Frederique Constant adds a new world time zone watch (model: FC-718BRWM4H4) to its elegant movement series to track the time information of the 24 most beautiful cities in the world.

   The modern Earthling has become a real citizen of the world, and travel has become as natural as running or reading. Frederique Constant redesigned the world time zone watch of its own elegant movement, and launched the latest version. A sophisticated timepiece with a dark brown color scheme, a gift for classic design lovers. This watch is perfect for travellers around the world, who can track the time around the world with great ease.

brand new design
   The stainless steel rose gold-plated case with brown dial pattern creates an elegant and complex world time zone watch. The dark brown dial is engraved with the world map pattern, and the outer circle is decorated with 24 city names, making the wearer look forward to the next destination. The analog date display is set at 6 o’clock, which perfectly integrates with the functions of the world time zone without any damage to the overall beauty of the watch. Even though the dial is full of various information, the fluorescent hour markers at each hour position are sufficient to make the time reading simple and clear at a glance.

Mechanical feat
   Among the elegant timepieces in the world time zone of its own movement, Frederique Constant watchmaker has accomplished an extraordinary feat, which is not only used to decorate the watch, but also the key for the wearer. Frederique Constant watchmaker independently developed, produced and assembled a movement with a diameter of 30 mm and a diameter of 139 parts. The world time zone function is completely controlled by the crown. In addition, no additional buttons or correctors are added, which is more beautiful and easy to use.
   Frederique Constant is the first watchmaking brand to introduce such a complex achievement. The crown has three positions. In the first gear, the user can rotate the crown upwards to wind the watch manually; in the second gear, the user can rotate the crown up and down to set the date and city; in the third gear, the user can rotate the crown downwards and set set time. This world time zone watch is equipped with two discs, one for the 24-hour day and night display and the other for the 24 city names. As a purely homemade movement, the FC-718 is decorated with fish scales and Geneva ripples and offers a 42-hour power reserve.