Switzerland is recognized as the country of watches and clocks. Most of the top watch brands are from Switzerland, but for those with mechanical plots, it is also a good choice for Germany. A. lange & Sohne and Glashutte Original are not easily determined to buy for most of them, NOMOS should be more suitable.

NOMOS, from the century-old historical clock town Glashütte, is good at high-quality mechanical watches. Its models exude the elegance, simplicity and simplicity of German style. Really made in Germany, and the price is very good, especially Tangente, with white steel and blue steel hands, very eye-catching.
NOMOS Tangente
Tangente series is the symbol of NOMOS. It is a modern watch known for its simplicity and a classic design among all NOMOS Glashütte products. The ultra-thin case, minimalist dial, soft classic and modern aesthetic design can obviously capture the hearts of watch fans. Tangente 101 without date display, the classic small seconds watch, is the most basic model of NOMOS, white dial, blue seconds, enough classic. If you think it is too monotonous, you can choose Tangente Sport 501 with a dynamic atmosphere.

Left: Tangente 101 (980 Euros) View details & gt; & gt;
Right: Tangente Sport 501 (1080 euros) View details & gt; & gt;
NOMOS Ludwig
UdLudwig is elegant and slim, with calm and calm classics. ‘Quite calm and calm temperament’, this is the first time NOMOS design department saw the prototype of this watch, widely circulated evaluation. The new Ludwig series has a slightly increased diameter, which makes the watch look slimmer. Roman numeral dial, stainless steel case, has this Ludwig touched your heart?

Left: Ludwig 201 (940 Euro) View details & gt; & gt;
Right: Ludwig Datum (1460 Euro) View details & gt; & gt;
Orion series reflects a kind of retro beauty, this series can be said to be a work with a very classic beauty. Orion, translated as Orion, has beautiful arcs and is the thinnest watch series of NOMOS. This series also has a rich choice of models. White, carbon black, light pink dials are available. At the same time, there are silver and gold plated options. The hands also have rhodium, gold and blue steel. Functionally, in addition to the basic model, an Orion Datum watch with a large calendar display is provided, but for the sake of getting started, the following two may be more suitable.

Left: Orion 301 (1060 Euro) View details & gt; & gt;
Right: Orion Weiss 331 (1060 Euro) View details & gt; & gt;
TraTetra is more eye-catching in NOMOS watches. This is the only watch with a square design. It is the best to choose a square watch in NOMOS. It is not only the case that is changed to a square in Tetra, but also the lugs and the small seconds dial are also used in a square design. However, compared to the previous series, Tetra is not so popular, and the attendant benefit is personality.

Left: Tetra 401 (1080 ohms) View details & gt; & gt;
Right: Tetra 429 (1520 Euro) View details & gt; & gt;
Club series is also quite different in NOMOS’s models. The dynamic design makes it look less serious. The minute scale is marked in red above the hour mark, which is quite intimate in design. In addition, the pointer with a black border on a red background is not only eye-catching, but also one of the features of the series.

Left: Club 703 (820 Euro) View details & gt; & gt;
Right: Club 731 (1180 Euro) View details & gt; & gt;
NOMOS zurich
NOMOS zurich uses a rounded corner + parallel bevel design, which is also an elegant watch. This series is a stable watch with a popular large size design. Its target customers are those who are rational and decisive. Consisting of a simple single shape: a watch that reflects the beauty of true masculinity, it is also a watch worthy of careful taste.

Left: Zurich 801 (2400 Euro) View details & gt; & gt;
Right: Zurich 803 (2400 Euro) View details & gt; & gt;

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