‘I don’t want you to feel, I want me to feel’! Recently, Huang Xiaoming’s performance in the variety show ‘Chinese Restaurant’ was infinitely magnified by netizens. This phrase is called ‘Ming Xue’ (quotations from Huang Xiaoming) and is used by a large number of netizens to ridicule Huang Xiaoming’s ‘domineering’ in the show. . Domineering president, mature middle-aged … With ‘small fresh meat’ becoming the mainstream of the market’s aesthetics, there are not many choices left for middle-aged male actors, but are they really what they are in our inherent impression? Today, let’s take a look at the two male stars in the impression of “domineering”: Huang Xiaoming and Yang Shuo.

The overbearing president at the core-Huang Xiaoming

Actor Huang Xiaoming

 Huang Xiaoming has a lot of film and television works. From his debut to the present, he and Liu Yifei co-starred in ‘The Condor Heroes’, as well as the Japanese military officer Takeda in the movie ‘Wind’ and Cheng Dongqing in ‘Chinese Partner’ … these roles are all Make a deep impression. In the variety show ‘Chinese Restaurant’, due to ‘overbearing’ quotations, it has once again attracted much attention.

In ‘Chinese Restaurant 2’, Huang Xiaoming holds a poster of Zhao Wei

In the new season of ‘Chinese Restaurant’, Huang Xiaoming becomes the manager

 The program will certainly have a program effect, Huang Xiaoming in life is still very approachable. In the life of an actor, I think he has acting skills, but sometimes the script is not picked well, or occasionally too hard, it is easy to give the audience a ‘greasy’ impression. You should know that Huang Xiaoming has already passed his forty years this year. Middle-aged male stars still need to consider a lot about the choice of the way to play.

Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei

 In 2006, Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei starred in ‘The Condor Heroes’ because of the appearance of the two main performance colors and story content was later called classic. The Tissot watch, which the two endorsed together, allows the two to still be in the same frame, let us see the moving from the screen.

Huang Xiaoming wears Tissot Classic T099.407.36.038.00 watch

 This year, in Switzerland, Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei came to Switzerland as global spokespersons for Tissot watches. At that time, Huang Xiaoming was wearing a Tissot classic white watch. Wearing a formal watch in a dark green suit, Huang Xiaoming showed the elegance of a man.

Huang Xiaoming and his wife Yang Ying participated in the brand event together

Huang Xiaoming wears Tissot Classic T0994071104800 watch

 In fact, Huang Xiaoming was very open about the performance of the show being hotly debated by the audience. He responded that ‘Since he is an entertainer, the most important thing is that the audience is happy.’ Despite this controversy, he was attending a formal occasion or in private In the personal service, he maintained a gentleman’s attitude. Putting on skirts for his wife, enthusiastic about public welfare … Huang Xiaoming has many faces.

 Huang Xiaoming wears Tissot Classic T0994073644800 watch

 In private, Huang Xiaoming still wears a watch from Tissot, and is really a very dedicated spokesperson. Instead of wearing a suit, a simple casual look made him look younger and more relaxed. Stars often need ‘packaging’, but they are the real ones outside the packaging. In addition to Huang Xiaoming, Yang Shuo has also been hotly debated by the audience for his ‘greasy’ performance in the TV series ‘Return to the World’.

Dimple Rich-Yang Shuo

Yang Shuo’s stills in the TV series ‘Return the World to You’

Yang Shuo wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Collection

 Actor Yang Shuo can be said to be an accomplished actor, relying on the total role of Xiao Bao in the TV series ‘Ode to Joy’. The first one was okay, and the second one he couldn’t stand the audience as soon as he appeared on the scene. I’ll restore the figure of ‘Baona’ in ‘Ode to Joy 2’.

Yang Shuo in Ode to Joy 2

Yang Shuo in Ode to Joy 2
 To be honest, it is a bit too hard, but it may be more in line with the role of a character when he is on vacation abroad and happy. However, in the new drama, Yang Shuo once again plays a ‘rich and gold’ and ‘handsome’ actor, so it is difficult for the audience to distinguish the two different roles when interpreting it, as if Xiao Bao always follows The next crew ran to ‘Return the World to You’.

 Yang Shuo wearing the Zenith Pilot 18.2430.679 / 27.C721 watch

 Aside from the drama, from the style of Yang Shuo’s choice of watches, I think it is very in line with his personal style. Audemars Piguet, Zenith, Piaget and Breitling, Yang Shuo has been worn on different occasions. His body is well-proportioned and powerful, and he can easily handle even large-diameter, sports watches. But at the same time, he needs to weigh when wearing some formal watches and small diameter models.

 Piaget Altiplano G0A42052 watch

 When Yang Shuo wore the Piaget Altiplano series watch, he could see that the case diameter of 40 mm was still a little small for him.

Yang Shuo wears Breitling Aviation Chronograph 1 series AB031021 / BF77 / 754P / A20BA.1 watch

 And when he was present for a hundred years, this 45 mm diameter chronograph watch was more suitable for him. Therefore, when choosing a watch, men still have to try it on before they can know which watch is suitable for them. If the body is relatively strong and tall, you can try a large diameter watch.

In fact, Yang Shuo, who can’t squeeze the dimples, is still handsome.

 In fact, the audience has their own attention to keywords such as ‘greasy’ and ‘domineering’, so whenever such a gimmick comes out, everyone will flock to it. Huang Xiaoming said very well that ‘entertainment is to entertain the public.’ We can just have a picture, but don’t take it seriously.