In Shanghai in early autumn, a cultural event about art and design kicked off at the West Coast Art Center. Design is the art of living. For the first time, the West Bank Art and Design Expo has merged the two. It has a different charm in contemporary China, where art consumption is still on the rise.

In life full of art and design, watches are always indispensable. In the Modern Time section of the West Bank Art and Design Fair, Roger Dubuis was invited to present his representative skeleton timepieces. Among them, the most wonderful design is the exquisite craftsmanship, hollow workmanship.

RogerDubuis’s hollowing is not a simple sculptural style, but an aesthetic creation that incorporates artistic ideas such as architecture, sculpture, painting, video, fashion design, etc. The layered movements are regarded as a group of buildings, showing transparency while showing orderliness. With the passage of light, the light can pass through the complicated and dense mechanical world to reach the deep shore. To achieve this effect, an exquisite combination of structural mechanics is required. Roger Dubuis not only achieves the three-dimensional and layered structure of the hollow structure, but also adopts the hollow shape of the pentagram to make the overall structure more stable and more beautiful.