The radar watch is a product of the Swiss Swatch Group. The Swiss radar watch was born in 1917, when it mainly produced watch movements.

 In 1957, Swiss Radar produced the first watches named after the Swiss Radar. In 1962, Swiss Radar produced the world’s first hard-wearing watch, the oval “Diamond Star” watch, which laid the foundation for the rapid development of Swiss Radar in the future.

In 1957, after 40 years as a watch supplier, the company launched its first brand under the name of Swiss radar. Only five years later, with the launch of the world’s first hard-wearing watch, the oval DiaStar, laid the foundation for its success. In 1983, Swiss radar became a member of the SMH Group, which was then renamed Swatch Group, which is the world’s largest watch group. It is natural to associate the Swiss radar name with personalised watches made of hard-wearing materials.

 In August 2010, Radar held a ‘Global Brand Spokesperson Press Conference’ in Shanghai, and grandly announced that Liu Ruoying, an Asian intellectual, was the first global brand spokesperson for the brand.

‘Radar meter-never wear’, has long been a household name. Born in Switzerland in 1917, radar meters are now sold in more than 8,000 stores in more than 100 countries around the world. As early as 1962, the world’s first non-wearing watch made of high-hardness materials was introduced. While other watches are still produced using traditional gold, silver, and oval materials, radar has begun to use hard materials such as tungsten-titanium alloys, high-tech ceramics, sapphire crystals, and newly developed high-tech diamonds.

Swiss Radar V10K: Known as the world’s most rugged watch, it just won the 2005 China iF Design Award by the international jury. The English abbreviation ‘V10K’ stands for 10,000 Vickers hardness, which is the maximum hardness of the raw material, and its hardness is equivalent to natural diamond. After years of research, the Swiss Rado engineers finally successfully converted carbon into extremely small diamond crystals and made them ‘grow’ firmly on the surface of the watch. The absolute hardness and durability are equivalent to 100% of natural diamonds. Hi-tech diamond.

When mentioning the Swiss radar, people naturally associate with unique designs and materials that are not easy to wear. Swiss-based Radar is a major manufacturer of hard-wearing watches, with a well-known brand image and a successful marketing network worldwide. Since launching the world’s first hard-wearing watch in 1962, Swiss radars have achieved amazing results in less than forty years.