In 2004, Montblanc MONTBLANC launched a new Timewalker series watch, and quickly occupied a place in the field of fine watchmaking with its unique modern design concept: sporty style and clear and simple contour lines, elegant 43.00 The round case with millimeters, the unique cut-out lugs, the full Roman time scale, and the thin, flat design of the leaf-shaped indicators make the TimeWalker series the most pioneering masterpiece of the MONTBLANC watch family.

With a unique combination of design, materials and functions, the TimeWalker Urban Speed ​​Chronograph series aims to explain the concept of ‘urban beat’ in contemporary society.

The MONTBLANC TimeWalker series is famous all over the world for its precise portrayal of the time and the original style of natural fusion. Based on continuous innovation based on traditional Swiss watchmaking technology, a new TimeWalker Urban Speed ​​Chronograph watch has been bred. It not only adheres to the design features that TimeWalker cannot ignore, but also highlights MONTBLANC and the time in details such as the strap and bezel. Advancing brand concept and uncompromising quality pursuit. The MONTBLANC TimeWalker Urban Speed ​​Chronograph watch has exquisite craftsmanship, showing the dynamic charm of the modern city, and resonates with watch lovers who adhere to personal taste and the beat of life. Urban Speed ​​Chronograph’s sophisticated and powerful line design follows the consistent aesthetic standards of the TimeWalker series, and incorporates a variety of new materials through technological innovation, which interprets MONTBLANC’s ingenious watchmaking technology.
The cool grey tonal sandblasted stainless steel case with black ceramic bezel highlights the urgency of time traveler’s Urban Speed ​​Chronograph watch with the fusion of sporty tension and elegant craftsmanship. The black dial also reflects a pure and vivid sports style with a variety of processing details and decoration, and creates excellent reading clarity. The white hour markers and three red chronograph hands are in sharp contrast with the dial. The upside-down 30 minutes and 12 The hour counter display is also clear. The red inlaid scale and subdivided second scale on the outer edge of the dial chronograph scale accurately display the chronograph display with 1/4 second accuracy, and they are decorated with a ring-shaped carving together with the dial inner circle. The red timing indicator combined with the white regular time indicator not only creates a distinctive sports style design, but also guarantees excellent clarity of the display at different times. Each category in the TimeWalker Urban Speed ​​Chronograph series demonstrates the dynamic charm of the modern city with unique design and innovative technology.

MONTBLANC TimeWalker Urban Speed ​​Chronograph creates contemporary timepieces with innovative materials and smart design

TimeWalker Urban Speed ​​Chronograph’s ‘Fashion’ series leather strap is exclusively created by MONTBLANC’s leather workshop in Florence, Italy, and perfectly fits the watch as a whole: innovative technology and elegant sports design create the perfect time for modern craftsmanship meter. At present, only a few watchmaking brands in the world have the ability to independently produce watch straps. Therefore, the unique “Fashion” series strap of TimeWalker Urban Speed ​​Chronograph is one of the highlights of MONTBLANC’s detail. Thanks to a number of innovative technologies in the process of making the strap, the front of this calfskin strap shows a unique carbon fiber-like appearance, and the toughness and strength of the leather strap are greatly enhanced by a time-consuming and special process. Not only does it have outstanding performances such as waterproof and fireproof, it also becomes an indispensable finishing touch for a quality watch.