Gp Girard Perregaux 1966 New Men’s Watch Introduction

At the 2010 SIHH Geneva Watch Fair, Girard-Perregaux will launch two new works, which are the column-wheel chronograph of the Girard-Perregaux 1966 series and the 41mm round watch with three gold bridge tourbillons. Shell watch.

 The Girard-Perregaux 1966 series was launched in 2006. With its subtle elegance and top-of-the-line mechanical technology, the Girard-Perregaux series has become a new generation of GP Girard-Perregaux watches. This new chronograph inherits the features of the 1966 series and features both elegance and grace. The 40mm pink gold or white gold case is beautifully crafted with attractive luster, the curved lines and the contour of the lugs are carefully studied, and polished to perfection. For convincing.

  The dial is equipped with a central chronograph hand and a 30-minute timer, which is clear and easy to read. The edges of the dial are scaled by tachymeters. The overall layout is balanced and elegant. The new column-wheel chronograph made by GP Girard Perregaux Manufacture, its self-winding movement is composed of 304 parts, and the structure and beautiful craftsmanship of the movement can be seen from the transparent case back.

  GP Girard Perregaux’s Long Gold History Tourbillon, a three-gold bridge tourbillon, appears in a 41-mm round case, with a sense of time in its elegance. The number of timepiece treasures is limited to 50 pieces.
The new tourbillon of Sanjinqiao in 2010 continued a glorious history of Girard-Perregaux in the mid-19th century: the founder of the watch factory, Constant Girard, spent many years studying the tourbillon escapement technology and created a three-bridge movement in 1860. Pocket watch with a clockwork drum, central gear and tourbillon system arranged in a straight line. This work won the first prize from the Neuch & acirc; tel Observatory in Switzerland. By 1884, he applied to the US Copyright Office for three patents on the design of arrow-shaped splint movements, and established the concept of the coexistence of technical functions and artistic values ​​of the three-bridge tourbillon movement. This masterpiece of the world won the gold medal of the Paris World Exposition in 1889. The Golden Bridge Tourbillon has a long history.

  The three plywood shapes of the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon in 2010 are the same as the old ancestral structure that won the first prize of the Neuchâtel Observatory in 1860. The hollow plywood has a contemporary aesthetic feature. The golden bridge plywood is hollow and polished, and the craftsmanship is flawless. It takes seven days for the craftsman to achieve this perfect effect.
 The tourbillon is composed of 72 parts, about 1 cm in diameter and weighs only 0.3 grams. It is similar to a goose feather, showing its delicate details. The miniature platinum winding pendant is installed under the mainspring drum, giving the movement a unique shape. The structure is unreserved, which is also one of the patented technologies of the watch factory. The 41mm pink gold case has just the right curve, making it more comfortable to wear on the wrist.

Top 10 Technological Breakthroughs In The Watch Industry In 2016 (Below)

In 2016, the top 10 technological breakthroughs in the watch industry were ranked in no particular order.
08 Rolex New Generation 3235 Movement
   The 32 series movement represented by 3235 is the latest technological achievement of Rolex, and it is also a replacement for the 31 series movement. The Rolex 32 series movement is currently equipped with the new Day-Date 40 and new DATEJUST watches. Rolex’s 31 series movement, represented by 3135, came out at the end of the 1980s and is the representative of the previous generation Rolex movement technology. In 2016, 3235’s replacement 3235 came out.

Rolex new generation 3235 movement
   The Rolex 3235 calibre was optimized by improving its barrel (3135 is the center two-wheel gear train, 3235 is the center four-wheel gear train), improving the escapement to improve the efficiency of the movement and obtained 70 hours of power. The role of the Rolex 3235 is not to reduce the thickness of the barrel-shaped inner wall to accommodate longer barrels, but to reduce the top and bottom covers to accommodate wider springs. By using wider springs, Achieve a longer power reserve. The Rolex 3235 movement uses a new chronergy escapement system. The shape of the escapement fork is different from the traditional Swiss lever escapement. The thickness of the jewel forks is reduced by half. The escapement fork and escapement wheel are etched by LIGA with high shaping accuracy. The escapement surface is smoother than conventional escapements, the escapement wheel is hollowed out, and the weight is reduced, so the efficiency of the escapement system is 15% higher than the traditional Swiss lever escapement.

Rolex new generation 3235 movement
   The Rolex 3235 movement continues to use blue Parachrom hairsprings with winding on the ends. Rolex has experimentally found that combining a paramagnetic hairspring with a balance wheel equipped with a flangeless balance shaft can reduce the residual operating magnetic value to approximately one twelfth of the same balance wheel group combined with a Nivarox® balance spring. The optimized design has a residual magnetic value of about one-seventh. Based on this scientific discovery, Rolex designed a new balance shaft. The Rolex 3235 movement no longer uses the pin-type automatic tourbillon of the 3135 movement, and the ball bearing automatic tourbillon is replaced. The 3235 makes up for the regret of the 3135. In terms of watch accuracy, the Rolex 3235 movement continues to maintain Super Observatory certification, with a daily error of + 2 / -2 seconds. What is even more surprising is that Rolex, which has always adhered to the pragmatist route, added a gold sleeve with a jewel bearing to the 32 series movement represented by 3235, which increased the sense of luxury of the movement.

The chronergy escapement used in Rolex’s next-generation 3235 movement.
09 Omega Co-Axial Movement

   In 2016, Omega will complicate the Co-Axial movement, adding new functions such as annual calendar, chronograph, and calendar month to the Co-Axial movement, so that all Omega watches have 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic capabilities.

Omega Co-Axial movement, the picture shows the 8400 Co-Axial movement used by the Haima 300.
   Prior to the launch of Omega’s Co-Axial movement with a magnetic-proof level of 15,000 Gauss, anti-magnetic protection for watches was achieved by a soft iron inner case wrapped around the movement. With the development of watchmaking technology, Rolex Milgauss once claimed a 1000 Gauss antimagnetic level, in a soft iron inner shell, and using a new non-magnetic Parachrom blue niobium hairspring, which has greatly improved the antimagnetic ability, far more than 1000 Gauss. Some data have inferred that the Rolex MILGAUSS including the soft iron inner shell can actually achieve a magnetic protection level of at least 7000 Gauss. Omega uses a new anti-magnetic concept, instead of using an anti-magnetic soft iron inner shell. Instead, all key parts of the movement are made of non-magnetic materials. The Omega Co-Axial movement uses a non-magnetic Si 14 balance spring, and the balance spring dampers are made of liquid metal. The highly susceptible balance wheel shaft and shaft tip are also made of non-magnetic materials. Omega’s new anti-magnetic concept allows the watch to have a strong anti-magnetic ability, while also using a transparent bottom cover, dial calendar window. The traditional anti-magnetic watch using a soft iron inner case not only cannot penetrate the bottom, the dial cannot be opened, and the pointer shaft must be very thin. The use of non-magnetic materials made of Omega Co-Axial movements has a very high magnetic limit, and the true strength is far more than 15,000 Gauss. According to the experiments of watch enthusiasts, the antimagnetic ability of Omega watches using the Co-Axial movement can even reach 60,000 Gauss to 70,000 Gauss.

Omega Co-Axial Movement
   After the chronometer movement used by the Omega watch passes the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) test, the watch will be placed in a magnetic field and its performance will be tested according to the standards set by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology. Consumers will receive a certification certificate when purchasing a watch, and can check the performance of the watch in each test through the certification number on the certificate. This certificate is proof that the watch has passed METAS certification.

Omega’s coaxial coaxial anti-magnetic technology, as shown in the figure, the coaxial coaxial anti-magnetic technology does not require an anti-magnetic inner case. The watch can use a transparent bottom cover and a calendar to open the window.
10 Tudor-made MT5601 movement

   Royal Capital further expanded the use of the MT5621 / 5601 movement in 2016. We always believe that the movement is the only difference between Rolex and Tudor. Outside the almost identical case and bracelet, Rolex uses its own movement and Tudor uses an outsourced ETA movement. In fact, the news that Tudor has developed its own movement has long been known. As early as 2004, Tudor developed the T8000 movement for women’s watches, the T8050 movement for junior and three watches, and the T8008 movement for junior three watches. However, these three movements have not been put into production, mainly because Tudor believes that the performance indicators of these three movements cannot meet the requirements of Tudor, so it plans to shelve. Tudor finally launched the first self-winding three-needle movement, MT5621. Through several important technical indicators, we can have a general understanding of the performance of MT5621 movement.

Tudor-made MT5621 movement
   The size of the Tudor MT5621 movement is very large, reaching 33.8 mm, and the general movement size represented by 2824, 2892 is usually 25.6 mm. In order to directly replace the universal movement, some brands have launched their own production movements that have maintained dimensions of about 26 mm (for example, Cartier’s 1904MC movement is 25.6 mm, Audemars Piguet 3120 movement is 26.6 mm, Vacheron Constantin 2460 movement is 26.2 mm ,and many more). Some of the larger self-produced movements, such as the Glashütte Original 100 movement, measure 31.15 mm. So as an automatic winding movement, MT5621 is definitely a large size. The thickness of the 2824 is 4.6 millimeters. The thickness of the MT5621 movement is 6.5 millimeters, which is much higher than that of the 2824. It is close to the Panerai movement. The large size and thickness provide huge space for the MT5621 movement. The most direct advantage is that it can use a large spring box to accommodate longer and wider springs. The power of the MT5621 can reach 70 hours.

Tudor bronze watch with MT5601 movement
   Rolex was among the first watch factories involved in the development of silicon hairsprings, but except for women’s watches, Rolex has never used silicon hairsprings on any of the main male watches, even the latest 3235 movement. As a brand of the Rolex Group, Tudor took the lead in using silicon hairsprings on its main sports watch. MT5621 uses a flat silicon hairspring (a brand like Breguet has used a double-layer silicon hairspring). The advantages of silicon hairspring are self-evident, better anti-magnetic, better isochronous, and easier to produce. Some people believe that Tudor will often take the lead in applying Rolex’s new achievements, new designs, and new attempts. At the point of silicon hairspring, this view is confirmed again.

Tudor MT5601 movement, the main difference between MT5601 and MT5621 is the balance wheel, MT5601 uses a unique new balance wheel (pictured).
   Genetic factors play an important role in balances and adjustments. MT5621 uses the same straddle balance wheel splint as Rolex, four arm balance wheel with four fine adjustment screws. These configurations, while showing more technical characteristics, are more helpful for the MT5621 movement to obtain the Observatory certification. MT5621 movement is Tudor’s first movement with astronomical certification (within ± 6 / -4 error per day). It turns out that the MT5621 movement has an error of almost zero every 24 hours. I can’t say that the Rolex Super Observatory standard has been reached, but it is not far away.

Edox Pre-basel Craftsmanship Hollow Out Seeing The Secrets Of Time

EDOX is committed to the manufacture and innovation of watches for more than 130 years. Christian Ruefli-Flury, founder of Swiss Ido Watch, is a very talented watchmaker. In 1883, he made a pocket watch as a gift to express his love for his wife Pauline. Pauline was very moved and encouraged Christian Rufli-FLURY. Become an outstanding watchmaker and founded EDOX Switzerland. In order to pay tribute to the founder’s life-long energy and watch, EDOX created the New Les Bemonts CR-F ingenious skeleton automatic limited watch in 2015 with superb craftsmanship, equipped with ultra-precise automatic chronograph movement, limited to 200 pieces worldwide, exclusive There are special commemorative carvings on the collection box.

New Les Bemonts CR-F craftsmanship skeleton automatic limited edition watch with soft black leather strap shows a modern yet classic style

With the Beauman CR-F ingenious skeletonized automatic limited edition watch, the elapsed time is accurately recorded. The wearer can enjoy the masterpiece of the watchmaker’s exquisite craftsmanship through the skeletonized dial and back cover, whether it is the second hand, minute hand The hour hand moves in a fascinating trajectory. Hollowing is a delicate art. In the process of making a watch, the watchmaker must carefully confirm that the hollowing out technique will not affect the structure and accuracy of the watch. At the same time, carefulness, patience and technology can make a perfect hollowed out watch. .

 New Les Bemonts CR-F Ingenious Skeleton Watch The back of each model is engraved with the abbreviation and limited number of the founder Ruefli-Flury

The New Les Bemonts CR-F Ingenious Skeleton Automatic Limited Watch is a stunning masterpiece by EDOX. Swiss Ito watch production began in 1921 and has been leading the development of Swiss clocks, including the innovative Delfin in 1961, water-resistant to 200 meters; Hydro-Sub was introduced in 1965, water-resistant to 500 meters; Geoscope 24 hours world time zone in 1970 ; Published a series of sports watches in 2006, introducing high-tech materials derived from aviation research, such as ceramics, carbon fiber and titanium. Each masterpiece marked an important milestone for the watch industry at the time.

New Les Bemonts CR-F crafted skeleton watch with EDOX 95 movement, limited to 200 pieces worldwide

With its unique hourglass logo, Swiss Ido watch perfectly combines superior technology, durability, reliability, and elegant design. Because of this, the Daccarat, Extreme Sailing Championships, the World Curling Association, and Christian Redl, the world’s free diving record holder, all use Swiss Ido watches as partners. With the launch of the New Les Bemonts CR-F craftsmanship skeleton automatic limited edition watch, Swiss Ido watch has added an artistic chapter in its proud watchmaking history: the craftsmanship skeleton automatic limited watch-watchmaker’s heart, one See the trajectory of time.

The Ultimate Women’s Sports Watch For Women Consumers

Breitling has created a brand-new watch belonging to the Galaxy series for women consumers. The Breitling Galaxy 36 Luxe Edition watch has a slimmer case, equipped with a tungsten steel bezel, and is equipped with a Swiss Official Observatory Certified (COSC) high-performance SuperQuartz ™ super quartz movement. A powerful watch that perfectly combines elegance and performance!

   The Galactic watch, which combines extreme dynamics, elegance and complex functions, has always held a unique position in Breitling’s voluminous watch world. This series is designed for those women who don’t need the timekeeping function but still long to have a watch to share every wonderful moment in life, especially those full of personality and vitality.

   Today, Breitling continues to conquer the world of women’s watches, launching a new 36mm calibre model with a new quartz movement and a more outstanding overall design style. The slim case brings extremely high wearing comfort, and the brand’s latest bezel is exquisitely made from high-tech, high-tech scratch-resistant material, tungsten steel. This extremely strong high-tech composite material exudes Gives a natural gradation of gloss, forming a subtle contrast with polished steel. Tungsten steel is molded from tungsten powder through extremely high temperature and pressure. It is extremely hard and nearly five times harder than stainless steel. At the same time, the anti-scratch surface also makes it able to withstand violent impact and ensure lasting as new. The dial is available in black onyx lacquered and exquisitely elegant mother-of-pearl, and is available with or without diamond hour markers. The stainless steel bracelet uses a 5-column connection design to highlight the structural design that is both strong and comfortable.

   In addition, this watch has a diamond bezel to choose from. At the same time, the Breitling Galactic 36 SleekT has completely retained the extraordinary sportsmanship necessary for the success of the Galaxy series: waterproof to 100 meters (300 feet), and equipped with a rugged, shock-resistant steel case. , Luminous hands and oversized hour markers, and covered with a double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal, which is always clear and easy to read regardless of day and night conversion. Ten times that of a standard quartz movement. Deservedly the ultimate female sports watch.

Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud Precision Timepiece Brand Launches Chronomètre Fb 1l Series

Following the scientific spirit of the Enlightenment era, Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud precision timepiece brand launched a new innovative experimental timepiece series: Chronomètre FB 1L series, combined with the brand’s homemade uniform force cone wheel and sesame chain transmission tourbillon Movement and moon phase and moon phase display system never seen before.

  This series is launched in two styles, limited to 10 pieces each. One is an 18K white gold case with black ceramic lugs, and the other is a micro-blasted 18K white gold with a dark gray ceramic titanium case. This new series displays hours and minutes on the sub-dial at 12 o’clock, with a central second hand, and the back of the movement also displays a 53-hour power reserve. In the area at 6 o’clock, a large hand indicates the age and phase of the moon with a continuous back-and-forth operation mechanism; this complex function has not only become a patent-pending innovative design, but also combines the constant of the FB-T.FC.L movement. The power unit ensures the accuracy of the astronomical function of this series of timepieces. In other words, there is only one day’s error in 577 years of operation.

  Chronomètre FB 1L precision timepiece closely combines astronomical functions and precision timing functions and is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) to commemorate Ferdinand Berthoud’s masters in timing accuracy and longitude calculation instruments. Great achievement. In order to achieve the goal of manufacturing precision measuring instruments, Master Ferdinand Berto created his famous nautical clock, which also became the source of design inspiration for the FB 1L series.

  Back related history

  It all started at 23Quai Conti in Paris. It has been home to the Royal Academy of Sciences (later changed to the Academy of Sciences) since 1666. Ferdinand Berto presented many sealed documents here in the 1850s. This is the early form of patent application. He applied for patent protection for many of his inventions.

  At the same time, here also, the French mathematician, physicist and navigator Jean-Charles de Borda presented his early research results as an engineer. Years later, he boarded several different ships back and forth to establish the calculation of longitude. To perform these tasks, he used measuring instruments made by Master Belto.

  These close collaborations between watchmakers, engineers, and navigators brewed the essence of the century in which Master Ferdinand Bertau was located-the master had completely experienced the famous scientific spirit of the Enlightenment. Collaborations similar to this are aimed at spreading knowledge and pursuing broader and deeper learning, and Master Belto has actively participated and contributed in both tasks. He contributed greatly to the Encyclopedia compiled by Diderot and D’Alembert. In this first comprehensive collection of theories, which aims to compile a comprehensive compilation of human knowledge, Master Bertu has written numerous articles related to watches and clocks. He has also authored many books on clock theory, and has written eleven books in thirty years!

  As a research scholar and watchmaker, Master Belto devoted his life to research and watchmaking. His countless research achievements in timing accuracy and longitude calculation have become the most authoritative reference model for decades. When the master was only 26 years old, he devoted most of his work energy to the research of instruments indispensable for precision measurement related to longitude calculation, such as a chronograph.

  Since 1752, the accuracy of the data measurement has been greatly improved, thanks to the improved instrument of Caval de Borda, which, therefore, is named after him and is called the ‘Borda Circle ‘(Also known as repeated measurement circle). This is an angle measuring instrument that measures the distance of an angle by repeating observations on a circle without returning to zero. Its characteristics are: the more the number of repeated measurements, the smaller the margin of error. To switch from an eighth circle (with an accuracy of 150 nautical miles, which is more than 270 kilometers) to a sextant (with an accuracy of 0.2 miles, or 370 meters), the de Borda ring is an indispensable instrument.

  The de Borda ring was designed to improve the reflection ring invented by Tobias Mayer in 1752. The German astronomer is famous for his ‘lunar maps’. These moon maps can accurately locate the moon, in fact, determine the longitude location.

  The Chronomètre FB 1L timepiece launched by Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud Precision Timepiece Company pays tribute to these pioneer pioneers. It is precisely because they know how to use their expertise to achieve more accurate timekeeping and astronomical measurement. To move forward.

  Brand new display system

  Chronomètre FB 1L precision timepiece is a model with moon age and moon phase display system. In other words, this model perfectly combines the precision chronograph function and astronomical measurement function. It cleverly combines two functions that have always been separated until now. However, almost three centuries ago, the combination of these two functions made the calculation of longitude more accurate and precise. This is also Ferdinand Bertua The main goals to be pursued by some research institutes.
  Moon age and phase are two different astronomical functions.
  The moon phase function is a more common complication in the watch industry. It shows the changes in the lack of the moon by various visual design methods on the dial. The phase change of the moon is cyclic, in four phases: the new moon, the first quarter moon, the full moon, and the second quarter cycle. If the period of the moon phase changes is used for calculation, from the new moon to the next new moon, it is a ‘new moon’. This complex function is not only symbolic, but also deeply aesthetic, but the moon phase function does not provide the accuracy required for astronomical use.
  Moon age days function can provide more accurate indicators. It calculates the exact number of days since the last new moon. This truly scientific measuring instrument, combined with precision timing measurements, was able to determine the longitude at sea with unparalleled accuracy nearly 270 years ago.
  For the first time in the FB 1L series, it is the first time on the same watch to combine two precision measurement functions, a precision timer, and moon age and moon phase display equipment.

  Constant power

  Chronomètre FB 1L precision timepiece is 100% self-made movement equipped with a very rare suspension cone wheel and sesame chain transmission power unit, which can constantly and equally transmit power to the escapement system throughout the movement of the movement, from The first rotation of the crown starts until it is fully wound, which enables the movement to have a power reserve of up to 53 hours.

  Drive the seconds tourbillon directly

  This movement is also equipped with a tourbillon that directly drives the second hand. The tourbillon can compensate for running errors caused by the watch being placed in different positions throughout the day, eliminating the errors caused by gravity to the clockwork. The driving wheel that connects the seconds wheel and the tourbillon frame has created a smart design that the tourbillon directly drives the seconds hand.

  Moon age days and new moons

  Most importantly, the FB-T.FC.L movement is loaded with the patentable complex function of ‘monthly age’ for the first time. This feature consists of two display designs. One is to display the age of the month in days, that is, a number from 1 to 14 is displayed in an arc area and is indicated by a pointer that moves back and forth. The number of days ‘1’ represents the first day since the new moon. The circle pattern facing the ‘1’ on the right side of the curved area symbolizes this new moon. The other three phases of the moon phase are also displayed one by one in the order of days In the same arc area. The circle pattern facing the 14th day symbolizes the full moon. When the pointer reaches this stage, it will gradually go back, that is, in the opposite direction, it will pass through different profit and loss circles every day until it returns to the circle facing the ‘1’ symbolizing the new moon.

  This day and month display is supplemented by a second display design, with a delicate hollow opening on the dial between 4 and 5 o’clock to show the phase of the moon at this moment-the profit or loss phase of the first or second quarter moon, In other words, the precise pointer indicating the age of the month is going up (to the 14th day) or going back (to the 1st day of the next new moon). This moon phase pointer is advancing at a speed that is imperceptible to the naked eye, but this precious moon phase display design at 4:30 can make it clear at a glance that we are moving towards the full moon or new moon.

  The bottom end of the pointer displayed by this moon phase is surrounded by a hemisphere at 4:30. On the two models of the FB1L series, this hemispherical design realistically reproduces the two main features that the moon can see or hide behind.

  The design of this ingenious mechanism was inspired by the successful time equation display system developed by Master Belto in 1752. The principle of this system is to use a sensing rod coupled with a time-equation cam, but the current design of this series uses a sensing device coupled to a moon-age cam.

  The invention of Master Beltou that year made him a master of watchmaking at the King’s Imperial Conference a year later. Today, this contemporary interpretation design can accurately display the age of the moon without a moon phase disk. This is thanks to a pointer that operates back and forth, following an accurate 29-day, 12-hour, 44-minute, and 15-second lunar cycle. In other words, after 577 years of continuous operation, there was only one day of error. The achievement of this remarkable result is thanks to the many gear design on the rotating disc at 4:30. As a result, Chronomètre FB 1L precision timepieces have far more accurate month-level functions than ordinary timepieces can only accurately display 122 years.

  The accuracy of each movement in this series is certified and has a certificate of precision timepieces issued by the Swiss official observatory certification (COSC) agency.
  Ferdinand Berthoud’s unique characteristic device has four patents, and now the FB 1L model’s unique moon age mechanism is also applying for two patents.


  The design of the trimmed case is inspired by the structure of the marine precision chronograph created by Master Ferdinand Berto since 1760. He draws inspiration from the marine clocks he made, especially the universal axis design of the marine clocks, which can ensure that the dial of the marine clocks always maintains a stable horizontal direction during sailing.
  For the first time, the case of the FB 1L series is equipped with a selector button set at 4:30, which can be selected between the two positions of L and H to adjust the moon age or time.


  Chronomètre FB 1L precision timepieces are available in two styles.
  The FB 1L.1 style ‘Near Sideofthe Moon’ focuses on showing a warm and bright style, evoking the visible side of the moon and the strong moonlight of the full moon. This model comes with a polished 18K white gold case middle, side edge components and crown, with black ceramic lugs.
  The FB 1L.4 style ‘Far Sideofthe Moon’ reflects the far side of the moon, hidden behind it, showing a darker and mysterious tone. The middle case of this platinum case is sandblasted on this model, and the lugs and side edge components are replaced by a dark gray ceramic titanium gold material instead of another black ceramic design. This type of ceramic titanium is on average four times harder than ordinary titanium. This is fully in line with Ferdinand Berthoud’s philosophy of pursuing ruggedness, which has previously driven watchmakers to develop carburized steel with similar robust characteristics.
  The above two styles are numbered and limited to 10 pieces.

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Very Artistic Beauty Brief Comment On Breitling Bentley Series B05 Core World Time Watch

For those distinguished people who take global travel as an art of life, the Breitling Bentley series has launched a Bentley B05 Unitime watch for them. In 2003, it was not only the year when Bentley returned to the Le Mans 24 Hours and won the championship and runner-up, but also the beginning of the brilliant Breitling for Bentley watch. Today, ten years later, this watch collection that combines British luxury car art and Swiss top watchmaking tradition has already possessed numerous timepieces, completely conquering the world. Today’s watch home brings you a brief review of Breitling’s latest B05 core World Time watch launched at the 2013 Basel Watch Fair. The official watch model is: AB0521U0 / A755 / 760P / A20BA.1.

 The Breitling Bentley series perfectly combines the best of two fields: taste and performance, luxury and achievement, classic and courage, power and refinement. Since its debut in 2003, it has many timepieces and has completely conquered the world. . Today, Breitling has demonstrated the mastery of its chronograph and technical watch experts. It has equipped the Breitling Bentley series with three mechanical chronograph movements completely designed and developed in the Breitling Precision Timepiece Center.


Thanks to its dual-disc device, this watch offers an unprecedented level of comfort, allowing the wearer to see 24 time zones around the world at any time and at a glance. If the wearer wants to change the time zone, simply rotate the crown forward or backward in hours, and the time display in all time zones can be easily adjusted, and the calendar can be automatically adjusted to the local date.

 The watch is made of a stainless steel case with a large diameter of 49 mm, which makes it easier to read. The watch also has a rose gold style to choose from.

 The watch is equipped with a black leather strap, sewn by black silk, and the buckle is made of stainless steel with a pin buckle strap, which is safe and convenient.


This is the latest model launched by Breitling at the Baselworld 2013. In addition, there are B04, B06 world time watches, which are also equipped with their own B04, B05, B06 movements. It can be said that Breitling is in its own movement. The force is very strong.


On the black dial, the exquisite cutout world map is carved with artistic beauty, which is very tempting. Under the transparent sapphire case, the precise movement of Breitling’s self-made movement driven by the unique wheel-shaped rotor is clearly visible.


The bezel design of the watch is inspired by the classic water tank cover of the Bentley model. The diameter of the 49 mm diameter design and the globe hollowed out the dial. The dial on the dial is marked with the world’s 24 time zone representative bezel discs. Daylight saving time (DST) is displayed.

The watch comes with a black leather strap and a stainless steel pin buckle, with the classic logo engraved on the pin buckle.


The watch is equipped with Breitling’s self-made B05 movement, which has been certified by the Swiss Observatory (COSO). It has a high swing frequency of 28,800 per hour and 56 gem bearings. It can provide 70 hours of power reserve when the movement is fully chained.


Summary: Modern British style, exquisite Swiss craftsmanship, watch with Breitling’s own top-level movement, stable and accurate, watch design with sharp edges and corners, fine polishing. Watches are powerful, with complex features like chronograph world time. The sunken crown design ensures that the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters. This is completely the watch of choice for business people. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 103,900 yuan.

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Omega Seamaster Olympic Series Watches New Release

Omega’s history of recording the Olympic dream began in 1932. Adhering to the Olympic timekeeping tradition, Omega has carefully created a new series of hippocampus Olympic watches to help the Olympics outside the arena.

   This series of watches are available in five different colors: blue, yellow, black, green and red. The watch color design is taken from the famous Olympic rings. Each watch is limited to 2,032 pieces, which represents a beautiful moral-by 2032, Omega will serve as the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games for a hundred years.

   The design of this watch was inspired by the chronographs used at the 1976 Montreal Summer Games and Innsbruck Winter Games.

   The dial follows the black and white design of the chronograph, equipped with dynamic hands and eye-catching black hour and minute scales. It is in sharp contrast with the white minute circle around the outer edge of the dial, which is very eye-catching and easy to read. In addition, the dial is equipped with a colorful pulse meter, including three 20-second time intervals, allowing the wearer to easily calculate the heartbeat per minute. The limited edition number of each watch is engraved on the side of the case.

   The case back of this watch is another finishing touch. The alumina ring engraved the host city of the Los Angeles Olympics from 1932 to the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games and its year. It cleverly presented Omega’s legendary Olympic trip to the world.

   In order to meet the enthusiasts’ pursuit of excellent timing, each watch is equipped with a leather strap, neatly spaced micro-holes, avant-garde casual design, comfortable and breathable. Equipped with an anti-magnetic movement of 8800 Gao Zhen Observatory with antimagnetic up to 15,000 Gauss inside, to ensure the stable and accurate operation of the watch, it can easily cope with various life and work occasions.

   In addition, to commemorate Omega’s century-old Olympic timekeeping legend, Omega specially launched a limited edition set of watches for the hippocampal Olympic Games, limited to 100 sets sold worldwide, which is highly collectible. Five different colored watches are carried in special gift boxes. Included in the gift box is a pocket finish bell, made by the same Swiss foundry that made the finish bell for the Olympic Games.

   While pursuing precision and reliability, Omega continues to incorporate exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design. The Omega Seamaster Olympic Series watches are the perfect interpretation of this concept. This collection of watches inherits the Olympic timekeeping tradition and is full of sports passion. With this watch, you can enjoy the precious courtesy of the Olympic timekeeping even if you can’t visit the Olympic venue in person.

2018 Valentine’s Day Choice-the Kinetic Warmth Men Worth Entrusting

Mechanical device and waterproof performance, integrate CERTINA double insurance technology to help you achieve outstanding sports achievements. The DSActionDiver automatic diving watch has been reaffirming this concept for many years and has always followed the strict ISO6425 diving watch standard. The new generation of kinetic series watches has even surpassed this internationally recognized standard. Its water resistance is up to 300 meters, and it is equipped with a highly innovative PowermaticTM 80 long-power movement, which ensures that it can provide excellent performance in and out of water. Travel time accuracy.

   Whether surfing, snorkeling or diving between coral reefs, or just busy with daily life, people need a reliable timepiece to ensure excellent performance in a variety of use environments. As a tried-and-tested diving watch, the new CERTINA DSActionDiver series automatic diving watch has passed the rigorous ISO6425 professional diving watch certification, easily meeting the challenges of harsh environments. The watch is equipped with the famous PowermaticTM 80 long-power automatic movement, with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, and always maintains a reliable and stable precision performance, so that athletes do not need to worry about insufficient power while waiting to enjoy the last wave.

   For a long time, diving watches have been an indispensable theme of CERTINA watches, and the DSActionDiver automatic diving watch is one of its most dynamic and stylish representatives. The 43mm frosted stainless steel case is very sturdy, with a black aluminum unidirectional rotating bezel, which provides a strong coast feel with its tooth-like, easy-to-grip surface. The well-protected Super-LumiNova® luminescent chronograph (12 o’clock position) ensures that the diving time can be easily checked even in the dark. The spinlock caseback is decorated with the traditional CERTINA sea turtle coat of arms, and the tightly protected spiral crown ensures that the DSActionDiver automatic diving watch has excellent underwater reliability.

   The high-contrast dial design echoes the color with the smooth black lacquered bezel. The hands and large hour-markers are decorated with Super-LumiNova®, which enhances readability in a variety of light conditions. The double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal is one of the many features of DS (Double Insurance Technology), ensuring that all CERTINA timepieces have excellent water resistance and shock resistance since the 1960s. The new DSActionDiver automatic diving watch is equipped with a three-row frosted stainless steel bracelet with a two-button folding clasp and a professional extension for diving watches. In addition, there are other styles to choose from, such as the blue dial and other materials, such as rubber straps.

Technical data

Movement: Swiss-made ETAPowermaticTM80 automatic movement
     Hours, minutes, central seconds, date indication

Case: 316L matte steel
     43 mm diameter
     Black aluminum bezel with Super-LumiNova®
     Spinlock case back with CERTINA turtle emblem

Crown: Protective screw-down crown with acronym ‘DS’ (double insurance technology) on top

Dial: black lacquered
     Hands and hour markers with Super-LumiNova®

Waterproof performance: Water resistance up to 300 meters

Table mirror: Sapphire, anti-glare treatment on both sides

Bracelet / strap: three-row frosted steel bracelet
         Two-button folding clasp with professional extension for diving watches

Features: DS (dual insurance technology), ISO-6425 professional diving certification, genuine diving watch, power reserve up to 80 hours

Reference number and suggested retail price: C032.407.11.051.00 Black dial / bezel, 316L matte steel bracelet
                 RMB: 6200 .- *

Preheating Baselworld 2015 Bucherer Launches Plavi Scubatec Rose Gold Diving Watch

Bucherer will officially launch this Patravi ScubaTec rose gold watch at the Baselworld 2015. The unidirectional rotating bezel engraved with the huge Arabic numerals is cleverly inlaid with black and blue ceramics, and it is perfectly matched with rose gold. The dial of the main black tone is engraved with scale-like patterns and glitters, just like the sparkling endless reflection of the sun on the vast sea.
   One side of the dial is double-sided anti-glare sapphire glass, hands and hour markers are coated with luminous material, and a helium exhaust valve is provided. Equipped with an ultra-precise automatic mechanical movement, equipped with a sturdy and durable rubber strap that can be adjusted to a depth of 500 meters, this Patravi ScubaTec rose gold watch is an ideal companion for exploring the charming underwater world.
   This diving chronograph has been officially certified by COSC. From the titanium case back we can find very special details-decorated with two glittering manta embossed patterns. This is the Manta Trust fund dedicated to marine protection and research. Logo, and Bucherer is the sponsor and official partner of the organization.
technical details

Official number: 00.10632.22.33.01
Movement: automatic mechanical movement, COSC official certification, 38 hours power reserve
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, timing
Case: Rose gold material, diameter 44.60 mm, thickness 13.45 mm, water resistance 500 meters
Dial: Black
Strap: rubber strap with folding clasp

Andy Coulum Celebrates The 100th Anniversary Of The Launch Of Rolex Watches

2008 is the 100th anniversary of Rolex. As the world’s chief watch auctioneer, Antiquorum Auctioneers will launch a special auction ‘Transformation: The Evolution of Rolex Sports Watches’ to celebrate this important event. This auction is scheduled for April 17th and will be located in Antiquorum’s US headquarters at 595 Madison Avenue, New York City.

Rolex Prototype “Sea Dweller” Ref. 1665

    Peerless rare prototype table Ref. 1665, without exhaust valve. Manufactured in 1967. Oyster perpetual calendar, waterproof to two thousand feet (610 meters). Center seconds, self-winding, waterproof, stainless steel strap. Estimate: US $ 100,000 to US $ 150,000