IWC was founded in 1868, and 2014 is also the IWC’s marine timekeeping year. IWC introduced a watch for the brand to commemorate the year, and launched watches. The current ocean timekeeping is mainly the deep sea, automatic 2000 and timekeeping Style. Today I introduce the IW376710 watch from the marine chronograph series.
 The IWC IW376710 watch belongs to the chronograph marine timepiece series. It focuses on the blue of the ocean and highlights the theme and style of the watch.
The 44 mm diameter watch case made of stainless steel has been processed by frosting and polishing to give it a mirror effect, and the bracelet is staggered in light and dark. It is also made of stainless steel. The bottom of the table is a dense bottom design, and you can’t appreciate the beauty of the movement, but also, such a watch rarely has a back-through design. After all, sapphire glass is not sealed and thick.
 The dial of the watch is covered with rough hour markers and scales, and is covered with a silver coating, which emits light in a dim environment to keep the time under control. The bezel is a one-way rotating bezel for diving. The white part is highlighted to remind the diver to go ashore as soon as possible, so as to avoid the danger of life due to insufficient oxygen.

In general, this marine timepiece of IWC has the theme of the sea, showing the masculinity of men across the ocean, and uses solid materials to ensure the durability of the watch.
 In terms of functions, the IWC376710 watch has three special functions: rotating bezel, chronograph, and dual calendar. Although there are only three functions, they occupy the entire interior and exterior space of the watch.
The rotating bezel, like the bezels of all other diving watches, is used for diving, but because the watch is only waterproof to 120 meters, it cannot dive deep. The diving bezel is specially designed. The edge of the bezel is designed with pits to enhance ease of operation. The white surface of the bezel is a prominent part, which reminds the diver.
The chronograph function is no different from the chronograph function of other watches. It still consists of a central chronograph second hand, a 30-minute chronograph dial and a 12-hour chronograph dial. The difference is that its layout is somewhat different, but there are also many such layouts. After all, it does not use its own movement.
 The dual calendar function refers to the display of the date and week, which are displayed in separate windows. Most watches with dual calendar functions have fast jump or instant jump functions, which is higher than ordinary calendars.
 The IWC marine timepiece uses Cal.79320 movement, which is based on the ETA 7750 movement. The ETA 7750 was originally named Valijoux 7750. After ETA acquired Valijoux, it was renamed. The 7750 movement has many characteristics, including a heart-shaped wheel, a center-in-time seconds wheel, and a Jacot-Guyot-type lever (to make the second hand accurate to zero). There are still many flaws in one step. On this basis, the IWC 79320 movement has made some improvements. The dual calendar replaced the original single calendar, and adjustments have been made in the polishing and replacement of key components. Finally, it obtained cosc ​​certification to ensure the quality of the movement. In addition to using this movement in this watch, it is also used in some chronograph models in the pilot and other series.

 The IWC376710 IWC376710 watch highlights the style with a blue hue. As a yacht that takes into account diving (or even swimming), it is full of marine flavor. The brand’s purpose is ‘designed for men’ The appearance design of this watch is particularly prominent. The ‘fat’ pointers and scales, large and compact dials, large diameters, large bezels, etc., it seems that only ‘large enough to MAN’ (off topic) . In terms of function, the IWC376710 watch has a conspicuous dual calendar, clear and legible chronograph and rotating bezel functions. Of course, waterproof is necessary. With two more buttons, the waterproof depth has dropped to 120 meters (too aggrieved), but also Enough.
 The movement is a Cal.79320 movement modified from the ETA 7750 movement, with a frequency of 4hz, 25 gems, and is quite satisfactory. However, it has obtained COSC certification, which also ensures stable and reliable performance.
In general, IW376710 marine timepieces of IWC have no outstanding features. It is quite appropriate to use ‘ordinary’. The only thing that can be said is the diversity of functions, which is not so common in this type of watch.
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