It is also a similar perpetual calendar, and it is also based on the perpetual calendar, and the timing function is also added. The dial arrangement of Ref 5971 is obviously inferior to the Ref 5004 of Tongmen. Of course, this is a problem that radishes and greens have their own love, and some people may think that this watch is more lawful and uncertain. However, we can see the difference between Ref 5971 and Ref 5004 from the valuation. Both have a price estimate of up to 2 million Hong Kong dollars, but the former is a diamond-studded version. No matter how much these diamonds will also be included in the list price . Of course, whether to buy a watch or a watch incidentally to buy diamonds is definitely a personal issue. But I always feel that Patek Philippe with diamonds is less classic.
[Overall description] Platinum, diamond, perpetual calendar, timekeeping, moon phase, leap year, manufactured in 2010.
[Estimated price] 1600000-2000000 HKD
[Including commission price] 2540000 HKD