Your diary is full of important appointments and meetings that must be present. Do n’t you think you forgot something? For example, your wedding anniversary? If there is a timepiece that reminds you of important moments outside of work, everything is perfect! Do n’t worry, your assistant is here: Glashütte ) SenatorDiary watch. No other mechanical watch allows you to set an alarm for up to 30 days. Set the alarm, wind up the clockwork and leave everything to it. Live your life well and SenatorDiary will remind you of all the important things. Glashütte Original Senator Diary
    Glashütte presents the new Senator Diary in platinum with a grey Nubuk leather strap. The design of this watch is exquisitely symmetrical, with two crowns on opposite sides of the case, each with a button. The crown and buttons on the right handle the large date window at 3 o’clock on the ruthenium-plated dial. Platinum hour, minute and second hands further enhance the elegance of the overall design.
Set the alarm, wind up the clockwork, and leave everything to it
    Experts’ eyes will soon be focused on the calendar-type alarm-a ruthenium-colored sub-meter dial framed by a German silver ring at 9 o’clock, and a slightly curved, 6-point red arrow window. To set the alarm, first select the date using the diary alarm window of the sub-dial at 10 o’clock. Press and hold the button at 8 o’clock until the letter in the window changes to ‘d’. Turn the crown at 10 o’clock until the red and silver hands select the correct date from 1 to 31 Arabic numerals. To set the time, press the button again to change the letter to ‘h’, then rotate the crown to select the correct time from 00.15 to 24.00 in a quarter at a 6 o’clock window.
Grey Nubuk Leather Strap Version
    To activate the alarm, press the button again to turn the window into an alarm symbol (bell), and then rotate the crown to wind the alarm. When the set date and time comes, the alarm sounds-it can last up to one minute. To stop the alarm (or cancel the previous setting), press and hold the button at the 8 o’clock position until the window changes to an alarm closed symbol (a black line is drawn over the bell).
    The heart of the Senator Diary is the Glashütte 100-13 movement. This movement combines the 100-03 movement with the new outstanding diary special module, with a total of 600 parts (the diary special module alone has 340 parts). Very few of them are designed, manufactured, finished and carefully assembled by the Glashütte watch factory. As a model of Glashütte’s craftsmanship, its clever chain mechanism allows the wearer to set it at the end of the month, even if the date needs to be manually adjusted: any date-related changes at the end of the month will also change the alarm device, so you do n’t have to re- Set the alarm. The alarm module has a built-in third barrel, ensuring that even if the timing barrel is stopped, the alarm will remain on the chain.
With Glashütte 100-13 movement
    The 100-13 self-winding movement further proves the excellent craftsmanship of Glashütte’s exquisite mechanical watch, with three-quarters of splints, polished steel parts, chamfers and blue steel screws. These exquisite decorations can be seen through the sapphire crystal glass chassis.
    In addition to the above models, the Senator Diary is also available in stainless steel and rose gold. The latter has a rose gold case with rose gold hour, minute and sliding seconds hands, a silver dial with rose gold indexes, and a diary alarm subtotal The date on the dial and the small arrow in the diary alarm time window at 6 o’clock are in blue. All versions feature a carefully crafted Louisiana alligator leather strap.