Elegant, slim and made by Glashütte: The neomatik series contains ten new automatic watches-NOMOS will release the first version this time to celebrate the birth of the series.
   NOMOS launches neomatik series: five pairs of watches form a complete new automatic watch series. These watches are very original: slim, elegant and precise-at the same time stylish, sophisticated and modern. The first version will be released this fall to kick off the launch of this series of watches.





   Some NOMOS neomatik models may seem familiar, while other models represented by Minimatik and Minimatik champagner are refreshing. This is because the five core models Tangente, Orion, Metro, Ludwig and Minimatik have two versions in the new series: one is a white plated silver dial with cyan blue minute hand hour markers, and the other is a champagne dial With fine fluorescent orange details. In addition to the characteristics of slimness and precise movement, another feature of the neomatik series is the natural color on the dial, which is the handwriting of NOMOS designers in Berlin.



   These watches are carefully crafted: equipped with NOMOS ‘latest DUW 3001 automatic movement, which is called ‘the new generation of motors’. This is the tenth movement independently developed by NOMOS, with a thickness of only 3.2 mm, and its size is only half that of other automatic watches of the same price. The reason is that almost all other movements were put into production in the early 1970s, and the DUW 3001 movement, unlike these movements, was developed using modern methods. This not only reduces the tolerance of NOMOS when manufacturing the movement, but also greatly improves its performance and accuracy.


   ‘This movement is about to enter mass production, and NOMOS is ready to launch it into various market segments,’ said Uwe Ahrendt, 46, the CEO of NOMOS. The movement was developed by the research and development team over a period of three years. The team has also developed a new fixed-speed component of the NOMOS self-made escapement system, the NOMOS movement. According to Ahrendt, ‘DUW 3001 stands for superb craftsmanship, technical excellence and a modern Glashütte watchmaking image.’
   The neomatik series retains the diameter of the NOMOS classic case of 35 or 36 mm. The fluorescent hue and high-quality strap on the dial are brand new: like the NOMOS gold watch, the strap of the neomatik series is also bezel-covered and equipped The buckle designed by NOMOS-it is a work of art in itself. In addition, two of these ten watches are brand new: Minimatik and Minimatik champagner.

   The neomatik series produced and released by NOMOS in 2015 will be the first version of the series. After a short pause, NOMOS will launch a follow-up version of the neomatik series in 2016.