November 10, 2015, Geneva-Recently, at the Sotheby’s Precious Watches auction held in Geneva, a pilot watch with chronograph hands made by Swiss watchmaker IWC The special edition of the watch ‘Little Prince’ in red and gold was sold for 47,500 Swiss francs. Proceeds from this unique timepiece auction will be donated to IWC’s long-time partner, the Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation. The foundation will use the money to fund a hotel and catering training school in the northern Thai city of Mae Sot, which mainly provides training courses for Thai youth.
IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Watch ‘Little Prince’ Red Gold Special Edition_IW371810

   The IWC Pilot’s Chronograph Watch ‘Little Prince’ red gold special edition (model: IW371810), which was successfully hammered in this auction, is equipped with a 79220 mechanical chronograph movement and a split-time tracking hand. In addition, it also has a unique feature, the week display in the center of the night blue dial, seven days a week, every night at midnight will light a different golden star. The seven stars on the dial symbolize the seven planets that the little prince had visited during his cosmic journey. The bottom of the watch is also engraved with the seven planets and the residents that the little prince met on each planet.
   In 2008, the Anthony Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation was established by descendants of Anthony to promote the valuable spirit and human values ​​of this great French writer and pilot. The Foundation supports numerous projects around the world to improve young people’s daily lives and create a better future for them. ‘Supporting adolescents and children in difficult situations is an important cornerstone of our corporate social responsibility. Therefore, we have worked closely with the Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation since its establishment to cultivate efficient and fruitful partners Relationship, ‘said Georges Kern, CEO of IWC.
French writer, pilot, and little prince author Anthony Saint Exupéry

Provide practical training for Thai youth
   Proceeds from the auction will be used to fund hotel catering training schools in the city of Mae Sot in northwestern Thailand. The school was established in 2009 by a French aid agency to focus on supporting the Karen youth of the Thai minority. Because they can neither speak Thai nor English, and are extremely disadvantaged in the education system, they have little chance of success in the job market. The school’s two-year course provides 17- to 23-year-old Karen youth with the skills they need to find employment, enabling them to earn a living in the Thai hotel industry. ‘This school not only provides high-quality practical education, but also focuses on training students to become socially responsible citizens. Therefore, this project perfectly matches the core values ​​of our foundation.’ Anthony Saint Exupery’s nephew, Olivier d’Agay, general representative of the Anthony Saint-Exupery Youth Foundation, shared the reasons for participating in the project.
   The donation will take the school’s existing education and training to the next level. The core of the project is the construction of a teaching garden. The ‘Little Prince’s Teaching Garden’ will not only enrich the curriculum, but also provide fresh vegetables and herbs to the on-site restaurant. The money will also be used to build a resource center that will provide books and computers for students. The resource center will have a wide variety of books designed to cultivate students’ love of reading, while providing new multimedia equipment to enrich vocational training and language teaching by modern means. The donation will also be used for language teaching, renewal of facilities in the school, and overall repairs that the school desperately needs.
IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Watch ‘Little Prince’ Red Gold Special Edition_IW371810_Case

Three auctions raise money for Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation
   This is the third auction organized by IWC and the Sotheby’s auction in Geneva to raise money for the Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation. Two years ago, a large pilot’s perpetual calendar watch “Little Prince” was sold at a high price. The foundation raised a total of 173,000 Swiss francs with auction funds to build two school and teaching buildings with libraries in Cambodia and funded remote The regional library bus project that delivers books has played an important role in literacy in Siem Reap Province. Last year, IWC also auctioned a special edition of the pilot’s chronograph ‘Last Flight’ in platinum. The auction proceeds were used to build a library full of books, computers and e-books in a Brazilian children’s hospital. In April 2015, Adriana Lima, Brazilian supermodel and IWC brand ambassador, unveiled the new library.
   Swiss watchmaker IWC focuses on technology and research and development, and has continuously created watches of lasting value since 1868. The company is eager to pursue innovative craftsmanship and original technology, and has won wide acclaim internationally. As one of the world’s leading brands in the field of professional luxury watches, IWC combines high precision performance and unique design to create a model that reflects the highest state of fine watchmaking art. As a company with environmental awareness and social responsibility, IWC actively promotes sustainable production, supports the work of children and youth organizations around the world, and maintains close cooperation with climate and environmental protection agencies.