CHAUMET, a French royal jewellery brand originating from the Place Vendôme in Paris and extending for two centuries, is known for its outstanding jewellery craftsmanship and original aesthetic connotation. Reputation. Jewelry that blends the spirit of naturalism and elegant style seems to whisper a deep and gentle emotion.

The mother-of-pearl lace is cut into the shape of a lace-like hydrangea bouquet, showing the superb craftsmanship of CHAUMET

A jewellery that blends naturalism and elegance, CHAUMET Hortensia is elegant and refined.

CHAUMET’s new jewellery series, Hortensia, means hydrangea in French. Inspired by Hortense de Beauharnais, the daughter of Queen Josephine, the goddess of the muse of the brand, it is said that her name comes from such a flower that represents happiness and hope. The hydrangea series uses white, blue, pink and other various colored gems and up to ten different petal patterns to delicately convey the rich emotional changes that symbolize the budding, bold, and restrained tenderness of emotions. Flower-themed jewellery is not uncommon in the market, but CHAUMET closely follows the brand’s history and looks for moving stories as inspiration for creation. In addition to its delicate design, jewelry setting technology, and attention to the smallest details, hydrangea The series is even more profound and clever.

 CHAUMET Hortensia hydrangea watch, 18K gold case, white mother-of-pearl dial engraved with hydrangea lace pattern, outermost ring set with 121 brilliant-cut diamonds, gorgeous and gorgeous

CHAUMET Hortensia watch, light blue mother-of-pearl dial engraved with hydrangea lace, outer ring set with 121 brilliant-cut diamonds, light blue satin strap with 18K white gold needles decorated with 19 brilliant-cut diamonds buckle

The newly launched four precious women’s watches use the mother-of-pearl dial as a gorgeous canvas to interpret the ever-changing beauty of hydrangea. Each design has different details, but they are cut and carved with various mother-of-pearl to outline the outline of the flower, and then use enamel micro-painting or dial overlay to create a sense of petal detail and layering, visually showing natural abundance The bezel is inlaid with bright-cut diamonds in a fine hand-set inlay, which flashes between movement and silence, which complements the excellent craftsmanship on the dial.

CHAUMET Hortensia hydrangea watch, white mother-of-pearl dial, double corolla design presents a three-dimensional hydrangea outline, the outer ring is set with 121 brilliant-cut diamonds, the surface is fully polished, and the bezel is adorned with 55 brilliant-cut diamonds- —