This Moment Creates The Next Moment Tissot Watches Bring Global Brand Image Spokesperson Tony Parker To Help Tour De France

[July 16, France News] Recently, the Tour de France 2018 is in full swing, attracting the attention of cyclists and professional riders around the world. As the official designated timer partner of the Tour de France, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot has the honor to invite its well-respected global brand image ambassador Tony Parker to participate in an event in Albertville, France, to help the world The popular Tour de France within range promotes exciting cycling.

Tissot brings global brand image spokesperson Tony Parker to the Tour de France
   Cycling is not only fun for adrenaline soaring, but also a pleasant and relaxing lifestyle. The reason why this sport can attract the participation of the whole people is partly because it is simple and convenient, you can go everywhere and just walk with just one pedal; on the other hand it is also because it is an outdoor aerobic exercise, which is good for people’s bodies. Good health. All enthusiasts can enjoy the health, vitality and passion brought by cycling during the ride, and this is exactly the lifestyle and sports spirit that Tissot is committed to.

Tony Parker attends bicycle training
   As an athlete who grew up in France, Tony Parker is also one of the enthusiasts of cycling. He is very happy to participate in the Tour de France with Tissot. The city of Albertville, located near the Annecy stage of the Tour de France, is the ideal place to show his love of cycling. Here, Tony Parker and the famous Katusha-Alpecin team participated in bicycle training, sharing their sports and racing experiences.

Tony Parker and Katusha-Alpecin

Mr. Francois Timbo, Tissot Global President, presents a special edition of the Sachs Tour de France watch to Tony Parker
   As the official designated chronograph partner of the Tour de France, Tissot presented a special Sprint-series Tour de France watch dedicated to this event to Tony Parker to thank and commemorate his stay during the Tour de France Participate in activities to promote the sport from his hometown with Tissot. The official logo of the Tour de France is engraved on the back of this watch. The design is inspired by the structure of the bicycle. The body bears the iconic bright yellow color of this world-renowned race, and the details show the passion and vitality of cycling. .

Rado Swiss Radar Lands Strongly On Tmall Platform And Raises The Emergence Of Luxury Watch E-commerce Consumption

(Linuo, Switzerland, December 2017) Swiss pioneer watch brand RADO recently announced that it has joined hands with Alibaba Group’s shopping platform Tmall to welcome the official flagship of RADO radar watch on December 8. The store’s debut. This is the first time that Rado has landed on a domestic online shopping platform. It strives to bring a new digital shopping experience to consumers and further enriches the new model of Swiss luxury watch online consumption.

   Founded in April 2008, as one of China’s most influential e-commerce shopping platforms, Tmall is committed to providing a new generation of consumers with a high-quality online shopping experience. The official flagship store of Rado Radar has a rich product range, and the specially selected product portfolio is designed to bring a full range of brand experience to the young generation of domestic consumers. At the same time, it will also take advantage of Tmall’s strong advantages in brand sales, promotion, payment systems, after-sales protection and other aspects to further create a unique digital shopping experience for Rado.

   Mr. Matthias Breschan, Global President of Rado, said: ‘The opening of the official RADO flagship store coincides with the current trend of escalating domestic consumer demand in China. As a leading e-commerce platform in China, Tmall It is the ideal partner of RADO Swiss Rado, this cooperation will undoubtedly bring more dynamic products and a more complete service experience to the younger generation of consumers, and continue to pass RADO Swiss Rado to the new generation of domestic consumers. Chongqing, unremitting and enterprising brand spirit. In the future, RADO will continue to deepen communication with Chinese consumers through various online and offline channels. ‘

   Erding, General Manager of Tmall Clothing, said: ‘Welcome RADO to join the Tmall family. In the past six months, Alibaba and some of the watch brands under the Swatch Group have launched cooperation; Rado One of the core members of the Swatch Group will work with Tmall to bring a more complete online shopping experience to the younger generation of Chinese consumers. Let every consumer who loves radar watches and electronic shopping can go to Tmall. Rado’s official flagship store enjoys high quality service. ‘

   This time, the official flagship store of Rado Radar will launch the RADO Swiss Radar True Series designer limited edition watch in Tmall. These unique watch works are RADO Swiss Rado in 2017. Created by well-known international designers, through the application of innovative materials, minimalist design aesthetics and iconic personal design, the beauty of wrist art is interpreted from a new perspective. In the official flagship store of Rado Radar, consumers can also buy the brand’s dynamic flagship series HyperChrome, the classic and elegant DiaMaster diamond tyrant series, the unique True series and the transparent and simple Centrix And other full range of watch products.
    As the world’s leading watch design brand, RADO focuses on the unremitting pursuit of cutting-edge design and materials, and has won the recognition of 38 international-level design awards. With the active promotion of diversified sales platforms, RADO’s brand philosophy of ‘if you can imagine, you can create’ will be well known and respected by more domestic new generation consumers who love innovation and design.
Please visit RADO’s official flagship store to start your online Tmall journey:

Great Magazine Of Timepieces

In the winter of 2014, the twelfth issue of the Great Magazine of Timepieces (GMT for short) was long overdue, but finally met with readers before Christmas. Today, GMT Magazine has gone through 15 years, and the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Sphértourbillon Moon watch has appeared on the cover of the new issue. This watch has been properly adjusted for its moon phase function. , Errors will not occur until 3,887 years. Although it is impossible to conquer time itself, Le Sentier’s Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Maison (Grand Workshop) explains the watchmaking industry’s unremitting pursuit of innovation. In order to elevate the brand value to a new level, Jaeger-LeCoultre turned her energy to the creativity and shaping of space, which also gave her a more charming charm. In the foreword, the Chairman of the Swiss Watch Association, Jean-Daniel Pasche, talked to GMT magazine readers more about the stakes of 2015, which is already a ‘decisive stage’ for the watchmaking industry.
   The fifth element that combines earth, water, wind, and fire is intangible, but its value is infinite and universal. Even if we try our best to shape it, unlike those perishable things, human beings cannot control and modify the fifth element, but each of us has a responsibility to protect, respect and share. Time is the key, and GMT Magazine has been explaining this key significance for 15 consecutive years. Alternatively, you can pick a timepiece published in a new issue of the magazine and listen to her heartbeat and emotions. This extraordinary experience will definitely stimulate your strong interest in the art of timekeeping and try to approach these delicate objects. Try again.
Lange watch and autumn unicorn grass (photo by Martin Botvidsson)

   This GMTeaTime picture was taken by the famous Swedish photographer Martin Botvidsson. It can be described as a harmonious unity of visual and olfactory appeal. By analyzing the similarities between the Breguet Classique Chronométrie 7727 watch and the Arab World Institute (designed by Jean Nouvel), the Zurich architect Axel Leuzinger builds a bridge between the historical and technological world. As described in the 12th issue of the magazine, when the watchmaker tried to draw inspiration from classical art, the fifth element’s omnipresent influence on the watchmaking industry was immediately revealed. Some watchmakers also spent a week disassembling and assembling the Richard Miller ultra-thin tourbillon RM 017 watch and sharing the exciting and extraordinary experience with everyone. So, has the fifth element found its own ‘Ark of the Covenant’?

Piaget Joins The Stars Of The Taiwan Golden Horse Awards Red Carpet

The 49th Golden Horse Awards ceremony was held on the evening of November 24, 2012 at the Yilan Luodong Cultural Factory. This year’s movie event attracted many enthusiastic participants. In addition to their respective expectations of coming home, The starlight red carpet is also an excellent stage for each to show their taste.
 The 49th Golden Horse Awards ceremony was held at the Yilan Luodong Cultural Factory on the evening of November 24, 2012. This year’s movie event attracted the enthusiasm of many superstars. In addition to looking forward to returning gold, the starlight red carpet also showed their own. Great stage for taste. Piaget, who has always been the best partner of the red carpet superstar, this year also joined many artists to shine on the Avenue of Stars to accompany the golden horse glory moments.

He Yunshi

 He Yunshi, who was shortlisted for the ‘Best Actress Award’ with ‘Death Gold’, wore a pink dress with Piaget Limelight Garden Party bird ring and Limelight Garden Party II rose mysterious watch, bright color, smart bird The child and the romantic rose have obtained an ingenious balance between elegance and avant-garde, reflecting He Yunshi’s unique style and courage to be his own.

Fan Xiaoxuan

 Fan Xiaoxuan, a talented female musician, was shortlisted for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ with ‘The Wind Listener’, and her red carpet appearance also won numerous praises. Rock makeup with arm tattoos, black different material stitching long dress, wearing Piaget Possession rings, paired with Limelight record earrings and rings embellished with black agate, cleverly echoes the overall color system, with a unique personality; Limelight New York between the necks The theme necklace, like a starlight in the night sky, lights up the night and sparkles.

Chen Yihan

 Chen Yihan, another popular candidate for ‘Best Supporting Actress Award’, was nominated again for the Golden Horse Awards this year with the movie ‘Love’. This short black dress with golden details lined with gold details on the Avenue of Stars shows the vitality of youth without losing its vitality. I also chose to wear the Piaget Rose ring and Limelight vine-shaped earrings, which is elegant and concise, becoming the finishing touch; while the awards were replaced with powder chiffon dresses, with Limelight dangling earrings like dew in the garden, to help Chen Yihan transform. Become a romantic woman.

Niu Chengze

 Niu Chengze, who was also shortlisted for the ‘Best Director Award’ with the film ‘Love’, accompanied by the Piaget Altiplano ultra-thin watch to show his personal gentleman taste, complemented the director’s attention to the details and connotation, and also revealed his demand for classic and timeless films Concept. One of the jury members, Wenli Jiang, this year, Golden Horse also chose Piaget as the red jewellery dress with matching jewelry, just like the red carpet queen’s one-shoulder fishtail long dress, not too much decoration, only Piaget Limelight dangling water drop earrings The sparkling diamond that illuminates her ears, and then oscillates, echoes her own confidence.

Sui Tang

Yang Youning

 Artists who also wear Piaget jewelry also include Sui Tang and Yang Youning who are the award presenters. Sui Tang has a black one-shoulder long dress with lake blue stitching and wears Limelight Garden Party leaf earrings. It is like a goddess swaying in the wind and Limelight diamonds on the wrist. The bracelet watch is matched with black silk belt, which complements the collage dress, and the fingertip Limelight vest shaped orange ruby ​​ring also embellishes the details with elegance. Yang Youning, who won the Golden Horse Awards Best Newcomer Award and was shortlisted for the Best Actor in this year’s Golden Bell Awards. The foreign material black suit dress looks straight and handsome, and the earl black agate white gold cufflinks between the cuffs are the finishing touch, highlighting his extraordinary attention to detail. taste.

Host Zeng Baoyi and Huang Bo

 And the soul figures running through the audience-the host Zeng Baoyi and Huang Bo, also chose the count to embark on the red carpet of stars. Zeng Baoyi wore a black lace-embellished feathered backless long dress, wearing Limelight sapphire diamond drop earrings and Limelight ring, elegant and generous, showing the solemnity and style of the host of the conference; put on a purple shoulder asymmetrical tailoring dress at the venue , Wearing a Limelight vest-shaped necklace, echoing with the clothing full of personality, elegant and elegant. Huang Bo, who once won the 47th Golden Horse Film Emperor, was the host of the Golden Horse Awards for the first time. He chose the full-length Protocole XXL diamond-set rose gold watch and the classic Polo platinum-set diamond watch that night to set off his film and television. Status, also successfully became his best partner to master the ceremony rhythm.

He Yunshi

He Yunshi Figures and introduction of wearing goods

Limelight Garden Party Ring
18K White Gold
Set with 359 round beautiful diamonds (approximately 3.75 carats), 16 pear-cut emeralds (approximately 3.58 carats), 8 round-cut pink gems (approximately 0.58 carats) and a single cushion-cut red tourmaline (Approximately 33.98 carats).

Limelight Garden Party II-Piaget Rose
18K White Gold
Piaget 56P quartz movement
A total of 383 round diamonds (approximately 26.8 carats).

Sui Tang

Sui Tang Illustration and introduction of wearing goods

Limelight Garden Party Earrings
18K White Gold
Set with 90 round diamonds (approximately 5.55 carats)
And 12 marquise-cut diamonds (approximately 5.63 carats)

Limelight vest ring
18K White Gold
It is set with 216 round diamonds (approximately 3 carats) and an oval-shaped cut orange eclogite (approx. 38.16 carats).

Limelight Paradise watch
18K White Gold
Piaget 157P quartz movement
A total of 466 beautiful diamonds (about 9.1 carats)
Chen Yihan Picture and introduction of wearing goods
Chen Yihan First Set (Red Carpet)

Piaget Rose Ring
18K White Gold
Set with 178 round diamonds (approximately 5.19 carats)
And central single round diamond (about 0.5 carat)

Limelight earrings
18K White Gold
Set with 98 round diamonds (approximately 1.3 carats)
Chen Yihan Second Set (Award)

Piaget Magic Garden Necklace
18K White Gold
Set with 16 round diamonds (approximately 1.5 carats)

Piaget Magic Garden earrings
18K White Gold
Set with 28 round diamonds (about 1.7 carats)
Niu Chengze Figures and introduction of wearing products

Piaget Altiplano ultra-thin watch
18K White Gold
Equipped with Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding movement
Black Alligator Strap
Yang Youning Picture and introduction of wearing goods
Piaget Emperador white gold and black onyx cuffs

Fan Xiaoxuan

Fan Xiaoxuan Wear Product Illustration and Introduction

Limelight necklace
18K White Gold
Set with 923 round diamonds (approximately 19.03 carats)

Possession ring
18K White Gold
Set with 122 round diamonds (approximately 3.98 carats)

Limelight Vinyl Earrings
18K White Gold
Set with 22 round diamonds (approx. 0.75 carat) and black onyx

Limelight Record Band
18K White Gold
Set with 91 round diamonds (approximately 0.68 carats) and black onyx

Possession ring
18K White Gold
Set with 25 round diamonds (approximately 1.58 carats)
And 97 black corundum (approximately 3.2 carats)

Jiang Wenli

Wenli Jiang Picture and description of wearing goods

Piaget Magic Garden earrings
18K White Gold
Set with 46 round diamonds (approximately 8 carats)

Zeng Baoyi

Zeng Baoyi and Huang Bo wearing merchandise pictures and introduction
Zeng Baoyi The First Set (Red Carpet)

Limelight earrings
18K White Gold
Set with 102 round diamonds (approximately 7.58 carats), 8 triangular-cut diamonds (approximately 0.71 carats), 2 tro? Da-cut sapphires (approximately 4.31 carats), 6 pear-cut sapphires (approximately 4.3 carats), 10 round-cut sapphires (approximately 1.13 carats), 10 triangular-cut sapphires (approximately 1.12 carats).

Limelight vest ring
18K White Gold
Set with 28 round diamonds (approximately 1.9 carats)
Huang Bo First Set (Red Carpet)

Piaget Emperador XXL with brown alligator strap
18K Rose Gold
Equipped with Piaget 830P ultra-thin manual winding movement
A total of 318 beautiful diamonds (about 3.8 carats)
With brown alligator strap
Sapphire crystal case back

Zeng Baoyi

Zeng Baoyi second set (as host)

Limelight vest necklace
18K White Gold
Set with 283 round diamonds (approximately 25.75 carats)
Possession earrings
18K White Gold
Set with 26 round diamonds (approximately 0.49 carats)
Huang Bo, second set (as host)

Piaget Polo Watch
18K white gold,
Silver dial with 18K white gold hour markers
Equipped with Piaget’s ultra-thin 880P automatic winding movement,
With small seconds, flyback chronograph, second time zone and date display window.
A total of 34 beautiful diamonds (approximately 1.5 carats)
Black Alligator Strap
Sapphire crystal case back

Nomos Glashütte Launches A New Automatic Watch Series-neomatik

Elegant, slim and made by Glashütte: The neomatik series contains ten new automatic watches-NOMOS will release the first version this time to celebrate the birth of the series.
   NOMOS launches neomatik series: five pairs of watches form a complete new automatic watch series. These watches are very original: slim, elegant and precise-at the same time stylish, sophisticated and modern. The first version will be released this fall to kick off the launch of this series of watches.





   Some NOMOS neomatik models may seem familiar, while other models represented by Minimatik and Minimatik champagner are refreshing. This is because the five core models Tangente, Orion, Metro, Ludwig and Minimatik have two versions in the new series: one is a white plated silver dial with cyan blue minute hand hour markers, and the other is a champagne dial With fine fluorescent orange details. In addition to the characteristics of slimness and precise movement, another feature of the neomatik series is the natural color on the dial, which is the handwriting of NOMOS designers in Berlin.



   These watches are carefully crafted: equipped with NOMOS ‘latest DUW 3001 automatic movement, which is called ‘the new generation of motors’. This is the tenth movement independently developed by NOMOS, with a thickness of only 3.2 mm, and its size is only half that of other automatic watches of the same price. The reason is that almost all other movements were put into production in the early 1970s, and the DUW 3001 movement, unlike these movements, was developed using modern methods. This not only reduces the tolerance of NOMOS when manufacturing the movement, but also greatly improves its performance and accuracy.


   ‘This movement is about to enter mass production, and NOMOS is ready to launch it into various market segments,’ said Uwe Ahrendt, 46, the CEO of NOMOS. The movement was developed by the research and development team over a period of three years. The team has also developed a new fixed-speed component of the NOMOS self-made escapement system, the NOMOS movement. According to Ahrendt, ‘DUW 3001 stands for superb craftsmanship, technical excellence and a modern Glashütte watchmaking image.’
   The neomatik series retains the diameter of the NOMOS classic case of 35 or 36 mm. The fluorescent hue and high-quality strap on the dial are brand new: like the NOMOS gold watch, the strap of the neomatik series is also bezel-covered and equipped The buckle designed by NOMOS-it is a work of art in itself. In addition, two of these ten watches are brand new: Minimatik and Minimatik champagner.

   The neomatik series produced and released by NOMOS in 2015 will be the first version of the series. After a short pause, NOMOS will launch a follow-up version of the neomatik series in 2016.

Patida Philippe 5971p Platinum Diamonds Perpetual Calendar

It is also a similar perpetual calendar, and it is also based on the perpetual calendar, and the timing function is also added. The dial arrangement of Ref 5971 is obviously inferior to the Ref 5004 of Tongmen. Of course, this is a problem that radishes and greens have their own love, and some people may think that this watch is more lawful and uncertain. However, we can see the difference between Ref 5971 and Ref 5004 from the valuation. Both have a price estimate of up to 2 million Hong Kong dollars, but the former is a diamond-studded version. No matter how much these diamonds will also be included in the list price . Of course, whether to buy a watch or a watch incidentally to buy diamonds is definitely a personal issue. But I always feel that Patek Philippe with diamonds is less classic.
[Overall description] Platinum, diamond, perpetual calendar, timekeeping, moon phase, leap year, manufactured in 2010.
[Estimated price] 1600000-2000000 HKD
[Including commission price] 2540000 HKD

Breitling Challenger Automatic Chronograph Watch

Continuing the outstanding performance and simple and powerful style of the Challenger series, Breitling has launched a new Colt Chronograph Automatic, equipped with Breitling self-winding chronograph movement. As the official timekeeper of the Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship, the release of this watch perfectly fits Breitling’s leading position in the field of sports timing.
   The Breitling Challenger (Colt) was born in the 1980s. It was originally designed and manufactured for the military. It was subsequently popular for its ruggedness, power, and legibility. It became Breitling’s most accessible entry-level model. Both outstanding performance and extraordinary design. The Challenger series previously had four distinctive and unique watches, including a quartz chronograph and a ladies’ watch. Now, the Breitling Challenger Automatic Chronograph is equipped with the Breitling self-winding chronograph movement certified by the official Swiss Observatory, becoming the latest member of the Challenger series.
   The Breitling Challenger series is designed for dynamic vitality, extraordinary feats, and shocking. This challenger automatic chronograph fully interprets all the important features that make this series a great success: the chronograph small dial is located at 12, 9, 6 O’clock position; the large unidirectional ratchet-shaped rotating bezel is satin-finished and engraved with hour markers, and four Breitling iconic bezel indicators are on it, which not only ensures the best spin control, but also effectively Protects double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal; 44 mm, polished stainless steel case with large screw-in crown with reinforced protection, water resistance to 200 meters (660 feet); dial with ring engraving Details are available in black, blue and silver; large hands and hour markers with luminous coating provide excellent readability.
   A chronograph watch with vitality, vitality and championship temperament-waiting for the arrival of the Red Bull aerobatics championship defended by the top pilot of the Breitling Athletic Flying Team Nigel Lamb!

Goddess’s Wrist Companion Tissot Liu Yifei’s Star Model Is On Sale In 2016 And A Bright Red Strap Is Waiting For You

At the end of 2015, the famous movie star Liu Yifei announced to be the spokesperson for Tissot. At the same time, Tissot specially released a Duluer series ladies watch to commemorate this important moment. The white and elegant design with sparkling diamond hour marks makes this watch not only luxurious and dazzling, but also full of design. Recently, we saw this watch when we visited the Beijing Oriental Plaza Tissot Store. Let’s take a look together:

   The center of the dial is decorated with white mother-of-pearl material, and the empty inspiration is like the charm of its spokesperson Liu Yifei. The scale of the watch is composed of Roman numerals and diamond-inlaid bar scales. It shines beautifully between classic and elegant. It is very beautiful. The size of 32 mm is a more modest choice for modern women, making the watch more compact and exquisite, clean and elegant.

   The thickness of 10.69 mm is the normal thickness of a ladies’ mechanical watch. It is worth noting that the stainless steel case is polished and polished, showing an excellent texture, delicate and full, and very beautiful.

   In addition to diamonds and Roman numerals, the clear and intuitive design of the time indication is another feature of this watch. While improving the efficiency of viewing, it also gives the dial a fascinating and intoxicating.

   Equipped with automatic mechanical movement Powermatic 80, the travel time is accurate and the power reserve is 80 hours. The back of the watch is transparent, and through the transparent sapphire glass back cover, you can see the mechanical structure of the movement. The brand has specially polished the texture of the movement, looking more fashionable and interesting, beautiful and generous.

   White leather strap with a stainless steel folding clasp

   There is also a red belt, which is more flamboyant and gorgeous on the senses.

Summary: In addition to this classic 2016 star model, many new products in 2017 have also been sold on the shelf, including Baohuan series watch pairs, Duluer series chronograph models and sporty Tour de France models For selection. If you are planning to buy a watch recently, you may wish to take a look here.
More details:
   This quotation was collected on August 10, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
[Dealer Name]: Tissot Beijing Oriental Plaza Tissot Store
[Dealer Address]: AA03 Tissot Flagship Store, 1st Floor, Oriental Plaza, No. 1 East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-8518 1181 Please call us as a ‘watch home’ user

Nba Finals Shock Reversal Tissot Watches Share Basketball Events With You

On June 20th, the final game in the Oracle Stadium boiled, and hundreds of millions of spectators worldwide witnessed the birth of a miracle! The Cavaliers ended up at 4: 3 against the unstoppable Warriors this season with a 1: 3 backward situation. As a result, the Cavaliers broke the awkward record of 45 seasons in team history and never became the first professional team in Cleveland to win the championship in 52 years. ‘Emperor’ Loeb Long James did it, Owen did it, the Cavaliers did it! They finally won the first O’Brien Cup in Cavaliers history. This also means that the 15-16 season ended perfectly in a shocking reversal. As the first official timekeeping in NBA history, the famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot watch assisted this last battle with precise timekeeping, and brought pioneering timepieces to witness the birth of the championship with you.

The NBA Finals ended
Tissot watches meet basketball-helping NBA accurate timing
 For a long time, Tissot has controlled the decisive factor of time in many sports events. Among them, the cooperation with basketball attracts the most attention. How important is time to basketball? Look at the moments of fame for the superstars: McGrady’s 35 seconds and 13 minutes, Jordan’s finals in the final second of the century ‘one shot of the century’, Kobe’s 0.3 second riding and shooting heat. Great players and games always need to be remembered, and the fixed number in the timer is always a necessary condition for greatness. This season, the Tissot watch broke through history and was honored to be the first official timekeeper in NBA history. It has always ensured the smooth running of the game inside and outside the court, assisted the NBA with accurate timekeeping, and witnessed the Cavaliers’ championship moment with the fans!
 In the next 5 years, Tissot will continue to work with the three major leagues of the US professional basketball team (NBA, WNBA, NBA D-League) to provide fans with accurate timing experience, a variety of timepiece options and rich off-site activities We have a wonderful match experience. The most important of these is that starting from the 2016-2017 season, all 29 NBA venues will use the Tissot watch timer and use the Tissot watch’s new comprehensive timing system developed for the NBA. By then, the game timing will be more accurate, allowing The games you love are even more exciting!

Tissot timer will start in 2016-2017 season in 29 NBA venues
Tissot meets fans-sharing basketball passion with you
 As the NBA’s closest partner, Tissot has also prepared stylish basketball watches and unmissable basketball events for fans. This year Tissot has established a cooperative relationship with 11 NBA teams, and has designed a team-specific exclusive watch-the Tissot Porsche series of NBA special models. The four teams (Warriors, Thunder, Cavaliers, Raptors) in the East and West finals of this season are the cooperative teams of Tissot watches. They together presented a wonderful basketball feast for the fans. Outside the field, such a watch can not only add a sense of fashion, but also more importantly announce to the world your loyalty and support for the team.

Tissot Watch Series NBA Special
 In addition to watches with NBA elements, in order to let the majority of basketball fans feel the charm of accurate timekeeping, Tissot watches also bring more excitement to the passionate summer of fans. Tissot’s ‘Decisive Battle 24 Second Event’ will be launched in many cities across the country. Tissot watches NBA-themed roadshows have also been staged in various places. Legendary NBA players will also be present. They will share with basketball fans their Stories, and teach in-person skills. In addition, the most anticipated annual NBA China game will also be staged in October. Tissot will give full support to this China game, creating closer and more comprehensive viewing for the fans. Experience and share the passion of basketball with basketball lovers!

Tissot Summer Basketball Event
Technical Parameters

Tissot Series NBA Cavaliers Special RMB 3,050

-Swiss-made quartz movement
-316L stainless steel case, silk-screened glass case back and official team logo
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
-Special team color Nato strap with standard buckle
-Table diameter: 42mm * 42mm

Rihana Wears Chopard To Attend The 4th Annual Clara Lionel Foundation Diamond Ball

On September 13th, at the 4th Annual Clara Lionel Foundation Diamond Ball, Rihanna graced with a white lace dress Unveiled, an 18K white gold diamond earring from the L’Heure du Diamant series outlines the wonderful scene in the Yingying curlers.

 Another earring set with 50-carat D-flawless brilliant-cut round diamonds and a ring with 20-carat D-flawless cushion-cut diamonds echo each other, shining with the mysterious watch with diamonds on the wrist The light reveals Rihanna’s unique grace and grace. These three jewellery watches are from Chopard’s ‘Kalahari Garden’ collection and are made of ‘fair mining’ certified 18K white gold.