Video Appreciation Of Roger Dubuis Series Excalibur Aventador S Watch

The watch bears the common enthusiasm of Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini Squadra Corse for cutting-edge and sophisticated technology, perfectly presenting the spirit of ‘excellent machinery and gallop’ in this cooperative alliance. They are all driven by a well-developed movement that embodies the outstanding Duotor concept (equipped with dual balance wheels)-the new RD103SQ movement with 312 parts. One of the characteristics of this movement is its obvious ‘engine room tie rods’: they reinterpret Roger Dubuis’s iconic ‘interstellar cutout’ concept and contrast it with the rest of the movement, as if The watch is equipped with a transparent ‘hood’.

Roger Dubuis Aventador S
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Deng Chao, Bai Yu, Yu Wenle And Song Qian, Invite You To Meet In The Fantasy Space-time Tunnel In Cartier

On November 22, the pioneering legend Cartier held a ‘Santos Night’ in the modern capital Shanghai, presenting a wonderful experience for the Santos de Cartier watch experience exhibition opened on the same day Unforgettable party. At the opening party, Cartier’s best friend, famous actor Deng Chao, and well-known actor Yu Wenle, well-known singer, actor Song Qian, well-known actor Bai Yu, and actor Hou Minghao attended the event.

Exterior view of the Santos de Cartier watch experience exhibition

Lion choir hot party opening scene

A well-known rock band-the lion choir sings live

 From November 22nd to 25th, 2018, Cartier’s four-day Santosde Cartier watch experience exhibition was held in the west bank of Shanghai, a modern and fashionable collection place in China. This shocking “space-time tunnel” created by cutting-edge digital technology brought Deng Chao, Yu Wenle, Bai Yu, Song Qian and others together.

From left: Actor Hou Minghao, Cartier’s best friend Deng Chao, well-known actor Bai Yu

Well-known actor Bai Yu attended the event

Famous actor Deng Chao, a good friend of Cartier brand, attended the party scene

Well-known actor Yu Wenle attended the opening party

Well-known singer and actor Song Qian attended the Cartier Santos Watch Experience Exhibition

 The exhibition scene reproduces Paris in the early 20th century, paying tribute to the birth inspiration of the Santos de Cartier watch, Louis Cartier
Mr. Cartier’s legendary friend, pioneer pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, praised the spirit of perseverance, perseverance and loyalty of the famous men represented by him .

Exhibition site flight experience area

 Flying in the sky has always been the dream of mankind. Santos de
The Cartier Santos watch was born in the beautiful age when humans first soared into the blue sky. It was inspired by a flying experience of Santos Dumont in 1901. At that time, after several challenges, Mr. Santos Dumont finally successfully driven Santos.
Spacecraft 6 orbits the Eiffel Tower. Flying over Paris and soaring on top of the clouds, Mr. Cartier was inspired to design the first modern watch in 1904-Santos. Two equally fearless souls have opened a new era …

Santos de Cartier watch exhibition site

Santos de Cartier watch exhibition site

 ‘Every glorious history was a future created by the pioneers.’ Based on this original intention, the Cartier Santos Watch Experience Exhibition combines new technology (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to combine Introduced a time tunnel, where you can see the past and pass by the future.

Exhibition AR Experience Area

Exhibition VR Experience Area

 At the exhibition site, the AR perspective will witness the legend with you, and the VR experience will make you immersive. Cartier used VR technology to build an interactive experience device in this experience exhibition: wearing VR glasses, the experiencer instantly crossed over Paris, manipulating the joystick in the blue sky and white clouds within reach, driving a simulated aircraft, flying over Paris Invalides, The Paris Opera House, the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower provide a bird’s eye view of Paris from an unprecedented 3D perspective, and experience the curiosity and fearlessness of Mr. Sandos Dumont as he soars into the blue sky, as well as the pride and glory when the dream comes true-this is modern The charm of science and technology has made the legends created by celebrities no longer just literary stories, but miracles experienced in them.

Santos de Cartier Watch Experience Exhibition-14bis

Exhibition site-Santos de Cartier watch experience exhibition-watch display area

 Just as Mr. Santos Dumont flew over the Eiffel Tower after many adventures, there is an effort to keep improving technology behind every piece of pioneering work: The Santos de
The AR and VR device experience presented at the Cartier Santos Watch Experience Exhibition was completed by content creators, designers, technical development and game engineers from 10 nationalities in 5 months. The realistic clouds took three months to accurately present their alternating complex transparency-this is not just an exhibition, it is also the celebrities of the contemporary high-tech field who are creative in technological innovation.

Santos de Cartier watch experience exhibition-VR experience area

 Santos de
The Cartier Santos watch, since its birth in 1904, represents the brand’s innovation and pioneering spirit. In this exhibition, twenty Cartier Collection Santos watches and new collections are displayed one by one, the timebook, self-change, witnessing the change: from the brave and fearless in the beautiful age to the breakthrough application of innovative technology , Craft innovation-every Santos watch is the most avant-garde symbol of that era, and the new Santos in 2018
The Cartier Santos watch, with its breakthrough design and function, reflects the spirit of the era with mechanical speed and technological progress as its core. The unique aesthetic design makes it a symbol of modern style.

 This Santos de Cartier watch experience exhibition will be open to the public for free. If you want to go to the scene with Deng Chao, Bai Yu, Yu Wenle, Hou Minghao and Song Qian to experience the journey of time, hurry up!

Date: November 23 (Friday) to November 25 (Sunday)

Time: 10 am to 9 pm
Location: 2350 Longteng Avenue, Shanghai

Chopard Monaco Antique Cars Fengyun

The prestigious Monaco Antique Car Race gathers outstanding drivers and precision machinery enthusiasts to drive extraordinary racing cars. CHOPARD has been the sponsor and official timekeeper of this event since 2002. For the passionate pursuit of excellence, this cooperation is a perfect combination.
 The Monaco Antique Car Race will empty Monte Carlo, and this antique car race is the most exciting and respected of all car races. The race is held every two years and shares the same circuit as the Formula 1 Grand Prix. On this occasion, 50 years of racing have been concentrated in the city of Monaco to witness the fierce racing situation. The drivers went all out to drive the real race in seven race categories in a treasure car. Since 2002, CHOPARD has become the sponsor and official timekeeper of this event.

Legend Racing
 The oldest participating car was a model from the 1930s, when BUGATTI and ALFA ROMEO stood out. In the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, Formula 1 cars were the hegemons. LOLA, MCLAREN and other TYRELL cars have witnessed the history of aerodynamic development and the history of engine development. Finally, GT cars from FERRARI, MASERATI, JAGUAR, or even ASTON MARTIN during the 1960s were a symbol of the spirit of the gentleman. The Monaco Antique Car Race has allowed these legendary cars to regain their historic mission: let their engines roar, and lead the riders to perform well and win. The narrow Condamine curve, the legendary Rascasse curve, the acceleration tunnel, or the dreaded Sainte-Dévote curve will be experienced by drivers during the three days of the race. Both drivers and their vehicles face real danger. Competitors can reach a maximum speed of more than 240 kilometers per hour. On the narrow Monaco track, overtaking is a veritable battle. Real competition and fierce competition are the true meaning of the Monaco Antique Car Race.

Passion for precision machinery
 CHOPARD has a unique relationship with antique car racing. Passion for precision machinery, precise and reliable, and rigorous philosophy closely link CHOPARD with the Monaco Antique Car Race. CHOPARD co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele said, ‘I would like to congratulate the Monaco Automobile Club for its extraordinary contribution to antique cars, and to pay tribute to the organization of high-quality races over the years. For an exciting event, CHOPARD is proud to align with this car. ‘
 For CHOPARD, cars and clocks share the same goal and belong to the world of cutting-edge machinery. Indeed, CHOPARD shares the passion for precision machinery and excellence with the riders. However, this cooperation actually resulted from a more personal enthusiasm. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is himself a racing collector and antique driver. He added: ‘This father, who loves inheriting himself, is an antique car enthusiast. In 1987, I went to Italy to watch the Mille Miglia car race. I was very shocked and realized that there was a connection between antique car races and CHOPARD It is an extremely precious opportunity. ‘
 Since 2002, CHOPARD has created a limited edition watch for each event. The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2014 is the first complete timepiece collection: a three-hand automatic, a power reserve or a chronograph, all of which embody the technical spirit of antique car racing. The case is made of stainless steel and titanium, or stainless steel is combined with titanium and rose gold. Its sophisticated features and materials are designed to help the driver to win in this extraordinary event.

Since 2002, CHOPARD has become the sponsor and official timekeeper of the Monaco Antique Car Race.

CHOPARD has been the official timekeeper of the Mille Miglia race since 1988.

Overtaking is a veritable battle on the narrow Monaco circuit.

The Monaco Antique Car Race is held every two years and shares the same circuit as the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

CHOPARD co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is a racing collector and antique driver himself.

Celebrity Wears Chanel Premiere Watch, Interpretation Of Time True

Premiere watches, time, there should be thousands of paces. Because, Premiere is a classic. Because, Chanel’s time is not owned by every woman. Chanel’s time exists only for women who can control time. By no means because they are never in a hurry. Instead, they have their own ideas about time.

 Chanel premiere new watch

Chanel’s time exists in another time and space, where time has never really passed. Chanel Première watches make time pass. Under the neat and clean appearance, there is no ticking of the minute hand, second hand, and no restriction of narrow space. Flat and smooth surface, full of possibilities. How should time be defined when they are in different time zones at the same time? When a lifetime unfolds in 60 seconds, how long is it?

晨 Yao Chen: ‘To me, time means process, process of life.’

Première is a carol, a carol praising Chanel women and time. In the state of leisurely contentment, it seems that time has lost its meaning. Yu Yan holds eternity and feels relaxed from the busy. Everything cannot be done overnight, nor can it reach the end in an instant.

Zhou Xun: ‘Time has always been mysterious to me. The relationship between filming often changes in time and space, but the interpretation of the role is inseparable from the current reality. Without this real feeling, the drama will not look good It’s not true anymore. ‘

There are always unexpected events that interfere with the running of time, often just an unconscious excuse. Find the key. Choose shoes. Appointment extension. Apply lipstick. Talk and listen. Unconsciously, time has passed. A glance at the watch. It’s not too late.

Supermodel 奚 Mengyao: ‘Apply lipstick. Choose shoes. Extend your date. Talk and listen to each other. Unconsciously, time has passed, but the style will last forever.’

Première watches are born for this era. People in this era are doing millions of things at the same time in different places. Between fast and slow, calmly coping so purely, living.

穗 Supermodel He Sui: ‘Time means speed to me. I rush to each show, and between fast and slow, I calmly cope.’

Première watch: launched in 1987, is Chanel’s first watch. The reason why this watch is named Premiere is not only because it is the first watch launched by Chanel, but also to pay tribute to Chanel’s chief tailor ‘Première’. Its unique octagonal dial, sapphire crystal, is inspired by the classic bottle cap of N ° 5 perfume and the shape of Place Vendôme in Paris. The first K gold link watch of this watch was originally designed by Ms. Chanel to Hollywood for a generation of actress Greta Garbo. The Lichi Hotel next to ‘Fangdeng Plaza’ is notorious for the British Princess Diana, and the luxurious suite on the top floor of the Lichi Hotel is the ‘Sweet Lady’ often used by Chanel.

 Chanel spokesperson Alice Dellal

Première watches were launched with breakthrough surprises:

-It’s Chanel’s first watch

-It is the first watch launched exclusively for women by luxury brands. Its original design was not derived from any men’s watch at the time.

-Chanel’s first watch store was located at 40 Montaigne Avenue, and it has been relocated to Fontaine Plaza since 1990.

潮 Miroslava Duma, a Russian hipster

Première is the symbol of Le Temps CHANEL. The dial of the watch has no seconds hand, no numbers, and no time mark, so you can feel the time as you like. Première watches represent a way of life, giving life a sense of freedom, because the true meaning of beauty and freedom, has nothing to do with a specific time.

Movie star Milla Jovovich

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Premiere in 2007, Chanel combined the original Première’s octagonal dial with the famous pearl bracelet of the Mademoiselle ladies watch to launch a new Premiere-the Pearl Premiere. This watch is more compact and more precious. The dial is set with 34 baguette-cut diamonds. The exquisite pearl bracelet is made of 194 Japanese Akoya pearls in five white gold woven chains. This unique watch is the embodiment of pure Chanel spirit.

In 2008, high-tech precision ceramics, a material with a noble atmosphere and luxury, smooth and shiny, walking at the forefront of the times, were applied to the Première series of watches. This watch follows the octagonal case and thin rectangular hands, reinterpreting the exquisite, elegant and feminine lines of the small watch of the 1930s, thus creating an overall elegant image.

 French lady Caroline de Maigret

In 2009, the Premiere family added a full diamond model, a rubber strap model and a yellow gold and ceramic model.

In 2011, the Premiere three-band bracelet watch was launched. In 2012, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Chanel’s first watch ‘Première’, Chanel will introduce the first highly complicated mechanical ladies watch. This is also Chanel’s first use of a floating tourbillon movement after the first J12 tourbillon watch in 2005. ‘Première’ floating tourbillon diamond watch, limited edition of 20 pieces worldwide. ‘Première’ floating tourbillon watch from the unique movement, shape design to Seiko mosaic assembly, each step with the most precise and rigorous attitude and professionalism, to create the ultimate perfect classic.

In 2013, the Premiere watch recreated the classic legend with a new image, with modern lines more smooth and concise, and its contours more delicate and soft. Chanel Première watch, an unparalleled ladies watch.

Première stainless steel series

 Celebrities wear Chanel Premiere watches to explain the true meaning of time

Size: 20x28x6.2 / 16x22x6.2 mm

漆 Black lacquered dial Stainless steel case,

Stainless steel bracelet and buckle

High-precision quartz movement Water-resistant to 30 meters

Size: 20x28x6, 6 / 16x22x6.2 mm

White mother-of-pearl dial. Stainless steel case,

Stainless steel bracelet and buckle.Onyx crown.

High-precision quartz movement. Water-resistant to 30 meters.

Première stainless steel diamond series

Size: 20x28x6.6 /16x22x6.6 mm

漆 Black lacquered dial

Stainless steel case set with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds 0.43 carat / 0.19 carat

Stainless steel bracelet and buckle

High-precision quartz movement Water-resistant to 30 meters

Size: 20x28x6.6 /16x22x6.2 mm

White mother-of-pearl dial. Stainless steel case set with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds 0.43 ct / 0.19 ct

Stainless steel bracelet and buckle

High-precision quartz movement Water-resistant to 30 meters

Première yellow gold series

Size: 20x28x6.6 / 16x22x6.2 mm

漆 Black lacquered dial. 18K yellow gold case,

Bracelet and buckle. Onyx crown

High-precision quartz movement Water-resistant to 30 meters.

Première yellow gold diamond set

Size: 20x28x6.6 /16x22x6.2 mm.

漆 Black lacquered dial. 18K yellow gold case

Set with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds 0.43 carat / 0.19 carat

18K yellow gold bracelet and buckle 缟 Agate convex crown.

High-precision quartz movement. Water-resistant to 30 meters.

Première white gold and diamonds

Size: 20x28x6.6 / 16x22x6.2 mm

漆 Black lacquered dial. 18K white gold case and snowflake-inlaid diamond bracelet.

18K white gold diamond buckle. Onyx crown.

High-precision quartz movement Water-resistant to 30 meters

Parmigiani Launches Tecnica Palme Complication Watch

In many cultures, palm trees are a symbol of vitality. Palm trees grow in hot and arid countries with dripping water. The moist fruits refresh the thirst of the local people, and the fan-shaped leaves shade the people. Parmigiani wanted to express his praise to this tree of life, so he specially designed a unique watch Tecnica Palme-it combines four ‘high-level clocks’ complex functions in one, its dial reflects the par One of the highest level of craftsmanship of the Maloney brand to date.

CnThe decorative craftsmanship presented by the Tecnica Palme watch goes hand in hand with the superb technology of the watch itself. The four major functions of the tourbillon, minute repeater, perpetual calendar and chronograph stopwatch are gathered on a small movement. However … the palm leaf theme in this masterpiece still shines, making you unable to look away; this beauty can be attributed to the two processes of engraving and big fire enamel. The decoration of Tecnica Palme watches is long and complicated. First produced in the factory of Parmigiani Watchmaking Center are two special alloy plates made of platinum and palladium (210), which can be plated with enamel, one for the dial and the other for the double Layer surface bottom cover. These extremely smooth alloy plates are engraved before being painted by craftsmen. The engraving process gives the alloy plate a texture and pattern, so that the enamel can reflect light from multiple sides. The engraver knew that his task was to give the enamel a sense of brightness, and he was also very clear that even the slightest mistake could ruin the default perception. Therefore, the engraver must be extremely careful to engrav the grooves in the shape of each palm leaf and the texture of each leaf on the alloy plate, and it is these textures that reflect the light. In addition, when engraving the case back, each leaf must show the effect of independent floating, which is the so-called bas-relief process, so that the final product gives a three-dimensional depth of field.

The engraving process gives the case back a rich texture. After tens of hours, the enamel craftsman can begin the following process. The enamel artisan uses a brush to mix colored glass and water, an extremely delicate solution, drips into each groove or plate, and then puts the alloy plate in a kiln and fires it at 800 ° C for dozens of seconds. When the water evaporates, the glass particles melt and collapse, and they attach to the alloy plate, producing a color. The enamel craftsman drips successive layers of enamel in order to fill the engraved grooves step by step.
As the number of enamel layers increases, the color will gradually become darker. The challenge in this process is to control the color depth without making these enamel layers exceed the specified thickness. Therefore, the key is to find a precise balance between the specified thickness and perfect color. To this end, the enamelist and seal engraver must cooperate with each other, understand each other’s crafts and related restrictions in advance, and redefine the relevant important parameters of the decorative alloy plate together. The result of the cooperation between the two parties is a piece of palm leaf with an extraordinary dazzling light, as stunning as a mural. On the engraved and textured case back, as long as there are reliefs at angles, there will be reflections of light, making the enamel glitter almost everywhere. Although the color is strong, it still has a sense of transparency: under the enamel package, every wonderful detail of the carving is clearly visible, giving people a sense of three-dimensional depth of field. This combination of craftsmanship allows this rare blue tone to snap in, making the entire work perfectly balanced.

This decorative effect is not only reflected inside and outside the dial and double case of the Tecnica Palme watch, but also appears on the pin buckle and the lugs on the case. In addition, the hands of the watch are also decorated with this enamel: the specific method is to fill a layer of translucent enamel in the hollow structure of the hands, which is the first in the field of watchmaking, which is of great significance. Because it is a hollow structure and there is no substrate at the back, a plique-à-jour process is used to set the enamel, which requires skill to reach the level of pure fire. The hands of the Tecnica Palme watch look like a stained glass window. Their delicate colors are particularly eye-catching throughout the work, but at the same time they can make the dial as the background clearly show in the process. This adds a new three-dimensional dimension to the originally wonderfully interlaced colors, which in turn makes the entire watch radiant. Tecnica Palme watch has no less than four kinds of complicated mechanical devices, which can be called one of the most complicated ‘high-end watches’. Minute repeaters, chronograph, tourbillon and perpetual calendar are all integrated into one movement.
It is easy to wind the minute repeater by turning the knurled ring under the bezel (a quarter turn clockwise). This sophisticated triggering device is a challenge to the waterproof depth of the watch, because the surface area that needs to be waterproofed is larger than the traditional side bolts.

三 You can easily wind the minute repeater by turning the knurled ring under the bezel (a quarter turn clockwise). This sophisticated triggering device is a challenge to the waterproof depth of the watch, because the surface area that needs to be waterproofed is larger than the traditional side bolts. The platinum case is designed to ensure that the minute repeater device achieves the best possible resonance in the optimal space. The minute repeater function once made night time meter reading possible, a historic invention; although the minute repeater seems superfluous in today’s era where electricity is readily available, the two “cathedral” reeds of the Tecnica Palme watch are The sounds of the hour, quarter clock, and minute telling the time are beautiful and unbelievable, and they are fascinated by the mysterious watch fans.
The decoration of the movement is extraordinary and all the bridges are hand-engraved. This process requires a lot of pre- and post-work because the carving process itself needs to deform the material. Therefore, after finishing the bridge, all settings of the movement must be checked and readjusted accurately. At Parmigiani, the most important thing is to ensure high-quality craftsmanship, no matter how much time and energy is spent behind the scenes.

Tecnica Palme watch is a gift to watchmaking craftsmanship and traditional skills. The watchmakers who created this watch truly achieved self-transcendence: on this watch, the exquisite engraving process and the exquisite enamel process have been reborn; it brings together all these professional craftsmanship and interweaves them into each other. Achieving beautiful communion. The resulting product is as precious as a palm tree in an arid desert.

Dynamic Club Nomos ‘new Club Watch

The new Club series-yearning for adventure: this large NOMOS watch is water-resistant to 300 meters, equipped with a neomatik movement with a calendar display function, and a new stainless steel strap (not only) Suitable for sports wear.

  This year, NOMOS Glashütte launched a Club Sport watch that is loved by men. Its full name: ClubSportneomatik42dateblack watch-42 mm case diameter, equipped with innovative neomatik movement and equipped with breakthrough calendar display function, dark black dial . The time scale display is treated with a fluorescent coating, which is very eye-catching, and can emit white light under water for easy identification. The dial is also engraved with ‘1000ft’-demonstrating the diving strength of this watch, and it is also very reliable in daily life.

  This NOMOS watch is the brand’s most masculine timepiece ever, and it’s not just because of its 42 mm case diameter. This watch uses NOMOS’s homemade neomatik (DUW6101) movement, with a calendar display function, a sturdy case with better sealing, shock resistance and water resistance, with a sapphire crystal mirror, beautiful and generous. With a slim neomatik movement, this watch presents a small but perfectly proportioned dome. The slim movement saves enough space in the thickness of this watch, making it compact and small, yet extremely robust. The ClubSport watch also ensures that the watch is worn in every detail: if the wearer does not fully tighten the crown, the red logo on the crown will give a corresponding reminder.

  In addition, the strap of this new watch is extremely sturdy. The highly anticipated NOMOS stainless steel bracelet is assembled by hand from 145 independent parts, and is also equipped with an exclusive NOMOS folding buckle. ‘In addition to ruggedness, we also pay particular attention to comfort,’ said HeikeAhrendt, NOMOS product manager. ‘Huang Tian lives up to you: this strap is perfect for wearing comfort. We think that wearing a watch of this weight is particularly important.’
  ClubSport watches will be available in selected stores starting in May.
Technical Parameters
Club Sport neomatik 42 date black

Case: stainless steel, two-piece construction
Sapphire crystal case back
Mirror: Double-sided anti-dazzling curved sapphire crystal
On the chain: automatic
Dimensions: 42.0 mm diameter
Thickness 10.2 mm
Water resistance: up to 30 atmospheres
(Suitable for use when diving)
Dial: electroplated, black, hour markers with white Superluminova fluorescent coating, 300 meters waterproof red marker hands at six o’clock
Rhodium-plated hour and minute hands with white Superluminova coating
Strap: Stainless steel strap
Lug width 20 mm
Model: 781
Movement: DUW 6101 – NOMOS self-winding neomatik movement, with
Equipped with neomatik calendar display module and two-way quick adjustment function
Movement thickness: 3.6 mm
Movement diameter: 15 ½ legal minutes (35.2 mm)
Power reserve: up to 42 hours
NOMOS in-house escapement with blue alloy hairspring
NOMOS horizontal bridge, fixed by screws on both sides
Bi-directional winding autotop with stop-seconds device, gold-plated embossing
Glashütte three-quarter splint;
DUW speed control system
Six-direction adjustment
27 ruby ​​bearings
Tempered Blue Steel Screw
Rhodium-plated movement with Glashütte stripes and NOMOS fish scales

Complex Astronomical Wonders On The Wrist Jaeger-lecoultre Master Grande Tradition Grande

Looking at the sky and observing the day and month is the basis for people to make time and work when the machinery is not invented. The medieval European church bell tower is marked with constellations and sun symbols, which illustrates the development of astronomy and watches over the centuries Nowadays, with the vigorous development of modern timepiece machinery, astronomical timepieces have never been absent, especially with the assistance of today’s precision instruments. The difficulty of making astronomical timepieces is not out of reach. The watch on the list has repeatedly appeared.

For Jaeger-LeCoultre, an exceptionally strong Jaeger-LeCoultre, it is not difficult to launch an astronomical watch, but it is too “easy” to just put a starry sky map on the faceplate. Therefore, the Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication watch was released. He is also a member of the Hybrid Mechanica complex series, letting go to integrate three major complex functions-three questions, perpetual calendar and tourbillon, to re-draw the starry night sky of the northern hemisphere.

The incredibly light tourbillon floats above the faceplate and makes a full revolution around the outer edge of the faceplate. It also records the trajectory of stars in the night sky, indicating the stellar time four minutes slower than the usual solar time.

Presenting the night sky above the northern hemisphere, the deep color and exquisite mechanical carving are fascinating. Not only that, Jaeger-LeCoultre specially added the flying tourbillon device, and at the same time it is the first revolving tourbillon in the brand. When the tourbillon follows the faceplate ‘One day’ makes one full revolution, and the face of the northern hemisphere starry sky map means that the stars on the plate have also gone one day. It is worth noting that the day defined here is not the usual 24 hours used, but a stellar day that is 4 minutes slower, and the stellar day is not based on the sun, but is referenced by other stars. Is the 24-hour time scale indicating the general solar day. In addition, Jaeger-LeCoultre carefully depicts the names and locations of the horoscopes on the faceplate. With the outer month and corresponding constellation symbols, it can grasp the constellation position at any time of the year.

One day is generally defined as one rotation of the earth’s rotation, but astronomy has different definitions due to reference points. For example, the sun in the picture is labeled as the common solar time. Because the earth’s rotation and revolution, it is slightly longer than the stellar time.

The suspended tourbillon has a vibration frequency of 28,800 revolutions, which is rarer than ordinary tourbillons. It is more accurate, but on the other hand it also means more energy consumption. Therefore, the Jaeger-LeCoultre tourbillon frame is made of titanium. The escapement fork and escapement wheel are made of lightweight and non-lubricated silicon material, both of which can greatly reduce weight and effectively transmit power, which improves the efficiency of the movement by 15%.

Continuing the crystal sound spring developed in 2007, and the sound mechanism of the scale hammer extended from the trebuchet in 2009, the crisp bell chime celebrates the beauty of the stars

The minute repeater is another highlight of the model. The crystal gong technology developed by the master repeater is used. The square cut surface can expand the contact area with the hammer and improve the percussion quality. And adopt the balance hammer design developed by the big self-sounding watch. At the end of the hammer, connect a steel cable with the hammer and a spiral hairspring, which can increase the power transmission to 80% and make the hammer more powerful. When the power is activated, the volume and sound quality are more prominent, and the moving music under the beautiful starry sky is composed.

Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication

18K white gold material / 945 manual winding movement / hour and minute display / minute repeater function / perpetual calendar function / flying tourbillon device / northern hemisphere star map display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters / table diameter 44mm / limited 75 pieces / Reference price: 2,363,000 RMB

Handed Down The Chinese Heart Legend Of World Watch On The World Table Altar

A domestically produced seagull watch is priced at 1.68 million yuan and has achieved ‘four consecutive victories’ in overseas intellectual property lawsuits for four consecutive years. It has independently developed ultra-complex watches such as chronographs, repeaters and dual tourbillon watches. … This Tianjin Seagull Watch, which was listed as one of the ‘Three Big Pieces’ in the 1960s and 1970s, was once the darling of people’s memory. It is appearing in the world table with a brand new look, bearing the words ‘I have a China’ The enthusiasm of ‘heart’ has injected Chinese blood into the world’s high-end complex mechanical watch market, and the legend of national watches blooming on the world watch table has moved more and more people around the world. A domestic seagull watch has a price tag of 1.68 million yuan and has achieved ‘four consecutive victories’ in overseas intellectual property lawsuits for four consecutive years. It has independently developed ultra-complex watches such as chronographs, questionnaires and double tourbillon watches … The Tianjin Seagull Watch, which was listed as one of the ‘Three Major Pieces’ in the 1950s, was once the darling of people’s memory. It is appearing in the world table with a new look. With the enthusiasm of ‘I have a Chinese heart’, The world’s high-end sophisticated mechanical watch market has been infused with Chinese ancestry, and the legend of national watches blooming on the world watch table has moved more and more people around the world.的 The legendary story of ‘Seagull Watch’
In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the history of the smoke gradually faded. Facing the sore holes left by the “Old World”, at the time, there were only watch repair shops in China, and there were no watchmaking companies. Frequent foreign guests repaired watch repairs to Chinese watchmakers Technology is amazed and sincerely said, ‘Unfortunately, you won’t make watches in China,’ it hurts the heart of these craftsmen.
In 1954, the then Prime Minister Zhou Enlai proposed a strategic plan for ‘filling industrial gaps’. The Tianjin Light Industry Bureau approved the establishment of a watch trial production group (the predecessor of Tianjin Watch Factory). Four workers paid 100 yuan in the office for a small house. Keeping four simple instruments inside, after more than a hundred days of hard work day and night, finally developed the ‘China’s first watch’ on March 24, 1955.年底 At the end of 1956, the state approved an investment of 9 million yuan to establish the ‘Tianjin Watch Factory’ (predecessor of the Seagull Watch) with an annual output of 240,000 watches. The first watch factory invested by the state in this country was born. Since then, the development of the ‘Seagull’ has been closely linked to the history of the Chinese watch industry. The mission is on the shoulder, setting a number of China first
Since Tianjin Watch Factory (the predecessor of Seagull Watch) manufactured China’s first watch in 1955, Seagull Watch has continuously set a number of ‘firsts’ in the history of Chinese watchmaking: China’s first watch ‘Five Star Watch’ and China’s first product Watch-Mayi watch, China’s first self-designed watch-Dongfeng watch, China’s first export watch, China’s first female watch in compliance with international standards-Seagull watch, ‘China’ for the Chinese Air Force ‘First aviation watch’-sample chronograph, China’s first ‘(coaxial and eccentric) dual tourbillon watch’ and so on.
China’s first productized watch-Wuyi Watch
After Tianjin Watch Factory successfully developed the ‘Five Star Watch’, in order to meet the watch consumption demand of the Chinese people as quickly as possible, based on the core technology of the ‘Five Star Watch’, the famous ‘Five Star Watch’ was produced in a short period of time. In the context of the economic shortage at the time, it could be said to be a ‘seasonal’ commodity. By October 1958, a mass production scale had been formed. Since then, China’s history of “only repairing watches but not creating watches” is gone, and it has also laid the foundation for the development of China’s watch industry. As the first productized watch in China, the ‘May 1’ watch was no longer produced after 1971, completing its historical mission.
China’s first export watch-seagull watch
的 The development and growth of the watch industry, which represents the development level of China’s light industry, has won the favor of leaders at all levels, and ‘going out’ has let the world know that China’s development and a strong voice are also getting stronger. In 1973, with the approval of the then Vice Premier of the State Council, Li Xiannian, the ‘Dongfeng’ watch entered the international market under the ‘Seagull’ trademark, and the Tianjin Watch Factory also obtained the right to export its products in 1988. In early 1974, Tianjin Watch Factory organized the ST6 women’s watch design team to develop mechanical women’s watches. Ten sample tables were completed on March 8, 1975, and put into production at the end of the year. Subsequently, the ST6 series was developed.
    China’s first aviation watch
In April 1961, according to the mission assigned by a light department at that time, Tianjin Watch Factory initiated a trial production of an aviation watch (chronograph) for the Chinese Air Force, with the task code ‘304’. From September 1961 to October 1965, Try out three batches of sample sheets. In October 1965, ‘304’-‘China’s first aviation watch’ successfully passed the index test; in December 1965, it passed the appraisal of leaders and expert organizations to finalize mass production. Its movement was named T3 in order. 1966 In May of this year, the Tianjin Watch Factory decided to put into production a plan. At the end of October of the same year, 1,400 finished products were officially assembled and sent to the front line of the Chinese Air Force. In November 2004, Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd. mobilized several generations of technical staff to innovate designs based on prototype movements, and continuously introduced hollow, 1902, 1903, 1905, 1907, 1908 and other movements, renamed ST19 series.
Reform and breakthrough, independently develop ‘China Heart’
中 In the mid-to-late 1980s and early 1990s, watch companies under the planned system suffered fierce market shocks and fissioned. With the entry of foreign capital, many old brands like ‘Seagull’ disappeared in the wave of competition and mergers and acquisitions. In 1997, under the pinch of low-priced Japanese electronic watches and Swiss mechanical watches, the seagulls resolutely transformed. With an annual production capacity of 3.5 million electronic watches, all production lines are transferred. Combining time-honored process features and advantages, we aim at market trends and develop new automatic mechanical watches. The endangered bankruptcy seagull watch factory completed the structural adjustment in less than a year, the main business was done, and the auxiliary business was activated.
The movement is the core component of the watch industry. Seagull believes that insisting on building a movement manufacturing base with independent research and development capabilities means that Seagull has unique advantages in participating in the competition of international watch companies.
Three Complex Functions Infused into Chinese Bloodline
‘TOURBILLON’, ‘Repeater Watch’ and ‘Perpetual Calendar Watch’ are known as the three classics in the field of watches. Due to the complicated manufacturing process and technical difficulties, these classic watch technologies have been monopolized by Swiss watch companies.
Nowadays, after the reorganization of this once brilliant national brand is renamed the Seagull Group, it has successfully developed and produced three complex functions in Chinese-made watches: minute repeater watch, perpetual calendar watch and tourbillon watch. Even the tourbillon series of watches has produced a double tourbillon watch, which is very rare and difficult in the world. Injecting Chinese blood into the world’s high-end complex mechanical watch market. From 2006 to 2008, Seagull successively captured the world’s three classic watchmaking technologies, and pioneered the development of a tourbillon watch with a ‘Chinese core’, a double tourbillon watch, a timepiece, and a moon phase perpetual calendar, breaking the monopoly of Swiss watches. . The double tourbillon watch developed by Seagull is very rare in the world: it also has eccentricity (also called non-coaxial, that is, the center of the balance wheel and the center of the tourbillon structure are not on the same axis), coaxial (that is, the pendulum The center of the wheel and the center of the tourbillon structure are on the same axis) Two different types of tourbillons have achieved new leap forwards in terms of travel time accuracy and craft aesthetics, and a single technology can be compared with the world’s mechanical watch industry famous brand watches. Win the international table
上 At the 2012 Basel International Watch & Clock Fair in Switzerland, Tianjin Seagull Watch Group successfully resolved a lawsuit of an internationally renowned company and successfully defended its rights. Since 2008, Seagull Watch has achieved the ‘four-game winning streak’ in overseas intellectual property lawsuits in four years.
    At the Basel Watch & Jewellery Show in Basel, Switzerland in April 2008, a Swiss company filed a complaint with the Seagull dual tourbillon watch, arguing that its key components copied their patented design, and that the Seagull Watch provided evidence within a time limit, otherwise it would face ‘immediate clearance, impermissible the following year ‘Exhibition’ was punished and claimed. The seagull watch is well-organized, and after strict identification, the results show that the ‘differential structure’ of the seagull watch has a ‘planetary wheel’ that is not involved in Swiss company patents, and there is no infringement at all. Instead, this lawsuit allowed the Seagull watch to prove its strength and earned a reputation for the domestic brand standing at the top of the world.
In recent years, the Seagull Group has taken a path of differentiated development through independent innovation, successively conquering the three complicated structures of mechanical watches, which has shaken the world watch. Seagull’s innovative power has made its watch industry Swiss counterparts look at it. Experts in charge of the ruling turned from doubt to admiration after comparing the appearance of the Seagull double tourbillon watch, praising again and again: ‘You have been a Swiss company for more than a decade. ‘

Seiko Launches Unique Japanese Art Seiko Ananta ‘snatch’ Chronograph

Since its launch in 2009, the Japanese design spirit of Seiko Ananta has captured the imagination of watch lovers around the world. With the contour modeling and ultra-mirror grinding of the Japanese samurai sword, Seiko Ananta has shaped Japan’s unique positioning in the high-end watch market.
    In the 17th century, which originated in Kyoto, Kabuki became one of the most distinctive and popular representatives of Japanese culture. With its high levels of character and costumes, ritualized dance and declarative performance styles, Kabuki today goes back to Japan’s ancient traditions. ‘Capturing’ is the art of this art. All the actors on the Kabuki stage carefully exaggerated the dramatic exaggerated lines and vivid and vivid makeup to voice their emotions. Such ‘grabbing’ art has also inspired the new Seiko Ananta chronograph.
Seiko Ananta ‘Snatch’ Chronograph
    This outstanding watch combines several different aspects of Japan’s rich cultural heritage. The watch itself is a mechanical chronograph, using Seiko’s famous 8R28 movement, equipped with a classic column wheel and vertical clutch system to ensure precise operation of the chronograph, and using Seiko’s exclusive ‘Triple Synchronous Zero Return Hammer’ to ensure timekeeping The hands can be perfectly synchronized when returning to zero. The unique feature of this chronograph is its lacquer dial. The world-famous lacquer artist Isshu Tamura painted the black lacquer by hand on the dial. Grinding by hand in the Kanazawa studio on the west coast of Honshu (Mr. Tamura owns the title of a Japanese traditional lacquer art ‘Kaga Shige’). Once the dial is painted black and the inner ring is painted red, the effect is quite amazing-the black lacquered dial is as deep as the night sky, and the red highlights form a sharp contrast. At a glance, you know that the dramatic tension presented by ‘grabbing’ . This unique and highly collectible piece is only available in a limited edition of 800 pieces, with a limited serial number engraved on the back of each watch.
    Ananta snapped chronograph, black hard-coated stainless steel case, 42.8 mm diameter, Tamura Ikki painted lacquered dial, hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph, date, 8R28 self-winding movement, sapphire crystal Mirror and bottom cover, waterproof 100 meters, black hard-coated stainless steel chain strap, limited to 800 pieces.

Montblanc Launches 1858 Chronograph Chronograph Limited Edition

Adhering to the spirit of mountain exploration, Montblanc gave a new interpretation of Minerva’s historical military chronograph from the 1930s, and launched a limited edition 1858 chronograph chronograph (model: 119910). With its 1858 product line, Montblanc pays tribute to the traditional professional timepieces of Menela designed for military and adventure.

Montblanc 1858 Chronograph Chronograph Limited Edition

   Like the prototype, the Montblanc 1858 chronograph chronograph has a rangefinder scale around the dial, which is also a typical feature of Minerva chronographs. The rangefinder can measure the distance between the observer and the point where the phenomenon occurs (both visible and audible), such as lightning and thunder in a storm. When you see the phenomenon (lightning), you start the pointer, and when you hear the sound (thunder), it stops timing. The scale pointed by the pointer is the distance (unit: kilometers) between the observer and the point where the phenomenon occurs. The scale is set based on the speed at which sound travels through the air and is approximately 340 meters per second.

Minerva chronograph in history

   There is also a speedometer in the center of the dial of this watch. The scale mark is snail-shaped and the measurement time is up to three minutes (the traditional chronograph scale is only one minute). It is used to show that a moving object (such as a car) is passing a known distance ( 1000 meters). The car starts the pointer when it passes the starting point and stops timing when it reaches the end point. The scale pointed by the pointer is the average speed when passing a known distance.

   The combination of timing and tracking needle complex functions allows the user to record two events that occur at the same time but end at different times. Like traditional timepieces with this function, the watch’s sapphire crystal back allows a glimpse of the subtle operation of the chase mechanism.

   Montblanc 1858 chronograph chronograph uses a 44mm diameter satin bronze case with a black lacquered dial and red gold markings, highlighting the retro style while providing excellent legibility. The sapphire crystal is anti-magnetically treated inside, allowing the two chronograph seconds hands to ensure extremely high precision. The red gold-coated central chronograph second hand, the white central chase second hand, and the chronograph minute hand at 3 o’clock together display the chronograph information.

M16.31 movement

   Montblanc’s 1858 chronograph chronograph is equipped with the brand’s new M16.31 single-button chronograph movement, which is equipped with a double-column wheel and a horizontal coupling clutch device, and can provide a 50-hour power reserve. The M16.31 movement was inspired by the Calibre 17.29 movement developed by Minerva in 1930 for pocket watches and watches. This modern movement features exquisite hand-finished finishes such as Geneva patterns, round grain and chamfers-as well as exquisite details such as Minerva small arrows, ‘V’ shaped chronograph bridges, and 18,000 times per hour ( 3 Hz) Large balance wheel with traditional vibration frequency operation.

   Montblanc 1858 chronograph chronograph features a black alligator leather strap with beige stitching. It is reported that the watch is now on the market, with a limited edition of 100 pieces, priced at 31,000 US dollars, equivalent to about 210,000 yuan. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)