In many cultures, palm trees are a symbol of vitality. Palm trees grow in hot and arid countries with dripping water. The moist fruits refresh the thirst of the local people, and the fan-shaped leaves shade the people. Parmigiani wanted to express his praise to this tree of life, so he specially designed a unique watch Tecnica Palme-it combines four ‘high-level clocks’ complex functions in one, its dial reflects the par One of the highest level of craftsmanship of the Maloney brand to date.

CnThe decorative craftsmanship presented by the Tecnica Palme watch goes hand in hand with the superb technology of the watch itself. The four major functions of the tourbillon, minute repeater, perpetual calendar and chronograph stopwatch are gathered on a small movement. However … the palm leaf theme in this masterpiece still shines, making you unable to look away; this beauty can be attributed to the two processes of engraving and big fire enamel. The decoration of Tecnica Palme watches is long and complicated. First produced in the factory of Parmigiani Watchmaking Center are two special alloy plates made of platinum and palladium (210), which can be plated with enamel, one for the dial and the other for the double Layer surface bottom cover. These extremely smooth alloy plates are engraved before being painted by craftsmen. The engraving process gives the alloy plate a texture and pattern, so that the enamel can reflect light from multiple sides. The engraver knew that his task was to give the enamel a sense of brightness, and he was also very clear that even the slightest mistake could ruin the default perception. Therefore, the engraver must be extremely careful to engrav the grooves in the shape of each palm leaf and the texture of each leaf on the alloy plate, and it is these textures that reflect the light. In addition, when engraving the case back, each leaf must show the effect of independent floating, which is the so-called bas-relief process, so that the final product gives a three-dimensional depth of field.

The engraving process gives the case back a rich texture. After tens of hours, the enamel craftsman can begin the following process. The enamel artisan uses a brush to mix colored glass and water, an extremely delicate solution, drips into each groove or plate, and then puts the alloy plate in a kiln and fires it at 800 ° C for dozens of seconds. When the water evaporates, the glass particles melt and collapse, and they attach to the alloy plate, producing a color. The enamel craftsman drips successive layers of enamel in order to fill the engraved grooves step by step.
As the number of enamel layers increases, the color will gradually become darker. The challenge in this process is to control the color depth without making these enamel layers exceed the specified thickness. Therefore, the key is to find a precise balance between the specified thickness and perfect color. To this end, the enamelist and seal engraver must cooperate with each other, understand each other’s crafts and related restrictions in advance, and redefine the relevant important parameters of the decorative alloy plate together. The result of the cooperation between the two parties is a piece of palm leaf with an extraordinary dazzling light, as stunning as a mural. On the engraved and textured case back, as long as there are reliefs at angles, there will be reflections of light, making the enamel glitter almost everywhere. Although the color is strong, it still has a sense of transparency: under the enamel package, every wonderful detail of the carving is clearly visible, giving people a sense of three-dimensional depth of field. This combination of craftsmanship allows this rare blue tone to snap in, making the entire work perfectly balanced.

This decorative effect is not only reflected inside and outside the dial and double case of the Tecnica Palme watch, but also appears on the pin buckle and the lugs on the case. In addition, the hands of the watch are also decorated with this enamel: the specific method is to fill a layer of translucent enamel in the hollow structure of the hands, which is the first in the field of watchmaking, which is of great significance. Because it is a hollow structure and there is no substrate at the back, a plique-à-jour process is used to set the enamel, which requires skill to reach the level of pure fire. The hands of the Tecnica Palme watch look like a stained glass window. Their delicate colors are particularly eye-catching throughout the work, but at the same time they can make the dial as the background clearly show in the process. This adds a new three-dimensional dimension to the originally wonderfully interlaced colors, which in turn makes the entire watch radiant. Tecnica Palme watch has no less than four kinds of complicated mechanical devices, which can be called one of the most complicated ‘high-end watches’. Minute repeaters, chronograph, tourbillon and perpetual calendar are all integrated into one movement.
It is easy to wind the minute repeater by turning the knurled ring under the bezel (a quarter turn clockwise). This sophisticated triggering device is a challenge to the waterproof depth of the watch, because the surface area that needs to be waterproofed is larger than the traditional side bolts.

三 You can easily wind the minute repeater by turning the knurled ring under the bezel (a quarter turn clockwise). This sophisticated triggering device is a challenge to the waterproof depth of the watch, because the surface area that needs to be waterproofed is larger than the traditional side bolts. The platinum case is designed to ensure that the minute repeater device achieves the best possible resonance in the optimal space. The minute repeater function once made night time meter reading possible, a historic invention; although the minute repeater seems superfluous in today’s era where electricity is readily available, the two “cathedral” reeds of the Tecnica Palme watch are The sounds of the hour, quarter clock, and minute telling the time are beautiful and unbelievable, and they are fascinated by the mysterious watch fans.
The decoration of the movement is extraordinary and all the bridges are hand-engraved. This process requires a lot of pre- and post-work because the carving process itself needs to deform the material. Therefore, after finishing the bridge, all settings of the movement must be checked and readjusted accurately. At Parmigiani, the most important thing is to ensure high-quality craftsmanship, no matter how much time and energy is spent behind the scenes.

Tecnica Palme watch is a gift to watchmaking craftsmanship and traditional skills. The watchmakers who created this watch truly achieved self-transcendence: on this watch, the exquisite engraving process and the exquisite enamel process have been reborn; it brings together all these professional craftsmanship and interweaves them into each other. Achieving beautiful communion. The resulting product is as precious as a palm tree in an arid desert.