The Sixties 60s collection subtly blends the legendary 1960s design with Glashütte watchmaking art heritage from 1845. Bright and vigorous, full of vitality, pay tribute to the present and praise the times. Since 2018, this popular series has added an annual limited edition for the first time. Once it was released, it was amazing. The fascinating green watch set off a wave of pursuit among watch fans and design fans around the world. Today, Glashütte Original’s original recast masterpiece continues to be successful: the 2019 limited edition, this German watch brand chose to create a new Sixties 60s watch and SixtiesPanoramaDate 60s big calendar watch in gradient orange.

   The new model adopts an extraordinary gradient effect dial, which is also like the origin of the name of the watch in the ’60s’-shining and ups and downs. The world in the 1960s was undergoing tremendous changes at an alarming rate: visionaries are more courageous, freedom has never been seen before, and bold ideas have sprung up across the board-art, culture, politics, society, all fields, passionate , Unprecedented glory. Today, this ups and downs of the decade is still an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists, designers and musicians-Glashütte Original’s original watchmakers are no exception.

Superb workmanship, unique style

   The new Orange Sixties 1960s and SixtiesPanoramaDate 60s large calendar watch highlight the collection’s distinctive retro fashion personality. The appearance of the watch inherits the iconic curved design of this series, from the dial and hands to the double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass mirror, which all reflect this distinctive feature. Arabic numerals, diamond-cut hour markers, hand-embedded hour markers, and Super-LumiNova luminous hands are all harmonious embellishments.

   Unique and stylish-this is not only reflected in the details, but also a reflection of the overall style of the dial. From the center to the edges, from golden yellow to fiery orange, red, and then to the outermost black-the delicate color gradations slowly spread out on the curved dial, naturally smooth. The resulting dial makes people feel warm and lively, full of vitality. The realization of this fascinating combination of gradients can be attributed to the experts at Glashütte Original’s original Pforzheim dial factory.

   After giving the dial a golden hue through an electroplating process, the dialmaker will carefully apply layers of red and black paint. This exquisite craftsmanship finally creates a unique color gradient effect that makes each dial unique. The final step is to heat the dial in a kiln to fix the color.

Long history and legend

   The charm of the Sixties watch is not limited to the uniqueness in color, but also the appearance and decoration are extraordinary. The bas-relief pattern is created using original tools and craftsmanship from the 1960s. Each dial embryo needs to be embossed by a 60-ton press. This is the process used by the Pforzheim Dial Factory that year. During the 1960s, cross-regional cooperation also enabled Pforzheim to supply Glashütte with dials for Spezimatic. This partnership began more than 50 years ago and reached its peak when the dial factory merged with Glashütte Original in 2012. Today, its creative spirit has once again played a decisive role in the development of the Sixties series-each unique dial is a clear example.

   The new model is equipped with the self-winding movements of the brand’s homemade 39-52 (Sixties 1960s) and 39-47 (SixtiesPanoramaDate 1960s). The movement independently developed by the brand is housed in a polished stainless steel case. The diameter of the three-hand Sixties 1960s case is 39 mm, and the diameter of the Large Date model is 42 mm. The brown Louisiana crocodile leather strap with pin buckle brings the dial’s retro design into one go. The 2019 Limited Editions of the Sixties and SixtiesPanoramaDate 60s Grand Calendar watches are only available for a limited time only through Glashütte Original boutiques and select authorized retailers around the world.