models with orange and black dials; official chronograph models with blue and gray dials, red seconds and Red Bull’s signature color echoes, and the strap is decorated with a unique embossed pattern.
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Hamilton Khaki Series Flight Race Special Edition Watch Tasting
Khaki Navy Scuba watches, inspired by last year’s highly successful Khaki Navy Frogman watches, are colorful and functional, adding style to adventure. Compared to the tough watches that inspired its design, the sturdy and reliable Khaki Navy Scuba watch is softer, so it is not only suitable for wearing in summer underwater sports, but also suitable for working hours on weekdays. Available in three bright colors. Continuing the trendy triangle design of the previous work, it shows the interesting appearance of youth diving sports.
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Hamilton launches Khaki Navy Scuba
The latest Jazz series power reserve display watch is equipped with a new H-13 movement, with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, showing the series’ renowned reputation for innovation and modernity. . Hamilton reinterprets this traditional and highly practical timepiece complication with his expertise in blending superb watchmaking techniques with a distinctive modern styling. The smooth red end arc and the elegant jazz series design are integrated. The new H-13 movement tailor-made for Hamilton is tastefully decorated and can be admired through the case back. The watchmaker’s ingenuity is fully displayed.
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New Hamilton Jazz Series Power Reserve Display Watch Plays New Rhythm
X-03 watch

 Hamilton introduced the ODC X-03 watch in 2017, bringing a masterpiece of novel design and futuristic masterpiece to the avant-garde propeller. The predecessors, X-01 and X-02, were launched in 2006 and 2009, respectively, and they also draw inspiration from the most fascinating and influential film in history. ODC X-03 continues the design of the predecessor X-02 watch, driven by three different movements (one automatic movement and two identical quartz movements), and a strong hexagon of 49 mm by 52 mm in the atmosphere Space black PVD-coated titanium case.
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From Earth to Jupiter: Hamilton launches ODC X-03 watch
The Broadway Collection, launched in 2016, explains elegance with exquisite details and stylish design, writing a new chapter for Hamilton. In 2017, Hamilton continued to add new works to this series. The new products have an elegant urban style, show the international style and contemporary casual beauty, and are the best choice for elegant gentlemen.
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Hamilton presents Broadway watches for street style gentlemen
2017 presented us with a beautiful and unique visual feast. The report group in front of the Watch House brought us a lot of wonderful content. For more details, please click the watch house Basel live event: